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Alphabetical Index of Polytopes

Total count of actually available polytopes: 3507
Total count of contained incidence matrices: 8394
Acronyms and some of the names are due to Jonathan Bowers.

Index is also available in dimensionally sorted order. Parts of this index - as far as circumradii are explicitely given - are also available in an (accordingly) numerically sorted order.

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Acronym Dim. Name Circumradius

0 ... 9

... 4D 1/10-luna of hexacosachoron  1.618034
10,n-dip 4D decagon - n-gon duoprism sqrt[(3+sqrt(5))/2+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
... 2D hyperbolic [10,8,4,6] tiling with tetragonal Coxeter domain  
..., 10Y4-8T-0 3D parallelly oct dissected octet  
..., 10Y4-8T-1-alt 3D alternating staggered 1×60°-gyrated 10Y4-8T-0  
..., 10Y4-8T-1-hel 3D helical staggered 1×60°-gyrated 10Y4-8T-0  
..., 10Y4-8T-2-alt 3D alternating staggered 2×60°-gyrated 10Y4-8T-0  
..., 10Y4-8T-2-hel 3D helical staggered 2×60°-gyrated 10Y4-8T-0  
..., 10Y4-8T-3 3D 3×60°-gyrated 10Y4-8T-0, trat-mirrored 10Y4-8T-0  
12,n-dip 4D dodecagon - n-gon duoprism sqrt[2+sqrt(3)+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
... 3D triangle hecatonicosahedron  
... 3D dodeca-augmented rhombicuboctahedron  
... 3D external blend of 12 raded-1-10-5-5 edge facetings  
... 4D mono-augmented trigonal mibdi-laced wedge ...
... 4D 2/10-luna of hexacosachoron  1.618034
... 3D external blend of 20 sidtid-0-3-3-3 edge facetings  
... 3D 24 face equihedral toroid  
... 3D t24-s6-n8  2.431352
... 4D 2affic (?)  1.414214
... 3D 2cho (?)  1
... 3D 2co (?)  1
... 3D 2co+16{3} (?)  1
... 4D 2cont (?)  3.414214
... 3D 2cube (?)  0.866025
... 4D 2deca (?)  1.414214
... 3D 2did (?)  1
... 3D 2ditdid+5cube (?)  0.866025
... 4D 2dittafady (?)  1.414214
... 3D 2doe (?)  1.401259
... 4D 2ex (?)  1.618034
... 4D 2ex+fix (?)  1.618034
... 4D 2firgaghi (?)  1.070466
... 4D 2firgogishi (?)  0.661585
... 4D 2firp (?)  0.774597
... 4D 2firsashi (?)  2.802517
... 5D 2firx (?)  0.816497
... 4D 2fix (?)  1.618034
... 4D 2frico (?)  1.732051
... 4D 2fry (?)  4.534568
... 3D 2gad (?)  0.951057
... 3D 2gad+ike (?)  0.951057
... 4D 2gadtifady (?)  0.874032
... 4D 2gaghi (?)  1
... 4D 2gaghi+2paphacki (?)  1
... 4D 2gahi (?)  1.618034
... 4D 2gashi (?)  0.618034
... 4D 2gax (?)  0.618034
... 3D 2geihid (?)  0.618034
... 3D 2gid (?)  0.618034
... 4D 2gidditpix+2dithix (?)  1.732051
... 3D 2gidhei (?)  1
... 3D 2gidhid (?)  0.618034
... 3D 2gidtid+5cube (?)  0.866025
... 4D 2gifdahihox (?)  1
... 3D 2gike (?)  0.587785
... 3D 2gike+sissid (?)  0.587785
... 4D 2gippapivady (?)  0.726543
... 4D 2giprapivady (?)  1.902113
... 4D 2gishi (?)  0.618034
... 3D 2gissid (?)  0.535233
... 4D 2gitphi (?)  0.874032
... 4D 2gofix (?)  0.618034
... 4D 2gogishi (?)  0.540182
... 4D 2gohi (?)  1.618034
... 4D 2grahi (?) 11.252107
... 4D 2grico (?)  4.299451
... 4D 2grip (?)  1.843909
... 4D 2grit (?)  3.005916
... 4D 2grix (?)  9.124101
... 5D 2hehad (?)  0.707107
... 4D 2hex+8oct (?)  0.707107
... 2D 2hexat (?)  
... 4D 2hi (?)  3.702459
... 2D 2hoha (?)  
... 5D 2howoh (?)  1.732051
... 4D 2huhoh+3tes+8co (?)  1
... 4D 2ico (?)  1
... 4D 2ico+2gico (?)  1
... 4D 2ico+48{4}+128{3} (?)  1
... 3D 2id (?)  1.618034
... 3D 2id+40{3} (?)  1.618034
... 3D 2ike (?)  0.951057
... 3D 2ike+4gad (?)  0.951057
... 3D 2ike+gad (?)  0.951057
2n,2m-dip 4D 2n-gonal - 2m-gonal duoprism sqrt[1/(4 sin2(π/2n))+1/(4 sin2(π/2m))]
2n,m-dip 4D 2n-gonal - m-gonal duoprism sqrt[1/(4 sin2(π/2n))+1/(4 sin2(π/m))]
2n/2-p 3D 2n-gonal prism of winding number 2 sqrt[1/4+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
2n/d-p 3D 2n/d-prism, 2n-prism with winding number d sqrt[1/4+1/(4 sin2(π d/2n))]
2n-p 3D 2n-gonal prism sqrt[1/4+1/(4 sin2(π/2n))]
... 3D 2oct (?)  0.707107
... 3D 2oct+12{4} (?)  0.707107
... 3D 2oct+6{4} (?)  0.707107
... 3D 2oct+8{3} (?)  0.707107
... 4D 2oh (?)  1
... 3D blend of 2 pentagonal antiprisms, pair of pentagonal butterfly wedges  0.951057
... 4D 2papvixhi (?)  1.902113
... 4D 2pen (?)  0.632456
... 3D pentagonal butterfly wedge, blend of 2 pentagonal pyramids, half of blend of 2 pentagonal antiprisms  0.951057
... 3D 2pip (?), decagonal prism with winding number 2  0.986715
... 4D 2prahi (?)  8.278950
... 4D 2prapvixhi (?)  1.175571
... 4D 2prico (?)  3.498949
... 4D 2prip (?)  1.612452
... 4D 2prit (?)  2.370932
... 4D 2prix (?)  9.744610
... 4D 2proh (?)  2.613126
... 4D 2quiphi (?)  0.726543
... 3D 2quitgissid (?)  0.657550
... 3D 2quith (?)  0.579471
... 3D 2quitsissid (?)  0.852911
... 3D 2raded (?)  1.322876
... 4D 2rahi (?)  4.534568
... 4D 2rahi+2400tet (?)  4.534568
... 4D 2rap (?)  0.774597
... 4D 2rap+20tet (?)  0.774597
... 4D 2ratho (?)  1
... 5D 2rhohid (?)  1
... 4D 2rico (?)  1.732051
... 4D 2rico+64{6}+128{3} (?)  1.732051
... 4D 2rico+64{6}+192{3} (?)  1.732051
... 4D 2rit+64tet (?)  1.224745
... 2D 2rothat (?)  
... 4D 2rox (?)  3.077684
... 4D 2rox+1440{5}+2400{3} (?)  3.077684
... 4D 2rox+sophi (?)  3.077684
... 4D 2sadtifady (?)  2.288246
... 3D 2seihid (?)  1.618034
... 4D 2sidditpix+2dithix (?)  1.732051
... 3D 2sidhei (?)  1
... 3D 2sidhid (?)  1.618034
... 3D 2sidtid+5cube (?)  0.866025
... 4D 2sifdahihox (?)  1
... 3D 2sirco (?)  1.398966
... 4D 2sishi (?)  1
... 4D 2sishi+2paphicki (?)  1
... 3D 2sissid (?)  0.587785
... 3D 2sissid+4gike (?)  0.587785
... 3D 2sissid+gike (?)  0.587785
... 4D 2sitphi (?)  2.288246
... 4D 2sophi (?)  3.077684
... 4D 2spapivady (?)  1.175571
... 4D 2sprapivady (?)  3.077684
... 4D 2srahi (?)  6.735034
... 4D 2srahi+1440{10}+4800{3} (?)  6.735034
... 4D 2srahi+2400trip (?)  6.735034
... 4D 2srico (?)  2.613126
... 4D 2srico+144{8}+576{3} (?)  2.613126
... 4D 2srico+192trip (?)  2.613126
... 3D 2srid (?)  2.232951
... 4D 2srip (?)  1.183216
... 4D 2srip+20{6}+40{3} (?)  1.183216
... 4D 2srip+20{6}+60{3} (?)  1.183216
... 4D 2srip+20trip (?)  1.183216
... 4D 2srit (?)  1.847759
... 4D 2srit+48{8}+128{3} (?)  1.847759
... 4D 2srit+64trip (?)  1.847759
... 4D 2srix (?)  6.073594
... 4D 2srix+2400{6}+4800{3} (?)  6.073594
... 4D 2srix+2400{6}+7200{3} (?)  6.073594
... 4D 2tah (?)  2.121320
... 4D 2tes (?)  1
... 3D 2tet (?)  0.612372
... 3D 2thah (?)  0.707107
... 4D 2thahp (?)  0.866025
... 2D 2that (?)  
... 2D 2that+∞{3} (?)  
... 4D 2thex (?)  1.581139
... 4D 2tho (?)  0.707107
... 4D 2tho+24{4} (?)  0.707107
... 3D 2ti (?)  2.478019
... 3D 2tic (?)  1.778824
... 3D 2tid (?)  2.969449
... 3D 2tiggy (?)  1.053292
... 3D 2tigid (?)  1.876844
... 4D 2titho (?)  1.581139
... 2D 2toxat (?)  
... 3D 2trip (?), hexagonal prism with winding number 2  0.763763
... 3D 2tut (?)  1.172604
... 4D 2xhi (?)  7.579634
3,3,4-tip 6D triangle-triangle-square triprism  1.080123
3,n-dip, K-4.175 4D triangle - n-gon duoprism, n-gon - n-prismatic wedge sqrt[1/3+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
3,n-dippip 5D triangle - n-gon duoprismatic prism sqrt[7/12+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
... 4D 3/10-luna of hexacosachoron  1.618034
..., {3} || gybef 4D {3} || gyrobifastegium ...
..., {3} || teddi, K-4.33 4D {3} atop teddi, teddi based wedge  1
... 3D triaconta-augmented rhombicosidodeahedron ...
... 3D 32 face equihedral toroid  
... 2D hyperbolic [(33,4)4] tiling  
... 3D triangle triacontahexahedron  
... 3D 3doe (?)  1.401259
... 4D 3doe-1pap-10mibdi-10teddi-diminished ex  1.618034
... 4D 3ex+2fix+gaghi (?)  1.618034
... 4D 3ex+fix (?)  1.618034
... 3D 3gidtid (?)  0.866025
... 3D 3gissid (?)  0.535233
... 3D 3ike+3gad (?), 3cid (?)  0.951057
... 3D 3ike+gad (?)  0.951057
... 4D 3pen (?)  0.632456
..., 3Q3-S3-2P6-2P3-gyro 3D parallelly that dissected, elongated rich  
..., 3Q3-S3-2P6-2P3-ortho 3D parallelly that dissected, elongated gyrich  
..., 3Q4-T-2P8-P4 3D parallelly sirco dissected ratoh  
... 3D 3sidtid (?)  0.866025
... 3D 3sissid+gike (?)  0.587785
... 3D 3tet (?)  0.612372
4,2n-dip 4D square - 2n-gon duoprism sqrt[1/2+1/(4 sin2(π/2n))]
4,n,m-tip 6D square - n-gon - m-gon - triprism  
4,n,n-tip 6D square - n-gon - n-gon - triprism sqrt[1/2+1/(2 sin2(π/n))]
4,n-dip, K-4.177 4D square - n-gonal duoprism sqrt[1/2+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
... 4D 4/10-luna of hexacosachoron  1.618034
... 3D Leonardo polyhedron of type {4,5;19}  
... 3D Leonardo polyhedron of type {4,5;31}  
... 4D tetracontadisdiminished ex  1.618034
... 4D tetracontadisdiminished sidpixhi  5.236068
... 2D hyperbolic [4,6,6,∞] tiling with tetragonal Coxeter domain  0.707107 i
... 4D 4D corner hypercubera  1
..., {4} || perp {4} 5D (degenerate) square atop fully orthogonal square ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
... 3D 4ike+2gad (?)  0.951057
... 4D 4ike+gad (?)  0.951057
... 3D 4oct (?)  0.707107
..., K-4.16 4D squippy atop gyro cube  0.879465
... 4D 4pen+160{3} (?)  0.632456
... 3D 4sissid+2gike (?)  0.587785
... 3D 4tet (?)  0.612372
... 3D 4thah (?)  0.707107
5,n-dip 4D pentagon - n-gon duoprism sqrt[(5+sqrt(5))/10+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
5,n-dippip 5D pentagon - n-gon duoprismatic prism sqrt[(15+2 sqrt(5))/20+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
... 3D Leonardo polyhedron of type {5,4;13}  
..., K-4.146 4D pentagon - pentagonal-rotunda wedge, {5} || pero  3.077684
..., {5} || perp {5/2} 5D (degenerate) pentagon atop fully perpendicular pentagram, pentagon-pentagram tegum ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
... 4D pentadiminished 2/10-luna of hexacosachoron  1.618034
..., {5} || gyro pedip 5D (degenerate) pentagon atop gyrated pedip ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
... 3D 5ike+gad (?)  0.951057
..., 5Y4-4T-4P4 3D elongated 10Y4-8T-0  
..., 5Y4-4T-6P3-sq-para 3D para-staggered shear-elongated 10Y4-8T-0  
..., 5Y4-4T-6P3-sq-skew 3D skew-staggered shear-elongated 10Y4-8T-0  
..., 5Y4-4T-6P3-tri-0 3D trat-elongated 10Y4-8T-0  
..., 5Y4-4T-6P3-tri-1-alt 3D trat-elongated 10Y4-8T-1-alt  
..., 5Y4-4T-6P3-tri-1-hel 3D trat-elongated 10Y4-8T-1-hel  
..., 5Y4-4T-6P3-tri-2-alt 3D trat-elongated 10Y4-8T-2-alt  
..., 5Y4-4T-6P3-tri-2-hel 3D trat-elongated 10Y4-8T-2-hel  
..., 5Y4-4T-6P3-tri-3 3D trat-elongated 10Y4-8T-3  
6,n-dip 4D hexagon - n-gonal duoprism sqrt[1+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
... 3D 6doe (?)  1.401259
... 3D 6gissid (?)  0.535233
..., 6Q3-2S3-gyro 3D parallelly that dissected rich  
..., 6Q3-2S3-ortho 3D (un)gyrated 6Q3-2S3-gyro  
..., 6Q4-2T 3D parallelly squobcu dissected pacratoh  
... 4D 6tes (?)  1
... 3D 6tet (?)  0.612372
8,n-dip 4D octagon - n-gonal duoprism sqrt[(2+sqrt(2))/2+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]


... 3D a3b3c, general variation of truncated octahedron sqrt[(3a2+4b2+3c2+4ab+2ac+4bc)/8]
... 3D a3b4c, general variation of great rhombicuboctahedron sqrt[2a2+4b2+3c2+4ab+(2ac+4bc)sqrt(2)]/2
... 3D a3b5c, general variation of great rhombicosidodecahedron sqrt[(f+2)a2+4(f+1)ab+2(2f+1)ac+4(f+1)b2+4(2f+1)bc+3(f+1)c2]/2
... 3D terminally chamfered hexadecachoron  
... 2D chamfered hexadecachoron  
... 4D tetracontoctachoron-derived Gévay polychoron ...
addasi 3D altered disnub icosahedron, compound of 20 oct (but not dasi)  0.707107
afdec 4D antifrustic distetracontoctachoron  1.414214
affic 4D antifrustary tetracontoctachoron  1.414214
affip 4D antifustric prismatochoron, compound of 16 hiddip  1.414214
affixthi 4D antifrustic hexacositrishecatonicosachoron  2.236068
afpox (old: affopix) 4D antifustric prismatohexacosachoron, compound of 60 gippid  2.236068
arie 3D antirhombicosicosahedron, compound of 5 co  1
arse aurap 4D around-symmetrically expanded augmented rectified pentachoron  
arse biscrahi 4D bistratic icosidodecahedron-first subsegment of small rhombihexacosachoron, around-symmetrically expanded biscrahi  6.073594
arspabd biscrox 4D around-symmetrically parabidiminished bistratic icosahedron-first cap of rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
arsted biscrox 4D around-symmetrically tridiminished bistratic icosahedron-first cap of rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
arsted diddidex 4D around-symmetrical tridiminishing of (axial) duo-disdodeca-icosa-diminished hexacosachoron  1.618034
atich 3D alternatedly truncated cubic honeycomb  
aubautipip 4D augmented biaugmented-triangular-prism prism  
aud, J58 3D augmented dodecahedron  
auhip, J54 3D augmented hexagonal prism  
aupip, J52 3D augmented pentagonal prism  
aurap 4D augmented rectified pentachoron  
auteddi, J64 3D augmented tridiminished icosahedron  
auteddipe 4D augmented-tridiminished-icosahedron prism ...
autic, J66 3D augmented truncated cube  
autid, J68 3D augmented truncated dodecahedron  
autip, J49 3D augmented triangular prism  
autipip 4D augmented-triangular-prism prism ...
autodip 4D augmented 3-8-duoprism ...
autpen 4D augmented truncated pentachoron ...
autut, J65 3D augmented truncated tetrahedron  
auwaco, J87 3D augmented sphenocorona  
ax (old: hexe) 6D hexeract, dodecapeton, 6D measure-polytope6), geoex(id)  1.224745
axh 6D hexeractic pentacomb, 6D hypercubical honeycomb6)  
azap 2D apeirogonal antiprism  
aze 1D apeirogon, infinitogon, horogon (esp. when used as tile in hyperbolic geometry)  
azip 2D apeirogonal prism  


bad 5D biprismatododecateron  0.866025
badhidy (old: buthi) 4D blendic dishecatonicosa-dishecatonicosachoron, compound of tigaghi and quit sishi  2
badohi 4D blendic dishecatonicosachoron  2
... 3D vertex figure of biprismatododecateron  0.816497
bagydrid, J79 3D bigyrate diminished rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
bapril 6D biprismatorhombated heptapeton, biruncitruncated heptapeton  2.203893
bark 8D birectified diacosipentacontahexazetton  1.224745
barm (older: scram,
even older: bram, again older: remak,
oldest kram)
6D birectified pentacontitetrapeton, (small centrorhombated pentacontitetrapeton)  2.449490
barn 9D birectified enneract, birectified octadecayotton, Gosset polytope 06,1,1  1.870829
barz (old: drhio) 7D birectified hecatonicosoctaexon  1.224745
batal 6D bitruncated heptapeton  1.647509
batatoh 3D bitruncated alternated-cubic honeycomb, bitruncated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, quarter cubic honeycomb  
batch 3D bitruncated cubic honeycomb, truncated-octahedral honeycomb, Voronoi complex of body-centered cubic (bcc) lattice  
baticot 4D bitruncated icositetrachoric tetracomb, small tetracontaoctachoric tetracomb  
batitit 4D bitruncated tesseractic tetracomb  
bauautipip 4D biaugmented augmented-triangular-prism prism ...
bauco 3D bi-augmented cuboctahedron, 4fold rhombohedron ...
baucubaike 4D bi-augmented cubaike  
baudeca 4D biaugmented decachoron  
baupip, J53 3D biaugmented pentagonal prism  
bautic, J67 3D biaugmented truncated cube  
bautip, J50 3D biaugmented triangular prism  
bautipip 4D biaugmented-triangular-prism prism  
... 4D BAVFfxoo xFofxFVo3xxFxooxo5xooxFfoV&#zx  
bay 8D diacositetracont-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton, Gosset polyzetton 24,1  1.414214
bayoh 8D diacositetracont-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zettic octacomb, Gosset octacomb 25,1  
be 8D octadecazetton, enneaenneazetton, bi-enneazetton, quadritruncated enneazetton, equatorial cross-section of (vertex first) q-enne  2
bend 5D biprismatointercepted dodecateron  0.866025
... 3D vertex figure of biprismatointercepted dodecateron  0.816497
berlin (old: shabrilq) 7D birhombated pentacontihexahecatonicosihexaexon (small demibirhombated pentacontihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon)  3.570714
bersa (old: dars) 7D birectified hepteract, Gosset polytope 04,1,1  1.581139
bicypdex (alt.: bicypaugap) 4D bi-cyclopentadiminished hexacosachoron, bi-cyclopentaaugmented great antiprism  1.618034
bicypdrahi 4D (bistratic) bi-cyclopentadiminished rectified hexacosachoron  4.534568
bicypdrox 4D (bistratic) bi-cyclopentadiminished rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
bicyte ausodip 4D bicyclotetraugmented square-octagon duoprism ...
bicyte gysrit 4D bicyclotetragyrated small rhombitesseract  1.847759
bidex 4D bi-icositetradiminished hexacosachoron  1.618034
bidhin (alt.: octahex,
tetalrap, tetaltet octtric)
5D bidiminished hemipenteract, oct || hex, tet || inverted rap, (tet,dual tet,oct)-trigonic  0.790569
bidoctaco, {4} || co, K-4.28 4D square atop cuboctahedron, bidiminished octaco, square first rotunda of cytau tes  1
bidrap, K-4.8 4D bidiminished rectified pentachoron, antiduowedge, square - tetrahedral wedge, digonal gyrobicupolaic ring, {4} || tet, line || ortho trip  0.774597
bidrappy 5D bidrap pyramid  0.790569
bidsid pixhi 5D bi-icositetra-diminished small disprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron  5.236068
bidsrip 4D bidiminished small rhombated pentachoron  1.183216
bif 8D diacositetracont-dischiliahectohexaconta-zetton, Gosset polyzetton 14,2  2
bifoh 8D diacositetracont-dischiliahectohexaconta-zettic octacomb, Gosset octacomb 15,2  
bilbiro, J91 3D bilunabirotunda  
... 4D bilbiro wedge ...
bipgy srit 4D bipara(bi)gyrated small rhombitesseract, pseudo cantellated tesseract  1.847759
birgax 4D bi-icositetra-replinished grand hexacosachoron  0.618034
biscex 4D bistratic vertex-first cap of hexacosachoron  1.618034
biscpoxic 4D bistratic vertex-first cap of poxic  
biscrahi 4D bistratic icosidodecahedron-first cap of rectified hecatonicosachoron  4.534568
biscrox 4D bistratic icosahedron-first cap of rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
biscsrico 4D bistratic cuboctahedron-first cap of small rhombated icositetrachoron  2.613126
biscsrip 4D bistratic trip-cap of srip, {3}-diminished small rhombated pentachoron  1.183216
bitapna 4D bitrigonal antiprismattic enenehexachoro, compound of 8 ico in rico army, compound of 2 kitapna  1
bitdi 3D chiral Weimholt hexahedron, bitrigonally diminished icosahedron, vertex figure of bidex  0.951057
bitefa 4D bitegmic hecatontetracontatetrachoron, compound of 12 ico in spic army, compound of 2 kitefa  1
bitem (older: gacram,
even older: botam, oldest: kobtam)
6D bitruncated pentacontitetrapeton, (great centrorhombated pentacontitetrapeton, heptacontidia-bitruncated pentacontitetrapeton)  4.123106
... 3D cubically-diminished dodecahedron, bi-tetrahedrally-diminished dodecahedron  1.401259
bithi 4D blendic trishecatonicosachoron  2
bithit 4D bitruncated hexadecachoric tetracomb, bitruncated demitesseractic tetracomb, runcicantic tesseractic tetracomb  
bittin 5D bitruncated penteract  2.549510
bittit 5D bitruncated triacontiditeron, Voronoi cell of lattice D5*  2.121320
bittix (old: dittox) 5D bitruncated hexateron  1.554563
bittixalbittix 6D bitruncated-hexateron atop inverted bitruncated-hexateron  1.581139
bittoc 7D bitruncated octaexon  1.713914
bobipyr 2D bowtie pyramid, crossed tetragonal pyramid, half of thah  0.707107
boprax 6D biprismatorhombated hexeract, biruncitruncated hexacross  3.464102
borfy 8D birectified dischiliahectohexaconta-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton, t2(41,2)  2.449490
botag 6D bitruncated hexacontitetrapeton, bitruncated hexacross  2.121320
botajik 6D bitruncated icosiheptaheptacontidipeton  2.943920
botox 6D bitruncated hexeract  2.915476
brade 10D birectified dekeract, birectified icosaxennon, Gosset polytope 07,1,1  2
brag (old: dric) 6D birectified hexacontitetrapeton, Voronoi cell of lattice D6*  1.224745
bragabrox 7D brag atop brox, brag-first rotunda of sez  1.414214
bragasochax 7D brag atop sochax, 2nd subsegment of lin in hax-first orientation  1.322876
branq (old: dranq) 7D birectified hecatonicosihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon  1.936492
brav 9D birectified pentacosidodecayotton  1.224745
breday 9D birectified decayotton, Gosset polytope 06,2  1.024695
brene 8D birectified enneazetton, Gosset polytope 05,2  1
bricot 4D birectified icositetrachoric tetracomb, birectified demitesseractic tetracomb, runcic tesseractic tetracomb  
bril (old: driss) 6D birectified heptapeton, vertex figure of lin, Gosset polytope 03,2  0.925820
brilastaf 7D bril atop staf, hop-first subsegment of laq  1
brillip 7D birectified - heptapeton prism  1.052209
brilpy 7D birectified-heptapetonal pyramid, vertex pyramid of pentacontihexahecatonicosihexaexon  1.322876
brinoh 5D birectified penteractic pentacomb  
bro 8D birectified octeract, birectified hexadecazetton, Gosset polytopes 05,1,1  1.732051
broc (old: droc) 7D birectified octaexon, duorectified octaexon, vertex figure of bif, Gosset polytope 04,2  0.968246
brocalbroc 8D broc atop inverted broc, central segment of hocto  1
brox (old: drax) 6D birectified hexeract, Gosset polytope 03,1,1  1.414214
broxa sophax 7D brox atop sophax, hax-first subsegment of rolaq  1.732051
buffy 8D diacositetracont-dischiliahectohexacont-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton, rectified bif:  t1(12,4), birectified bay:  t2(21,4), tetrarectified fy:  t4(41,2), Gosset polytope 04,2,1  3.872983
... 4D BxxFxfofx3oooxxxFFF3xBxfFxxof *b3xxBxfFfxo&#zx  


... 2D c0 of hyperbolic [10,8,4,6] tiling with tetragonal Coxeter domain  
... 2D c01 of hyperbolic [10,8,4,6] tiling with tetragonal Coxeter domain  
cabbix 5D cellibiprismatohexateron  0.866025
... 3D vertex figure of cellibiprismatohexateron  0.816497
cadditradid 3D complex (ditrigonal) rhombidodecadodecahedron  0.866025
caddix 5D cellidishexateron  0.866025
... 3D vertex figure of cellidishexateron  0.816497
cagral (old: gacral) 6D celligreatorhombated heptapeton, stericantitruncated heptapeton  2.618615
capicot 4D celliprismated icositetrachoric tetracomb, great prismatotetracontaoctachoric tetracomb  
capirsit 4D celliprismatorhombisnub ico tetracomb  
capoht 4D celliprismated demitesseractic tetracomb, tomoicositetrachoric-diprismatotesseractic tetracomb  
capotat 4D celliprismated tesseractic tetracomb, tomotesseractic-diprismatotesseractic tetracomb, steritruncated tesseractic tetracomb  
cappin 5D celliprismated penteract, steritruncated pentacross  2.423081
cappix (old: happix) 5D celliprismated hexateron, cellitruncated hexateron, hedratoprismated hexateron, steritruncated hexateron  1.632993
cappixalcappix 6D cappix atop alternate cappix  1.658312
capshot 4D celliprismatosnub hex tetracomb  
capsthat 4D celliprismatosnub truncated hex tetracomb  
capt 5D celliprismated triacontiditeron, steritruncated penteract  2.878460
captal 6D celliprismatotruncated heptapeton, steriruncitruncated heptapeton  2.591194
captatit 4D celliprismatotruncated tesseractic tetracomb, great tomocubic-diprismatotesseractic tetracomb, steriruncitruncated tesseractic tetracomb  
capticot 4D celliprismatotruncated icositetrachoric tetracomb, celliprismatotruncated demitesseractic tetracomb  
captid (old: hiptid) 5D celliprismatotruncated dodecateron, hedratoprismatotruncated dodecateron, steriruncitruncated hexateron  2.236068
captint 5D celliprismatotruncated penteractitriacontiditeron, steriruncitruncated penteract, steriruncitruncated pentacross  3.701317
caquitpica 3D cubatiquasitrunciprismated cubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
card (older: scard,
oldest: shard)
5D (small) cellirhombated dodecateron, small hedratorhombated dodecateron, stericantellated hexateron  1.658312
... 4D longer antiduowedge, vertex figure of cellirhombated dodecateron  0.953463
carnit (old: scarnit) 5D (small) cellirhombated penteractitriacontiditeron, stericantellated penteract, stericantellated pentacross  2.660531
catal 6D cellitruncated heptapeton, steritruncated heptapeton  1.851640
catax 6D cellitruncated hexeract  3.456841
catog 6D cellitruncated hexacontitetrapeton, steritruncated hexacross  2.828427
cha 2D complexihexaapeirogonal tiling  
chad 5D cellihemidodecateron  1
... 3D vertex figure of cellihemidodecateron  0.866025
chata 2D complexitrihexaapeirogonal tiling  
chatit 2D complexitrihexagonal tiling  
chi 4D chirohecatonicosachoron, chiral compound of 5 ico  1
cho 3D cubohemioctahedron, rhomballelohedron  1
... 3D cho+4{6/2} (?)  1
chon 3D cubic honeycomb, 3D hypercubical honeycomb3), Voronoi complex of primitive cubical lattice, Delone complex of primitive cubical lattice  
... 3D cubically truncated rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb  
chope 4D cubohemioctahedron prism  1.118034
chopy, pt || cho 4D (degenerate) cubohemioctahedron pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
cid 3D small complex icosidodecahedron  0.951057
co   (alt.: ratit – old: rotet) 3D cuboctahedron, rhombitetratetrahedron, rectified cube, rectified octahedron, cantellated tetrahedron, expanded tetrahedron, trigonal gyrobicupola, vertex figure of octet, lattice A3 contact polytope (span of its roots), lattice B3 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  1
... 4D augmented axially-octahedral ursachoron ofxo3xooo4oooo&#xt ...
... 3D (ico derived) tridpy variant, o3m4o3o cell  
... 3D (tes derived) tridpy variant, o4m3o3o cell  
... 3D (hi derived) tridpy variant, o5m3o3o cell  
... 3D (ex derived) pedpy variant, o3m3o5o cell  
coa tutcup, co || tutcup 5D co atop tutcup  1.224745
coaescu, co || escu, K-4.62 4D cuboctahedron atop elongated square cupola  1.447009
coaop, co || op, K-4.63 4D cuboctahedron atop octagonal-prism  1.447009
coarit 5D co atop rit  1.224745
coasirco, co || sirco, K-4.61 4D cuboctahedron atop small rhombicuboctahedron  1.447009
coatic, K-4.129 4D cuboctahedron atop truncated cube, cuboctahedral cap of small rhombated icositetrachoron  2.613126
coaticbicu 4D coatic bicupola  
coatobcu 4D coatoe bicupola, equatorially contracted rectified icositetrachoron  
coatoe, co || toe, K-4.95 4D cuboctahedron atop truncated octahedron, cuboctahedral cap of rectified icosatetrachoron  1.732051
coatope (alt.: cotoe totric) 5D co atop tope, (co,toe,toe)-trigonic, co-first cap of sibrant at (rico,rico)-margin  2.236068
coatotum 4D bistratic co-cap of prip, tut-diminished prip, Stott expansion of tip, (co,toe)-based tutsachoron, (co,toe)-based tutism  1.612452
coatut, co || tut, K-4.48 4D cuboctahedron atop truncated tetrahedron, cuboctahedral cap of small rhombated pentachoron  1.183216
coatuttip 5D co atop tuttip, co-first cap of sarx  1.290994
coatutu 4D expanded axially-tetrahedral ursachoron, (co,tut)-based ursulate  1.328131
cocube 6D cuboctahedron-cube duoprism  1.322876
codify 8D tetracontaocta-diminished dischiliahectohexaconta-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton, tegum sum of 3 pairwise bigyrated hexadecachoron duoprisms  1
codip 6D cuboctahedron-cuboctahedron duoprism  1.414214
codoe 6D cuboctahedron-dodecahedron duoprism  1.721489
cogart (old: gocart) 5D celligreatorhombated triacontiditeron, (great cellirhombated triacontiditeron), stericantitruncated pentacross  3.534493
cograx (older: gocrax,
oldest: goharx)
5D celligreatorhombated hexateron (great cellirhombated hexateron, great hedratorhombated hexateron), stericanitruncated hexateron  2.327373
cograxalcograx 6D cograx atop alternate cograx  2.345208
cogrin (old: gocrin) 5D celligreatorhombated penteract (great cellirhombated penteract), stericantitruncated penteract  3.988340
coid 6D cuboctahedron-icosidodecahedron duoprism  1.902113
coike 6D cuboctahedron-icosahedron duoprism  1.380039
cont 4D tetracontoctachoron, octagonny, bitruncated icositetrachoron  3.414214
..., cont || grico 5D (degenerate) cont atop grico ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
contip 5D tetracontoctachoron prism, bitruncated-icositetrachoron prism  3.450631
copal 6D celliprismated heptapeton, steriruncinated heptapeton  1.963961
copatoe (alt.: coco totric) 5D cope atop toe, (co,co,toe)-trigonic  1.870829
copatope 5D cope atop tope, coatoe prism, cope-first monostratic cap of ricope  1.802776
copatut 5D cope atop tut  1.190238
cope, K-4.43 4D cuboctahedron prism  1.118034
copea tuttip 5D cope atop tuttip, cope-first monostratic cap of srippip  1.284523
copeatope 5D cope atop tope, coatoe-prism  1.802776
copen 7D cuboctahedron - pentachoron duoprism  1.183216
copog 6D celliprismated hexacontitetrapeton, steriruncinated hexacross  3.316625
copox 6D celliprismated hexeract, steriruncinated hexeract  3.087966
copril 6D celliprismatorhombated heptapeton, steriruncicantellated heptapeton  2.725541
copy, pt || co 4D (degenerate) cuboctahedron pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
coqroc 4D tetracontoctiquasirhombated tetracontoctachoron  1.325654
cosa 2D complexisquariapeirogonal tiling  
cotco 3D cuboctatruncated cuboctahedron, cubitruncated cuboctahedron  1.322876
cotcope 4D cuboctatruncated-cuboctahedron prism, cubitruncated-cuboctahedron prism  1.414214
cotut totric 5D (co,tut,toe)-trigonic  1.732051
crag (old: scrag) 6D cellirhombated hexacontitetrapeton, stericantellated hexacross  3.082207
cral (old: scral) 6D cellirhombated heptapeton, stericantellated heptapeton  1.927248
crax (old: scrax) 6D (small) cellirhombated hexeract, stericantellated hexeract  3.277597
croc 4D tetracontoctirhombated tetracontoctachoron  3.200413
crohax (old: scrohax) 6D (small) cellirhombated hemihexeract, pentiruncinated demihexeract, pentiruncic hexeract  2.397916
cubaco, cube || co, K-4.35 4D cube atop cuboctahedron, cubical cupola  1.031784
cubaike, cube || ike, K-4.21 4D cube atop icosahedron  1
cubasc 5D (degenerate) cubical scalene, line atop fully orthogonal cube ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
cubasirco, cube || sirco, K-4.71 4D cube atop small rhombicuboctahedron, cubical cap of small disprismatotesseractihexadecachoron  1.485633
cubasquasc 5D cube atop squasc  1
cubatic, cube || tic 4D (degenerate) cube atop truncated cube ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
cube (alt: squip) 3D cube, hexahedron, 3D measure-polytope3), geochor(id), square prism, triangular antitegum, Voronoi cell of primitive cubical lattice, Delone cell of primitive cubical lattice, terminally chamfered tetrahedron, surtegmated tetrahedron  0.866025
cubedoe 6D cube-dodecahedron duoprism  1.647278
... 3D pyrithohedral cube-doe-bilbiro honeycomb  
... 3D cubically truncated rhombic dodecahedron, chamfered octahedron  
cubhex 7D cube-hexadecachoron duoprism  1.118034
cubid 6D cube-icosidodecahedron duoprism  1.835220
cubike 6D cube-icosahedron duoprism  1.286277
cubpy, K-4.26 4D cubical pyramid, vertex-pyramid of ico  1
cubpyp 5D cubpy prism  1.118034
cute (old: cubdipy) 4D cubical (line-)tegum, cubical bipyramid ...
cutpica 3D cubatitrunciprismated cubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
cydadex 4D cyclical decadiminishing of ex  1.618034
cyloh 6D cycloheptapetic honeycomb, Delone complex of lattice A6  
cypit 4D cyclopentachoric tetracomb, pentachoric-dispentachoric tetracomb, Delone complex of lattice A4  
cypropit 4D cycloprismatorhombated pentachoric tetrachomb, great prismatodispentachoric tetracomb, runcitruncated pentachoric tetrachomb  
cytau tes 4D cyclotetraaugmented tesseract, cyclotetradiminished icositetrachoron  1
cytaxh 5D cyclotruncated hexateric honeycomb  
cyte cubau sodip 4D cyclotetra cubaugmented sodip ...
cyte gysrit 4D cyclotetragyrated small rhombitesseract  1.847759
cyte opau sodip 4D cyclotetra octagon-prism-augmented sodip ...
cyted spic 4D cyclotetradiminished small prismatotetracontoctachoron  1.847759
cyted srit 4D cyclotetradiminished small rhombitesseract, cyclotetraugmented octagonal duoprism  1.847759
cythdex 4D cyclical triangularily-hexagonally diminished hexacosachoron  1.618034
cytid rico 4D cyclotridiminished rectified-icositetrachoron, metatridiminished rectified-icositetrachoron  1.732051
cytid srico 4D cyclotridiminished small rhombated icositetrachoron  2.613126
cytopit 4D cyclotruncated pentachoric tetracomb, small truncated-pentachoric tetracomb  
cyxh 5D cyclohexateric honeycomb, Delone complex of lattice A5  


dadip (old: dedip) 4D decagon-decagon duoprism  2.288246
dadjak 6D decadiminishing of jak  0.816497
dah 5D dishexadecateron  0.790569
dahi 4D dishecatonicosachoron  3
dahiquatady 4D dishecatonicosiquasitruncated dishecatonicosachoron  4.134026
dahitady 4D dishecatonicositruncated dishecatonicosachoron  2.431014
damibdrox 4D deep metabidiminished rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
danbitot 5D dispenteractibitruncated triacontaditeron  1.802776
danpit 5D dispenteractiprismated triacontaditeron  2.500000
dap, 10-ap 3D decagonal antiprism  1.674505
dapabdi poxic (alt.: hau sircope) 4D deep parabidiminished poxic, hexa-augmented sircope  
dapabdi spic 4D deep parabidiminished small prismatotetracontoctachoron, hexa-gyro-augmented truncated-cube prism  1.847759
dappip, K-4.96 4D decagonal-antiprism prism  1.747560
dard tipady 4D diretroditetrahedronary prismatodishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
dasi 3D disnub icosahedron, compound of 20 oct (but not addasi)  0.707107
dastop 4D dodeca-star toroidi-prism  0.707107
... 4D dastop + 2x 2did (?)  0.707107
datap 4D ditetrahedronary prismatochoron, compound of 100 hiddip  1.414214
datcathi 4D ditetrahedronary coincidic trishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
datha 3D ditetratihemiapeiratic honeycomb  
dattady 4D ditetrahedronary dishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
dattathi 4D ditetrahedronary trishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
dawci, J90 3D disphenocingulum  
day 9D decayotton, 9D simplex9), pyroxenn(id), enneazettal pyramid, vertex figure of ux, Gosset polytope 08  0.670820
... 4D DCBAVFfxoo xxxFofxFVo3xoxxFxooxo5ofxooxFfoV&#zx  
deca 4D decachoron, bitruncated pentachoron, equatorial cross-section of (vertex first) q-pent  1.414214
deca agrip 5D deca atop grip, deca-first cap of pirx  1.914854
deca aprip 5D deca atop prip  1.620185
..., deca || gippid 5D (degenerate) deca atop gippid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
decap 5D decachoron prism  1.500000
dehad 5D dodecahemidodecateron  1
deker 10D dekeract, icosaxennon, 10D measure-polytope10), geodak(id)  1.581139
desided 3D disnub icosidodecadodecahedron, compound of 2 sided  1.126898
dibhid 5D dodecabiprismatohemidodecateron  1
... 3D vertex figure of dodecabiprismatohemidodecateron  0.866025
did 3D dodecadodecahedron, great dodecadodecahedron  1
... 3D did+sidhei+gidhei (?)  1
didamibdrox 4D diminished deep metabidiminished rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
diddatigid, did || tigid 4D dodecadodecahedron atop truncated great dodecahedron, did-first cap of sirfix  4.352502
diddip 4D dodecadodecahedron prism  1.118034
didhi 4D dodecahedronary dishecatonicosachoron  1
didpy, pt || did 4D (degenerate) did pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
dihin (alt.: penalrap) 5D (vertex-)diminished hemipenteract, pentachoron atop alternate rectified pentachoron  0.790569
dijak (alt.: taccahin) 6D (mono-)diminished icosiheptaheptacontidipeton, tac atop hin  0.816497
... 4D mono-diminished vertex-first rotunda of hexacosachoron  1.618034
... 4D diminished thawro-wedged 1/6-luna of hexacosachoron, {6},ike-wedge, ike,thawro,thawro-multiwedge ...
dip (old: dep) 3D decagonal prism  1.693527
dippit 4D disprismatotesseract  1.485633
diquitdi 4D disicositetraquasitruncated disicositetrachoron  1.608038
dird 3D dirhimbidodecahedron, compound of 12 pip  0.986715
dirico 4D diminished rectified icosatetrachoron  1.732051
dirid, J76 3D diminished rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
dis 3D disnubihedron, compound of 12 tet  0.612372
disco 3D disnub cuboctahedron, compound of 2 snic  
disdi 4D disnub disicositetrachoron  1
disdid 3D disnub dodecadodecahedron, compound of 2 siddid  
disdi-verf 3D vertex figure of disnub disicositetrachoron  0.866025
dissid 3D disnub icosidodecahedron, compound of 2 snid  
dissit 3D disnub tetrahedron, compound of 4 oct  0.707107
distadedip 4D decagon-decagram duoprism  1.732051
ditatha 2D ditrigonary trigonal hemiapeirogonal tesselation, alternate triangular tiling  
ditdi 4D disicositetratruncated disicositetrachoron  2.326846
ditdid 3D ditrigonal dodecadodecahedron, vertex figure of dittady  0.866025
... 3D ditdid+gidtid (?)  0.866025
ditdidap 4D ditrigonal-dodecadodecahedron antiprism  0.955838
ditdiddip 4D ditrigonal-dodecadodecahedron prism  1
ditetaf (alt.: traltepe,
5D diminished tetaf, triangle atop gyrated tepe, pen atop gyrated trip, (edge,perp triangle,gyro trip)-trigonic  0.790569
dithix 4D ditrigonary hecatonicosihexacosichoron  1.732051
ditoh 3D ditetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb  
dittadphi 4D ditetrahedronary disprismatohecatonicosachoron  1.414214
dittady 4D ditrigonary dishecatonicosachoron  1
... 4D dittady+dox (?)  1
dittafady 4D ditetrahedrofissary dishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
ditusna 4D disicosahedronary tetrasnubbachoron, compound of 20 ex in rahi army, compound of 2 kidisna  1.618034
doaid, doe || id, K-4.77 4D dodecahedron atop icosidodecahedron, dodecahedral cupola  1.618034
doasrid, doe || srid, K-4.152 4D dodecahedron atop small rhombicosidodecahedron, dodecahedral cap of small disprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron  5.236068
doasridaid 4D doe atop srid atop id  
doc 4D distetracontoctachoron  2.449490
dod honho 4D disoctidishemioctintercepted hemioctachoron  1
dodoe 6D dodecahedron-dodecahedron duoprism  1.981679
doe 3D dodecahedron, cosmohedron, Goldberg polyhedron GP(1,0)  1.401259
..., doe || 6-dim-id || f-ike || doe 4D axially-pyritohedral (2,12,6)-diminishing of ex  1.618034
..., doe || ipe 5D (degenerate) doe atop ipe ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
... 3D rico-derived polychoron incorporating does  2.802517
... 3D dodecahedrically truncated rhombic triacontahedron, chamfered icosahedron  
doh honho 4D disoctihemihexadekintercepted hemioctachoron  1
dohitipady 4D dishecatonicositruncated prismatodishecatonicosachoron  4.472136
dope, K-4.74 4D dodecahedron prism  1.487792
dopix 4D dodecahedronary prismatohexacosachoron, compound of 60 spid  1
doso 3D disnub octahedron, compound of 8 oct  0.707107
dot 5D dodecateron, birectified hexateron, equatorial cross-section of (vertex first) 1/q-ax, rap atop inverted rap, vertex figure of mo, Gosset polytope 02,2  0.866025
dotet 6D (line,)dodecateron-tegum, dodecateron dipyramid  
dotip 6D dodecateron prism  1
dotpy 6D dodecateron pyramid, vertex pyramid of mo  1
dottascad 6D dodecateron atop small cellated dodecateron  1
dotum 6D dot-first bistratic cap of tim, dot-based tutsatope, dot-based tutism  2.645751
dox (old: gex) 4D dodecahedronary hexacosachoron (great hexacosachoron), compound of 25 ico  1
dri 3D dirhombicosahedron, compound of 20 trip  0.763763
dro 3D dirhombioctahedron, compound of 8 trip  0.763763
dudeca 4D decachoron dual, bi-apiculated pentachoron  0.816497
dudsi 3D dual of D-stellation of icosahedron, D-faceting of dodecahedron, vertex figure of paphicki  0.866025
duhd 4D decahemidecachoron  1
duspid 4D small-prismated-decachoron dual, crystalic icosachoron  
dutip 4D truncated-pentachoron dual, apiculated pentachoron  
... 5D point || hex || gyro hex, Dutour polyteron type A  
... 7D point || pseudo hax || gee, Dutour polyexon type A  
... 8D point || pseudo hesa || zee, Dutour polyzetton type A  
dygytpuf, K-4.13 4D dyadic gyrotegmipucofastegium, 3-prism atop reflected ortho 3-prism  0.866025


e 3D icosiicosahedron, compound of 10 tet  0.612372
ebauco 3D elongated bi-augmented cuboctahedron, 4fold elongated rhombohedron, bi-augmented pexco ...
ebdah hithi 4D exoblendic dishemihecatonicostrishecatonicosachoron  2
ebuthi 4D exotic blendic tetrishecatonicosachoron  2
ecubedpy 4D elongated cubical bipyramid, hexadiminished icositetrachoron  1
ecubpy 4D elongated cubical pyramid, heptadiminished icositetrachoron  1
ecypit 4D elongated cyclopentachoric tetracomb, elongated pentachoric-dispentachoric tetracomb  
editetaf 5D edge-diminished tetaf, (top base) edge-diminishing of tet-first rotunda of hin  0.790569
editoh 3D elongated ditetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb  
efdit xithi 4D exofissary ditrigonal hexacositrishecatonicosachoron  1.732051
eikedpy 4D elongated icosahedral bipyramid  
eikepy 4D elongated icosahedral pyramid  
ek 8D diacosipentacontahexazetton, octacross8), aeroyott(id), octaexal antiprism, vertex figure of vee, (one of the) Delone cell(s) of lattice E8, Gosset polytope 51,1, lattice C8 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  0.707107
ekip 9D diacosipentacontahexazetton prism, vertex figure of rake  0.866025
endjak 6D ennea-diminished jak  0.816497
ene 8D enneazetton, 8D simplex8), pyroyott(id), octaexal pyramid, vertex figure of day, (one of the) Delone cell(s) of lattice E8, Gosset polytope 07  0.666667
enep 9D enneazetton prism, vertex figure of ru  0.833333
enne 9D enneract, octadecayotton, 9D measure-polytope9), geoxenn(id)  1.500000
eocta sirco 4D elongated octasirco ...
eoctaco 4D elongated octaco  
eoctatut 4D elongated octatut  
eoctpy 4D elongated octahedral pyramid, diminished pex hex  
epcu, J20 3D elongated pentagonal cupola  
epedpy, J16 3D elongated pentagonal dipyramid  
epeppy, J9 3D elongated pentagonal pyramid  
epgybro, J43 3D elongated pentagonal gyrobirotunda  
epgycuro, J41 3D elongated pentagonal gyrocupolarotunda  
epigybcu, J39 3D elongated pentagonal gyrobicupola  
epipdapy 4D elongated pentagonal-prismatic bipyramid ...
epippy 4D elongated pentagonal-prismatic pyramid ...
epobcu, J38 3D elongated pentagonal orthobicupola  
epobro, J42 4D elongated pentagonal orthobirotunda  
epocuro, J40 3D elongated pentagonal orthocupolarotunda  
epro, J21 3D elongated pentagonal rotunda  
erich 3D parallelly that elongated rich  
escu, J19 3D elongated square cupola, diminished small rhombicuboctahedron  1.398966
escupe, K-4.68 4D elongated-square-cupola prism  1.485633
esircoatic 4D elongated sircoatic, diminished srit  
esquidpy, J15 3D elongated square dipyramid  
esquigybcu, J37 3D elongated square gyrobicupola, pseudorhombicuboctahedron, Miller's solid  1.398966
esquippidpy 4D elongated square-pyramidal bipyramid, esquidpy-wedge, half of partially (mono-)expanded hex  
esquipuf 4D elongated square pucofastegium, square atop octagon-prism atop octagon-prism  
esquipy, J8 3D elongated square pyramid  
esquipyp 4D elongated square-pyramidal-prism, elongated-square-pyramid prism, external blend of square-pyramidal prism and tesseract  
etcu, J18 3D elongated triangular cupola  
etedpy 4D elongated tetrahedral bipyramid  
etepe 4D elongated tetrahedral-prism, elongated-triangular-pyramid prism, external blend of tetrahedral prism and (triangle,square)-duoprism  
etepy 4D elongated tetrahedral pyramid  
etetaco 4D elongated tetaco ...
etidpy, J14 3D elongated trigonal dipyramid  
etigybcu, J36 3D elongated triangular gyrobicupola  
etobcu, J35 3D elongated triangular orthobicupola  
etoh 3D elongated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, elongated alternated cubic honeycomb  
etoph 3D elongated-triagonal prismatic honeycomb  
etrat 2D elongated triangular tiling  
etripdapy 4D elongated trigonal-prismatic bipyramid ...
etrippy 4D elongated trigonal-prismatic pyramid ...
etripuf 4D elongated trigonal pucofastegium ...
etripy, J7 3D elongated triangular pyramid  
etutatoe 4D elongated tutatoe ...
ex 4D hexacosachoron, 600-cell, hydrochoron  1.618034
... 4D ex+fix (?)  1.618034
... 4D ex+gohi+120id (?)  1.618034
... 3D expanded dodeca-augmented great rhombicuboctahedron ...
exip 5D hexacosachoron prism  1.693527
exrad 3D expanded rhombic dodecahedron  
exrhote 3D expanded rhombic triacontahedron  
extoh 3D expanded octahedral-tetrahedral honeycomb  


... 3D f v10o, variation of decagonal prism, hull of 10/3-prism  1.286277
... 3D f v3o, variation of triangular prism, vertex figure of rectified great grand hecatonicosachoron  0.884212
... 3D f v5o, variation of pentagonal prism, vertex figure of righi  0.964832
... 3D f x3o, variation of triangular prism, vertex figure of rectified hecatonicosachoron  0.993902
... 3D f x4o, variation of cube  1.074481
... 3D f x5/2o, variation of 5/2-prism, vertex figure of raghi  0.964832
... 3D f x5o, variation of pentagonal prism  1.173932
... 3D f3o3x, variation of cuboctahedron  1.327129
... 3D f3o4x, variation of small rhombicuboctahedron  1.789732
... 3D f3o5x, variation of srid, hull of siid, hull of quit gissid  2.785428
... 3D f3v5v, variation of grid, hull of idtid  3.236068
... 3D f3x5o, variation of ti, hull of tigid, hull of gaddid  3.036797
... 3D f3x5x, variation of great rhombicosidodecahedron, hull of quitdid  4.341518
fawdint 5D frustisphenary dispenteractitriacontaditeron, fastegiverted dispenteractitriacontaditeron  0.914214
... 4D FAxoAFxoxx3FxAAoxFxox oxofofxFof3ooxofxfoFf&#zx  
... 4D FAxoFFxoox3foFFxofoxo oxofofxFof3ooxofxfoFf&#zx  
... 4D FAxoFFxxox3foFFxofxxo oxofofxFof3ooxofxfoFf&#zx  
... 4D FAxoFFxxox3foFFxofxxo xoxFxFoAxF3oxxofxFoFf&#zx  
fe 6D tetradecapeton, tritruncated heptapeton, equatorial cross-section of (vertex first) q-hept  1.732051
fenandoh 5D facetospinopenteractidishexadecateron  1.274755
... 4D vertex figure of facetospinopenteractidishexadecateron  0.919866
... 4D Ffxo oxFx3xfox5xoxx&#zx  
... 4D Ffxo xofo3ofox5xoxx&#zx  
fidoh 5D facetoinverted decahexadecateron  1.274755
... 3D vertex figure of facetoinverted decahexadecateron  0.919866
firgaghi 4D faceted rectified great grand hecatonicosachoron  1.070466
firgogishi 4D facetorectified great grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.661585
firp 4D faceted rectified pentachoron, vertex figure of dah  0.774597
... 4D firp+rap+15{4} (?)  0.774597
firsashi 4D faceted rectified small stellated hecatonicosachoron  2.802517
firt 4D facetorectified tesseract  1.224745
firx 5D facetorectified hexateron  0.816497
fix 4D icosahedral hecatonicosachoron, faceted hexacosichoron  1.618034
... 4D fix+gahi+120id (?)  1.618034
..., fix || padohi 5D (degenerate) fix atop padohi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
... 4D fooo3xxoF3xfxo *b3oxFo&#zx  
frico 4D facetorectified icositetrachoron  1.732051
frogfix 4D faceted rectified great faceted hexacosichoron  0.726543
frox 4D faceted rectified hexacosichoron  3.077684
... 4D frox+600 2thah (?)  3.077684
fry 4D facetorectified hecatonicosachoron  4.534568
... 4D dodeca-diminished equatorial tetrastratic segment of rox  3.077684
... 4D Fxo oxf3xox5xfo&zxt  
... 4D equatorial tetrastratic segment of rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
... 4D Fxox3xoxf3oFxx *b3oxfo&#zx  
... 4D Fxxox5ofxfo xofox5oxofx&#zx  
... 4D Fxxx3xxoF3xfxo *b3oxFo&#zx  
... 4D Fxxx5ofxo xofx5oxox&#zx  
fy 8D dischiliahectohexaconta-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton, Gosset polyzetton 41,2, Witting polytope, vertex figure of goh, lattice E8 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1


gabbadipady 4D great blendic disprismatodishecatonicosachoron  2
... 4D gabbadipady+ganbathi (?), sanbathi+tigaghi (?)  2
gabbathi 4D great blendic trishecatonicosachoron  2
gabdacan 5D great biprismatodiscellipenteract  1.021221
... 4D vertex figure of great biprismatodiscellipenteract  1.118034
gabippady (old: gabbippady) 4D great blendic prismatodishecatonicosachoron  2
gaborg 6D great birhombihexacontitetrapeton, bicantitruncated hexacross  3.391165
gabril 6D great birhombated heptapeton, bicantitruncated heptapeton  2.390457
gacal 6D great cellated heptapeton, steriruncicantitruncated heptapeton  3.380617
gacid 3D great complex icosidodecahedron  0.587785
gacnet 5D great cellated penteractitriacontiditeron, omnitruncated penteract, omnitruncated pentacross  4.829189
gacoca 3D great cubaticubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
gacquitpica 3D great cubatiquasitrunciprismated cubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
gactipeca 3D great cubatitrunciprismated cubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
gad 3D great dodecahedron, vertex figure of fix  0.951057
gadatady 4D grand ditetrahedral dishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gadathiphi 4D grand ditetrahedronary hecatonicosaprismatohecatonicosachoron  0.874032
... 4D gadathiphi+600 2tet (?)  0.874032
gaddadid, gad || did 4D great dodecahedron atop dodecadodecahedron, great-dodecahedral cupola  1.064815
gaddaraded, gad || raded 4D great dodecahedron atop rhombidodecadodecahedron, gad-first cap of quipdohi  1.328131
gaddatigid, gad || tigid 4D (degenerate) gad atop tigid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
gaddid 3D great dodekicosidodecahedron  0.716891
gaddiddip 4D great-dodekicosidodecahedron prism  0.874032
gaddip 4D great-dodecahedron prism  1.074481
gaddit thix 4D grand ditrigonal trishecatonicosihexacosachoron  1.732051
gadencorn 5D great dispinocellirhombated penteract  1.192297
... 4D vertex figure of great dispinocellirhombated penteract  0.907821
gadinnert 5D great dispenteractirhombated triacontaditeron  2.336045
gadixady 4D great dishexacosadishecatonicosachoron  3.139124
gadixhix (old: gixhix) 4D great dodecahedronary hexacosahemihexacosachoron, compound of 25 ihi (but not sadixhix)  1
gadpy 4D great-dodecahedral pyramid, vertex cap of fix  1.618034
gadsadox 4D great disnub dihexacosachoron  0.726543
gadsid 3D great disnub dodecahedron, compound of 12 pap  0.951057
gadtap 4D great ditetrahedronary prismatochoron, compound of 36 stadidip  0.874032
gadtaxady 4D grand ditetrahedronary hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gadtaxhi 4D great ditetrahedronary hexacosihecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gadtaxhiap 5D grand ditetrahedrary hexacontahecatonicosachoron antiprism  0.951057
gadtef pixady 4D great ditetrahedronary exofissary prismatohexacosadishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gadtifady (old: gadtafady) 4D great ditetrahedronarofissary dishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gaedit pathi 4D grand exoditetrahedronary prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gafwan 5D great facetosphenary penteract  0.792893
... 3D vertex figure of great facetosphenary penteract  0.776106
gaghi 4D great grand hecatonicosachoron  1
... 4D gaghi+didhi (?)  1
... 4D gaghi+idhi (?)  1
... 4D gaghi+paphacki+sridaphi (?)  1
... 4D gaghi+sridixhi (?)  1
..., gaghi || gofix 5D (degenerate) gaghi atop gofix, (degenerate) gaghi antiprism, (degenerate) gofix antiprism ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
gaghipy, pt || gaghi 5D (degenerate) gaghi pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
gahax 7D gee atop hax, gee-first segment of naq  0.866025
gahfipto 4D great hexadecafeceted prismatotesseractioctachoron  0.890446
gahi 4D grand hecatonicosachoron  1.618034
... 4D gahi+gohi (?)  1.618034
ganbathi 4D great spinoblendic trishecatonicosachoron  2
ganbippady 4D great spinoblendic prismatodishecatonicosachoron  2
gancpan 5D great spinocelliprismated penteract  1.276197
... 3D vertex figure of great spinocelliprismated penteract  0.920055
gap 4D great antiprism, grand antiprism, pentagonal double antiprismoid (but not: great duoantiprism), bicyclical decadiminishing of ex  1.618034
gapcyxh 5D great prismated cyclohexateric honeycomb, Voronoi complex of lattice A5*  
... 4D dual of great antiprism ...
... 4D cell of gap dual, adjacent bikis doe  
gapil 6D great prismated heptapeton, runcicantitruncated heptapeton  2.803060
gappip 5D great-antiprism prism  1.693527
gapquinoh 5D great prismated quarterpenteractic pentacomb  
gapript 4D great pseudorhombated prismatotesseract  0.765367
... 4D gapript+16 2thah (?)  0.765367
gapthi 4D grand prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  2.400819
gaqri 4D great quasirhombated icositetrachoron  1.230739
gaqrich 3D great quasirhombated cubic honeycomb  
gaqrigafix 4D great quasirhombated great faceted hexacosachoron  1.080363
gaqrigaghi 4D great quasirhombated great grand hecatonicosachoron  1.679184
gaqrigagishi 4D great quasirhombated great grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  1.179024
gaqrigashi 4D great quasirhombated great stellated hecatonicosachoron  2.700333
gaqrin 5D great quasirhombated penteract  1.673396
gaqript 4D grand quasirhombated prismatotesseract  0.765367
gaqrisashi 4D great quasirhombated small stellated hecatonicosachoron  5.018002
gaqrit 4D great quasirhombated tesseract  1.401594
gaqrox 6D great quasirhombihexeract  1.906840
gaquacint 5D great quasicellated penteractitriacontiditeron  3.029675
gaquapac 4D great quasiprismatotetracontoctachoron  1.127864
gaquapan 5D great quasiprismated penteract  2.527061
gaquapech 3D great quasiprismated cubic honeycomb  
gaquatid 3D great quasitruncated icosidodecahedron, stellatruncated icosidodecahedron  1.020684
gaquatiddip 4D great-quasitruncated-icosidodecahedron prism  1.136572
gaquidapixhi 4D great quasidisprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.581630
gaquidipdy 4D grand quasidisprismatodishecatonicosachoron  1.695697
gaquidphihi 4D great quasidisprismatohecatonicosihecatonicosachoron  4.242641
gaquidpoth 4D great quasidisprismatotesseractihexadecachoron  1.938391
gaquidpothip 5D great-quasidisprismatotesseractihexadecachoric prism, great-quasiprismated-tesseract prism  2.001839
gaquipadah 4D great quasiprismatodishexadecachoron  0.890446
gaquitxog 6D great quasiterated hexeractihexacontatetrapeton  4.288753
garag 7D gee atop rag, gee-first rotunda of rez  1
garawv hixhi 4D great retrosphenoverted hecatonicosihexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.054256
garcornit 5D great retrocellirhombated penteractitriacontaditeron  1.192297
gard tadhix 4D grand retroditetrahedronary dishecatonicosihexacosachoron  0.874032
gardatady 4D grand retroditetrahedral dishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
... 4D gardatady+1440{5}  0.874032
gardatathi 4D grand retroditetrahedronary trishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gardtapaxhi 4D grand retroditetrahedronary hexacosidishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gardtaxady 4D grand retroditetrahedronary hexacosidishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gari 3D great antirhombicosahedron, compound of 5 cho  1
garpit 4D grand rhombated dishexadecachoron  1.847759
garpop 4D grand rhombated prismatopentachoron  1.183216
gart 5D great rhombated triacontiditeron, cantitruncated pentacross  2.645751
garx 5D great rhombated hexateron, cantitruncated hexateron  2
gashi 4D grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.618034
gassic 3D (chiral) great snub cube, compound of 3 squap  0.822664
gassid 3D great snub dodecahedron, compound of 6 pap  0.951057
gatopin 5D great pteroprismated penteract  0.914214
... 4D vertex figure of great pteroprismated penteract  0.837186
gax 4D grand hexacosachoron  0.618034
... 4D gax+gashi+120gid (?)  0.618034
... 4D gax+gofix (?)  0.618034
gee (old: xic) 6D hexacontitetrapeton, hexacross6), aeroex(id), hexateral antiprism, vertex figure of zee, Gosset polytope 31,1, lattice C6 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  0.707107
geedatepthi 4D great exoditetrahedrary prismatotrishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
geep 7D hexacontitetrapeton prism, hexacross prism, vertex figure of rek  0.866025
gefdit dixdy 4D great exofissary ditrigonal dihexacosadihecatonicosachoron  1.732051
gefidtethi 4D great exofissary ditetrahedronary tetrakishecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gefirdit xethi 4D great exofissary retroditetrahedronary hexacositrishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
gefradit thix 4D great exofissary retroditetrahedronary triakishecatonicosihexacosachoron  0.874032
gefridit xethi 4D great exofissary retroinverted ditetrahedronary hexacositrishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
geihid 3D great icosihemidodecahedron  0.618034
getdoca (old: gotactictosquath) 3D great tetradicubatiapeiratic honeycomb, great tetrahedral cubic tomocubic tomosquare tiling honeycomb  
getit cadoca 3D great tritrigonary cubatidicubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
getit dixady 4D great tritrigonal dihexacosidihecatonicosachoron  1.136572
getit phiddix 4D great tritrigonal prismatohecatonicosidishexacosachoron  1.136572
getit pixady 4D great tritrigonal prismatohexacosidihecatonicosachoron  1.136572
getit thix 4D great tritrigonal trishecatonicosihexacosachoron  1.136572
getit xethi 4D great tritrigonal hexacositrishecatonicosachoron  1.136572
getitdin 5D great tesseractitriacontidiadispenteract  1.276197
ghaha 2D great hexahexaapeirogonal tiling  
ghahoh 4D great hexadecahemihexadecachoron  1
ghihi 4D great hecatonicosihecatonicosachoron  0.854102
ghipady 4D great hecatonicosiprismatodishecatonicosachoron  4.087567
(inbetween: ghath)
2D great hexagonal-trigonal-hexagonal tiling  
gibcotdin 5D great biprismatocellitriacontadiadispenteract  2.001839
gibil biro 3D great bilunabirotunda  
gibpof 6D great biprismated tetradecapeton, biruncicantitruncated heptapeton  3
gibrant 5D great birhombated penteractitriacontiditeron, bicantitruncated penteract  3.391165
gibricot 4D great birhombated icositetrachoric tetracomb, great grand prismatodisicositetrachoric tetracomb  
gibrid (old: gadrid) 5D great birhombated dodecateron, bicantitruncated hexateron  2.179449
gibtadin 5D great biprismatotriacontadiadispenteract  1.488108
gic 4D great tetracontoctachoron, octagrammy  0.585786
gicaricot 4D great cellirhombated icositetrachoric tetracomb, runcicantic hexadecachoric tetracomb  
gicaroht 4D great cellirhombated hexadecachoric tetracomb, runcicantic icositetrachoric tetracomb  
gicartit 4D great cellirhombated tesseractic tetracomb, great rhombitesseractic-prismatotesseractic tetracomb, stericantitruncated tesseractic tetracomb  
gicdatrid 3D great complex (ditrigonal) rhombicosidodecahedron  0.866025
gichado 4D great cubihexadecadisoctachoron  1.174172
gico 4D great icositetrachoron, stella prismata, compound of 3 tes  1
... 4D gico+8co+16 2thah (?)  1
gid 3D great icosidodecahedron  0.618034
gid thipady 4D great ditrigonal hecatonicosiprismatodishecatonicosachoron  4.087567
gid tipathi 4D great ditrigonal prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  2.920251
... 3D gid+geihid+gidhid (?)  0.618034
gidard tipady 4D great diretroditetrahedronary prismatodishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
gidasid 3D great invertidisnub dodecahedron, compound of 12 starp  0.587785
giddasid 3D great disnub icosidodecahedron, compound of 2 gosid  
giddatady 4D great ditetrahedronary dishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
giddic 4D great distetracontoctachoron  0.765367
giddip 4D great-icosidodecahedron prism  0.794963
giddird 3D great dirhombidodecahedron, compound of 12 stip  0.725530
giddit thix 4D great ditrigonal trishecatonicosihexacosachoron  1.732051
gidditdid 3D great ditrigonal dodekicosidodecahedron, great dodekified icosidodecahedron  1.134229
gidditdiddip 4D great-ditrigonal-dodekicosidodecahedron prism  1.239546
gidditpix 4D great ditrigonary prismatohexacosichoron  1.732051
giddy 3D great dodekicosahedron  1.134229
... 3D giddy+12{10/2} (?)  1.134229
... 3D giddy+20{6/2}  1.134229
gidhei 3D great dodecahemicosahedron, small dodecahemiicosahedron (but not sidhei)  1
gidhid 3D great dodecahemidodecahedron  0.618034
gidhiquit paddy 4D great dishecatonicosaquasitruncated prismatodishecatonicosachoron  2.140933
gidipthi 4D great dipental trishecatonicosachoron  1.328131
gidisdrid 3D great disnub dirhombicosidodecahedron, Skilling's figure  0.707107
gidpith 4D great disprismatotesseractihexadecachoron, great prismated tesseract, omnitruncated tesseract  3.498949
gidpithip 5D great-disprismatotesseractihexadecachoric prism, great-prismated-tesseract prism, central segment of cogart  3.534493
gidpixathi 4D great dipentagonal hexacositrihecatonicosachoron  1.328131
gidpixhi 4D great disprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron, omnitruncated hecatonicosachoron, omnitruncated hexacosachoron 12.786651
gidrid 3D great dirhombicosidodecahedron, great snub disicosidisdodecahedron, Miller's monster  0.707107
gidrissid 3D great diretrosnub icosidodecahedron, compound of 2 girsid  
gidsac 3D great disnub cube, compound of 6 squap  0.822664
gidsid 3D great invertidisnub icosidodecahedron, compound of 2 gisid  
gidthidy hi 4D great ditrigonal hecatonicosadishecatonicosihecatonicosachoron  1.732051
gidthixhi 4D great ditrigonal hecatonicosihexacosihecatonicosachoron  3.139124
gidtid 3D great ditrigonal icosidodecahedron, vertex figure of gidtixhi  0.866025
gidtidap 4D great-ditrigonal-icosidodecahedron antiprism  0.955838
gidtiddip 4D great-ditrigonal-icosidodecahedron prism  1
gidtixhi 4D great ditrigonary hexacosihecatonicosachoron  1
... 4D gidtixhi+dox (?)  1
gidtixhipy, pt || gidtixhi 5D (degenerate) gidtixhi pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
gifdahihox 4D great fissary dodecahedronary hecatonicosihemihexacosachoron  1
giid 3D great icosicosidodecahedron  1.134229
giidip 4D great-icosicosidodecahedron prism  1.239546
gik vipathi 4D great skewverted prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  2.828427
gik vixathi 4D great skewverted hexacositriakishecatonicosachoro  2.013884
gikagid, gike || gid 4D great icosahedron atop great icosidodecahedron, great icosahedral cap of rectified grand hexacosachoron, great-icosahedral cupola  0.726543
gike 3D great icosahedron, retrosnub tetrahedron, retrosnub tetratetrahedron, vertex figure of gax  0.587785
gikepy 4D great-icosahedral pyramid, vertex cap of gax  0.618034
gikkiv datapixady 4D great skewverted ditrigonary prismatohexacosadishecatonicosachoron  2.013884
gikkiv pacoca (old: sic vacpeca) 3D great skewverted prismatocubaticubatiapeiratic honeycomb, small skewverted cubatiprismated cubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
gikkivcadach 3D great skewverted cubatiapeiroducubatic honeycomb  
gikrid 3D great chirorhombidodecahedron, compound of 6 stip  0.725530
giktabacadint 5D great skewtrigonary biprismatocellidispenteractitriacontiditeron  1.500000
gikviphado 4D great skewverted prismatohexadecadisoctachoron  1.414214
ginnont 5D great penteractipenteractitriacontiditeron  1.021221
gipbin 5D great prismated biprismatopenteract  0.914214
... 3D vertex figure of great prismated biprismatopenteract  0.837186
gipe 4D great-icosahedron prism  0.771681
giphado 4D great prismatohexadecadisoctachoron  1.082392
giphatit 4D great prismated demitesseractic tetracomb, great diprismatodemitesseractic tetracomb, steriruncicantic tesseractic tetracomb  
giphiddix 4D great prismatohecatonicosadishexacosachoron  1.624598
giphidy 4D great prismated hecatonicosadishecatonicosachoron  1.348948
giphihix 4D great prismatohecatonicosahecatonicosahexacosachoron  1.893038
giphin 5D great prismated hemipenteract, steriruncicantic penteract  3.259601
giphixhi 4D great prismatohecatonicosihexacosihecatonicosachoron  2.920251
gippapivady 4D great pentagrammal antiprismatoverted dishecatonicosachoron  0.726543
gippic 4D great prismatotetracontoctachoron, omnitruncated icositetrachoron  5.169905
gippiccup 5D great-prismatotetracontoctachoron prism, omnitruncated-icositetrachoron prism  5.194028
gippict 4D great prismated icositetrachoric tetracomb  
gippid 4D great prismatodecachoron, omnitruncated pentachoron, Voronoi cell of lattice A4*  2.236068
gippiddip 5D great-prismatodecachoron prism  2.291288
gippin 5D great prismated penteract, runcicantitruncated penteract  4.371952
gippit 5D great prismated triacontiditeron, omnitruncated hemipenteract  3.872983
gippitip 6D great-prismated-triacontiditeron prism  3.905125
gippittit 4D great prismated tesseractic tetracomb, great diprismatotesseractic tetracomb, runcicantitruncated tesseractic tetracomb  
gippix 5D great prismated hexateron, runcicantitruncated hexateron  2.581989
gippixady 4D great prismatohexacosadishecatonicosachoron  1.207883
gippixhihy 4D great prismatohexacosihecatonicosihecatonicosachoron  1.021064
giprapivady 4D great pentagonal retroprismatoverted dishecatonicosachoron  1.902113
gipriphi 4D great pseudorhombated prismatohecatonicosachoron  0.799575
... 4D gipriphi+600 2thah (?)  0.799575
gipthi 4D great prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  3.531591
gipti 4D great prismatotriakisicositetrachoron  1.938391
girc 4D great retrotetracontoctachoron  0.765367
gircaptint (old: grecaptint) 5D great retrocelliprismatotruncated penteractitriacontaditeron  1.949424
girco 3D great rhombicuboctahedron (but not querco), truncated cuboctahedron, omnitruncated octahedron, omnitruncated cube  2.317611
gircope, K-4.125 4D great-rhombicuboctahedron prism  2.370932
gird 3D great rhombidodecahedron  0.716891
... 3D gird+12{10/4} (?)  0.716891
... 3D gird+20{6/2} (?)  0.716891
girfaddic 4D great retrofrustic distetracontoctachoron  1.414214
girfix 4D great rhombated faceted hexacosachoron  7.404918
girfixthi 4D great retrofrustic hexacositrishecatonicosachoron  2.236068
girhax 6D great rhombated hemihexeract, cantitruncated demihexeract, runcicantic hexeract  3.278719
girhin 5D great rhombated hemipenteract, cantitruncated demipenteract, runcicantic penteract  2.761340
girn 5D great rhombated penteract, cantitruncated penteract  3.563671
girpdo 4D great rhombiprismatodisoctachoron  1.174172
girpith 4D great rhombiprismated tesseractihexadecachoron  1.082392
girsid 3D great (inverted) retrosnub icosidodecahedron, azathoth  
girsiddip 4D great-(inverted)-retrosnub-icosidodecahedron prism  
gisdid 3D great snub dodekicosidodecahedron, shub-niggurath  0.707107
gisdiddip 4D great-snub-dodekicosidodecahedron prism  
gisdipthi 4D great stellated dipental trishecatonicosachoron  1.328131
gishi 4D great stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.618034
... 4D gishi+gashi (?)  0.618034
giship 3D heptagrammic prism of winding number 3, great heptagrammic prism, great stellated heptagonal prism  0.512858
gisid 3D great inverted snub icosidodecahedron, great vertisnub icosidodecahedron, cthulhu  
gisiddip 4D great-inverted-snub-icosidodecahedron prism  
gisp 4D great swirlprism  0.618034
gissed 3D great invertisnub dodecahedron, compound of 6 starp  0.587785
gissi 3D great snub icosahedron, compound of 10 oct (but not si)  0.707107
gissid 3D great stellated dodecahedron  0.535233
gissiddip 4D great-stellated-dodecahedron prism  0.732444
git thixady 4D great tritrigonal hecatonicosihexacosidishecatonicosachoron  1.136572
githawro 3D great triangular hebesphenorotunda  
gitphi 4D great tripesic hecatonicosachoron  0.874032
gitpodady 4D great (intersected) tripesic dodecahedronary dishecatonicosachoron  1
gittifcoth 4D great tesseractifaceted cubitesseractihexadecachoron  0.890446
gittith 4D great tesseractitesseractihexadecachoron  0.890446
gixathi 4D great hexacositriakishecatonicosachoron  3.804226
gixhi 4D great hexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.244649
gixhidy 4D great hexacosihecatonicosadishecatonicosachoron  1.464888
gixhihy 4D great hexacosihecatonicosihecatonicosachoron  0.763932
gixipady 4D great hexacosiprismatodishecatonicosachoron  1.624598
gloptin 5D great lapidoprismatotruncated penteract  1.416813
gnappoth 4D great spinoprismatotesseractihexadecachoron  0.890446
gocad (old: gohad) 5D great cellated dodecateron (great hedrated dodecateron), omnitruncated hexateron, Voronoi cell of lattice A5*  2.958040
gocadip 6D great-cellated-hexateron prism  3
gocco 3D great cubicuboctahedron  0.736813
goccope 4D great-cubicuboctahedron prism  0.890446
gocog 6D great cellated hexacontitetrapeton, steriruncicantitruncated hemihexeract, omnitruncated hemihexeract  5.244044
gocypapit 4D bitruncated pentachoric tetracomb, great cycloprismated pentachoric tetrachomb, grand prismatodispentachoric tetracomb  
gocyropit 4D great cyclorhombated pentachoric tetrachomb, great truncated-pentachoric tetracomb, cantitruncated pentachoric tetrachomb  
gofix 4D great icosahedral hecatonicosachoron, great faceted hexacosichoron  0.618034
... 4D gofix+gishi+120gid (?)  0.618034
..., gofix || quipdohi 5D (degenerate) gofix atop quipdohi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
gogishi 4D great grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.540182
goh 8D Gosset octacomb 52,1, Delone complex of lattice E8  
gohi 4D great hecatonicosachoron  1.618034
gohihix 4D great hecatonicosihecatonicosihexacosachoron  1.464888
gohiny 4D great hecatonicosintercepted hecatonicosachoron  0.661585
gondip 4D great octagonal spinoduoprism  0.890446
gopam (older: gakpam) 6D great prismated pentacontitetrapeton, (great heptaheptacontidiprismated pentacontitetrapeton), omnitruncated pentacontitetrapeton, omnitruncated icosiheptaheptacontidipeton  6.244998
goquidipdy 4D great quasidisprismatodishecatonicosachoron  6.566933
gorcrin 5D great retrocelligreat rhombated penteract  2.143163
gosid 3D great snub icosidodecahedron, tsathoggua  
gosiddip 4D great-snub-icosidodecahedron prism  
gossa 2D great squarisquariapeirogonal tiling  
gotaf 6D great terated tetradecapeton, omnitruncated heptapeton, Voronoi cell of lattice A6*  3.741657
gotanq (old: gotalq) 7D great terated hecatonicosihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon, omnitruncated Gosset polyexon 32,1, great terated pentacontihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon, omnitruncated Gosset polyexon 21,3, great terated pentacontihexahecatonicosihexaexon, omnitruncated Gosset polyexon 12,3  9.987492
gotaxog 6D great terated hexeractihexacontatetrapeton  6.293378
gotdatixhi 4D great toroidoditrigonary hexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.732051
gotditpix 4D great toroidoditrigonary prismatohexacosichoron  1.732051
gotto 4D great trisoctachoron, great triakisoctachoron  1.224745
... 2D Gott's snic-based pseudopolyhedron  
grad tathi 4D great retroditetrahedronary trishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
graggix 4D great rhombated grand hexacosachoron  1.658546
graghi 4D great rhombated grand hecatonicosachoron  4.550627
grahi 4D great rhombated hecatonicosachoron, cantitruncated hecatonicosachoron 11.252107
grahip (old: grahipe) 5D great-rhombated-hecatonicosachoron prism, cantitruncated-hecatonicosachoron prism 11.263210
graht 2D great rhombihexagonal tiling  
graphi 4D grand retropental hecatonicosachoron  0.726543
grassid 3D great rhombisnub dodecahedron, compound of 6 stiddip  0.794963
gratoh 3D great rhombated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, cantitruncated alternated cubic honeycomb, cantitruncated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, runcicantic cubic honeycomb  
grawv ditathi 4D great retrosphenoverted ditrigonary triakishecatonicosachoron  2.093315
grawv hidy 4D great retrosphenoverted hecatonicosadishecatonicosachoron  1.589926
grawv hixhi 4D great retrosphenoverted hecatonicosihexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.513868
grawvathi 4D great retrosphenoverted triakishecatonicosachoron  2.572554
grawvixady 4D great retrosphenoverted hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  2.036148
grich 3D great rhombated cubic honeycomb, cantitruncated cubic honeycomb  
grico 4D great rhombated icositetrachoron, cantitruncated icositetrachoron  4.299451
..., grico || gippic 5D (degenerate) grico atop gippic ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
gricoalgrico 5D great-rhombated-icositetrachoron atop alternate great-rhombated-icositetrachoron  4.311477
gricope (old: gripe) 5D great-rhombated-icositetrachoron prism, cantitruncated-icositetrachoron prism  4.328427
gricot 4D great rhombated icositetrachoric tetracomb, great prismatodisicositetrachoric tetracomb  
grid 3D great rhombicosidodecahedron (but not qrid), truncated icosidodecahedron, omnitruncated icosahedron, omnitruncated dodecahedron  3.802395
..., xFoFx3xxxxx5xofox&#xt  
4D bilunabirotundic great rhombicosidodecahedron prism  
gridaphi 4D great retroinverted dodecahedronary prismatohecatonicosachoron  1
griddip, K-4.150 4D great-rhombicosidodecahedron prism  3.835128
gridixhi 4D great retroinverted dodecahedronary hexacosahecatonicosachoron  1
gridtathi 4D great retroinverted ditetrahedronary trishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
gril 6D great rhombated heptapeton, cantitruncated heptapeton  2.104417
grip 4D great rhombated pentachoron, cantitruncated pentachoron  1.843909
gripagippid 5D grip atop gippid, grip-first cap of cograx  2.327373
gripalgrip 5D grip atop inverted grip, medial spid-first segment of spat  1.870829
griphi 4D great retropental hecatonicosachoron  1.175571
grippip 5D great-rhombated-pentachoron prism  1.910497
griso 3D great rhombisnub octahedron, compound of 4 hip  1.118034
grit 4D great rhombated tesseract, cantitruncated tesseract  3.005916
gritta gidpith 5D grit atop gidpith, grit-first segment of cogrin  3.988340
grittip 5D truncated-tesseract prism, central segment of prin  3.047217
grittit 4D great prismatotesseractic tetracomb, cantitruncated tesseractic tetracomb  
grix 4D great rhombated hexacosachoron, cantitruncated hexacosachoron  9.124101
..., grix || prix 5D (degenerate) grix atop prix ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
grixip 5D great-rhombated-hexacosachoron prism  4.776223
grog 6D great rhombihexacontitetrapeton, cantitruncated hexacross  2.645751
groh 3D great rhombihexahedron  0.736813
... 3D groh+8{6/2} (?)  0.736813
grohp 4D great-rhombihexahedron prism  0.890446
grox 6D great rhombihexeract, cantitruncated hexeract  4.045239
gudap (old: gedap) 4D great duoantiprism, (old: great double antiprism) (but not: great antiprism)  1
guti 4D great tetrakisicositetrachoron  2.326846
gwav ditathi 4D great sphenoverted ditrigonary triakishecatonicosachoron  2.036148
gwavathi 4D great sphenoverted triakishecatonicosachoron  1.027486
gwavixady 4D great sphenoverted hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  0.799575
gyautisdip 4D gyro-augmented 3-4-duoprism ...
gybadrid, J82 3D gyrate(d) bidiminished rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
gybef, J26 3D gyrobifastegium  
gybeffip 4D gybef prism  
gyeditoh 3D gyroelongated ditetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb  
gyepabro, J48 3D gyroelongated pentagonal birotunda  
gyepcu, J24 3D gyroelongated pentagonal cupola  
gyepcuro, J47 3D gyroelongated pentagonal cupolarotunda  
gyepibcu, J46 3D gyroelongated pentagonal bicupola  
gyepip, J11 3D gyroelongated pentagonal pyramid, diminished icosahedron  
gyepipa pero, K-4.140 4D gyroelongated pentagonal pyramid atop pentagonal rotunda  3.077684
gyepippip 4D gyroelongated-pentagonal-pyramid prism  1.074481
gyepro, J25 3D gyroelongated pentagonal rotunda  
gyerich 3D parallelly that elongated gyrich  
gyescu, J23 3D gyroelongated square cupola  
gyesp, J10 3D gyroelongated square pyramid  
gyesqidpy, J17 3D gyroelongated square dipyramid  
gyesquibcu, J45 3D gyroelongated square bicupola  
gyetaph 3D gyroelongated triangular-prismatic honeycomb  
gyetcu, J22 3D gyroelongated triangular cupola  
gyetibcu, J44 3D gyroelongated triangular bicupola  
gyetoh 3D gyroelongated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, gyroelongated alternated cubic honeycomb  
gypasp 4D great pyramidic swirlprism  0.618034
gyprip 4D gyrated prip  1.612452
gyquerco 3D inverto-elongated retrograde square gyrobicupola, gyrated quasirhombicuboctahedron  0.736813
gyrich 3D gyrated rectified cubical honeycomb  
gyrid, J72 3D gyrated rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
gyspid (alt: tetacobcu) 4D gyrated small prismatodecachoron, orthobicupola of runcinated pentachoron, tetaco orthobicupola  1
gytoh 3D gyrated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, gyrated alternated cubic honeycomb  
gytoph 3D gyrated triangular prismatic honeycomb  


haco (old: hicco) 5D hexagon cuboctahedron duoprism  1.414214
hacube (old: hiccube) 5D hexagon cube duoprism  1.322876
haddet 4D demidistesseract, compound of 2 hex  0.707107
hadedip 4D hexagon - decagon duoprism  1.902113
hadoe 5D hexagon - dodecahedron duoprism  1.721489
haf, K-4.46 4D hexagonal antifastegium, hexagon - hap wedge, {6} || gyro hip  1.130454
hagippid 6D hexagon - great-prismated-pentachoron duoprism  2.449490
hagirco (old: higgirco) 5D hexagon great-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism  2.524147
hagrid 5D hexagon - great-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism  3.931692
hagy gircope 4D hexa-gyro-augmented gircope  
hahip (old: hiddippip) 5D hexagon hexagonal-prism duoprism, hexagon-hexagon duoprismatic prism  1.500000
han 5D hexadecapenteract  0.790569
hap, 6-ap 3D hexagonal antiprism  1.087664
happip, K-4.53 4D hexagonal-antiprism prism  1.197085
haquitco 5D hexagon quasitruncated-cuboctahedron duoprism  1.459000
harjak (old: trojak) 6D demirectified icosiheptaheptacontidipeton (trirectified icosiheptaheptacontidipeton)  2.160247
hasirco (old: hissirco) 5D hexagon small-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism  1.719624
hasrid 5D hexagon - small-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism  2.446644
hatet (old: hittet,
alt. hipdaw)
5D hexagon-tetrahedron duoprism, hexagon duofastegium, hip disphenoid  1.172604
hatha 2D hexaapeirogonaltruncated hexaapeirogonal tiling  
hati 5D hexagon - truncated-icosahedron duoprism  2.672186
hatic (old: hittic) 5D hexagon truncated-cube duoprism  2.040640
hatid 5D hexagon - truncated-dodecahedron duoprism  3.133309
hatoe (old: hittoe) 5D hexagon truncated-octahedron duoprism  1.870829
hatope 6D hexagon - truncated-octahedron duoprismatic prism  1.936492
hatricu 5D hexagon-tricu duoprism, trip-first half of haco  1.414214
hatut (old: hittut) 5D hexagon truncatet-tetrahedron duoprism  1.541104
hau gircope 4D hexa-augmented gircope  
hau ticcup 4D hexa-(ortho-)augmented ticcup  
haucope 4D hexa-augmented cope  
hauhocto 8D hexadeca-augmented hemiocteract ...
hautope 4D hexa-augmented tope  
hawmco, J89 3D hebesphenomegacorona  
hax 6D hemihexeract, vertex figure of laq, Gosset polytope 13,1  0.866025
haxabrag 7D hax-first monostratic cap of lin, hax atop brag  1.322876
haxabrox 7D hax atop brox, hax-first cap of rolaq  1.732051
haxesc 8D (degenerate) demihexaractic scalene, line atop fully orthogonal demihexaract ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
haxh 6D hemihexeractic pentacomb, Delone complex of lattice D6  
haxip 7D hemihexeractic prism, vertex figure of rinquoh  1.060660
haxpy 7D hemihexeractic pyramid, vertex pyramid of laq  1
haxt 7D demihexeractic (line-)tegum, demihexeractic bipyramid ...
he (old: ache) 7D hexadecaexon, trirectified octaexon, equatorial cross-section of (vertex first) 1/q-octo, Gosset polytope 03,3  1
hede 10D demi-dekeract, Gosset polytope 17,1  1.118034
hedip 4D heptagonal-heptagonal duoprism  1.629715
hedjak 6D heptadiminished jak, square || hin  0.816497
hehad 5D hexadecahemidecateron  0.707107
hejak 6D demified icosiheptaheptacontidipeton  1.632993
henne 9D demi-enneract, Gosset polytope 16,1  1.060660
hep 3D heptagonal prism  1.152382
hept 7D hepteract, tetradecaexon, 7D measure-polytope7), geozett(id)  1.322876
hesa (old: hiss) 7D hemihepteract, vertex figure of bay, Gosset polytope 14,1  0.935414
hesapy 8D hemihepteractic pyramid, vertex pyramid of bay  1.414214
hex, K-4.2
(alt: octit, trapt)
4D hexadecachoron, tetracross4), hemitesseract, hemioctachoron, 16-cell, aeroter(id), tetrahedral antiprism, vertex figure of tac, (line-)octahedral tegum, (line-)trigonal-antirprismatic tegum, Gosset polytope 11,1, lattice C4 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  0.707107
... 4D hex+8oct (?)  0.707107
..., hex || sidpith 5D (degenerate) hex atop sidpith ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
hexaco 5D hexadecachoron atop cuboctahedron, 0.147584-luna of rectified triacontiditeron  1
hexaf, hex || gyro hexip 6D hexadecachoral antifastegium, hex atop gyrated hexip, hex-first rotunda of hax  0.866025
hexaico, hex || ico 5D hexadecachoron-first rotunda of rectified triacontiditeron, hexadecachoron atop icositetrachoron  1
hexal hesa 8D hex atop alternated hesa, hex-first cap of codify  1
hexal trahex 7D hex atop gyrated trahex, hex-first cap of hesa  0.935414
hexalhax 7D hex atop alternate hax  0.866025
hexalrit 5D hex atop gyrated rit, hex-first cap of siphin  1.274755
hexarit 5D (degenerate) hex atop rit ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
hexasc 6D hexadecachoric scalene, hexadecachoron-pyramid pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal hexadecachoron, 1/4-lune of hexacontatetrapeton  0.707107
hexat 2D hexagonal tiling, Voronoi complex of hexagonal lattice  
hexathex 5D (degenerate) hex atop thex ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
hexdip 8D hexadecachoron duoprism  1
hexete 7D hexadecachoric tettene, hexadecachoron-pyramid pyramid-pyramid, triangle atop fully orthogonal hexadecachoron  0.707107
hexip 5D hexadecachoron prism, vertex figure of rag  0.866025
hexipaico 6D hexip atop ico, diminished 1/4-lune of rag  1
hexippy 6D hexip pyramid, vertex pyramid of rag  1
hexpy 5D hexadecachoral pyramid, vertex-first rotunda of triacontiditeron  0.707107
hext 4D hexadecachoric tetracomb, demitesseractic tetracomb, Delone complex of body-centered tesseractic lattice, Gosset polytope 11,1,1  
hextes 8D hexadecachoron-tesseract duoprism  1.224745
hextum 5D hex-based tutsatope, hex-based tutism  1.581139
hexu 5D hexadecachoral-based ursateron ofx3xoo3ooo4ooo&#xt, hex-based ursulate  1.144123
hi 4D hecatonicosachoron, 120-cell, dodecacontachoron, cosmochoron  3.702459
... 4D hi dimpled in by 120 ikadoes ...
hiarahi, hi || rahi 5D (degenerate) hi atop rahi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
hibbit 4D hexagonal duoprismatic tetracomb  
hicu 3D hexagonal cupola ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
hid 5D hexagon icosidodecahedron duoprism  1.902113
hiddip 4D hexagonal-hexagonal duoprism, Voronoi cell of lattice A2×A2  1.414214
hihiquatady 4D hecatonicosihecatonicosiquasitruncated dishecatonicosachoron  3.605551
hike 5D hexagon icosahedron duoprism  1.380039
hiktut 3D hexakis truncated tetrahedron  1.172604
hin 5D hemipenteract, demipenteract, hemitesseractic gyroprism, vertex figure of jak, Gosset polytope 12,1  0.790569
hinanit 6D hin atop nit, hin-first cap of rojak  1.290994
hinhi 4D hecatonicosintercepted hecatonicosachoron  2.802517
hinnip 6D hemipenteractic prism, vertex figure of ranq  0.935414
hinnit 4D hexadekintercepted tesseract  1.224745
hinoh 5D hemipenteractic pentacomb, Delone complex of lattice D5  
hinpy 6D demipenteractic pyramid, vertex pyramid of jak  0.816497
hinro (alt.: hinarat) 6D demipenteractic rotunda, hin-first half of mo, hin atop rat  1
hinsc 7D demipenteractic scalene, demipenteractic-pyramid pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal demipenteract  0.866025
hint 6D demipenteractic (line-)tegum, demipenteractic dipyramid ...
hip 3D hexagonal prism, Voronoi cell of unit-stacked hexagonal lattice  1.118034
hipe 5D hecatonicosachoron prism  3.736068
hiph 3D hexagonal prismatic honeycomb, Voronoi complex of unit-stacked hexagonal lattice  
hippy, 6pyr 3D (degenerate) hexagonal pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
hippyp 4D hexagon-pyramidal prism, line || hip ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
hirki 3D hemirhombichiro-icosahedron, compound of 5 thah  0.707107
hisquippy 5D hexagon-squippy douprism, half of hoct  1.224745
histodip 4D hexagon - octagram duoprism  1.137055
hit 5D hexadecateron  0.790569
... 3D vertex figure of hexadecateron  0.774597
hitwadip 4D hexagon - dodecagon duoprism  2.175328
hix 5D hexateron, 5D simplex5), pyropet(id), pentachoral pyramid, regular tet-scalene, regular triangle-tettene, regular line-pennene, regular (point-)hixene, vertex figure of hop, Gosset polytope 04  0.645497
hixacube 6D hix atop edge-parallel cube  0.866025
hixadot 6D hexateron atop dodecateron, hix-first half of hax  0.866025
hixady 4D hecatonicosihexacosidishecatonicosachoron  3
hixalrix 6D hexateron atop inverted rectified hexateron, hix-first rotunda of jak  0.816497
hixascad 6D hexateron atop small cellated decateron, hix-first rotunda of small terated tetradecapeton  1
hixip 6D hexateron prism, vertex figure of roc  0.816497
hixquathix 4D hecatonicosihexacosaquasitruncated hecatonicosihexacosachoron  2.174739
hixquitixhi 4D hecatonicosihexacosiquasitruncated hexacosihecatonicosachoron  2.351141
hixquitphix 4D hecatonicosihexacosiquasitruncated prismatohecatonicosihexacosachoron  2.483382
hixtaphix 4D hecatonicosihexacositruncated prismatohecatonicosihexacosachoron  7.735167
hixthix 4D hecatonicosihexacositruncated hecatonicosihexacosachoron  6.186316
hixtixhi 4D hecatonicosihexacositruncated hexacosihecatonicosachoron  3.804226
hoct 5D hexagon octahedron duoprism  1.224745
hocto (alt.: gecdify) 8D hemiocteract, 64(=g)+48(=c)-diminished fy, Gosset polytope 15,1  1
hoddated ex 4D (shallow-)hexa-octa-diminished deep-tetra-diminished hexacosachoron  1.618034
hodho 4D hexadecoctidishemioctachoron  1
hodip 4D hexagon - octagon duoprism  1.645329
hoh honho 4D hexadecoctihemihexadekintercepted hemioctachoron  1
hoha 2D hexagonal hemiapeirogonal tesselation  
hohoh 4D hexadecoctihemihexadecachoron  1
hop (old: hep) 6D heptapeton, 6D simplex6), pyroex(id), hexateral pyramid, vertex figure of oca, Gosset polytope 05  0.654654
hopabril 7D heptapeton atop birectified heptapeton, hop-first monostratic cap of hesa  0.935414
hopalbril 7D hop atop inverted bril, hop-first cap of laq  1
hopalril 7D hop atop inverted ril, hop-first cap of naq  0.866025
hopastaf 7D hop atop staf, half of suph (its hop-first rotunda), partial Stott expansion of oca  1
hopip 7D heptapeton prism, vertex figure of rene  0.823754
hossdap 4D hollow small stellated dodecahedral antiprism, pseudo sissid atop pseudo sissid  0.754386
hot thibbit 4D hexagonal-omnitruncated-trihexagonal duoprismatic tetracomb  
howoh 5D hexadecasphenohexadecateron, cantellated hexadecahemidecateron  1.732051
... 3D vertex figure of hexadecasphenohexadecateron  0.957427
hudsi 3D dual of H-stellation of icosahedron, H-faceting of dodecahedron, vertex figure of paphacki, huitzilopochtli  0.866025
huhoh 4D hexadecahemihexadecachoron  1
huht 2D hexahexagonal tiling  


ica sidpith, ico || sidpith 5D icositetrachoron atop small disprismatotesseractihexadecachoron  1.847759
ica tutcup, ico || tutcup 5D icositetrachoron atop truncated-tetrahedral-cupoliprism  1.224745
icarico 5D (degenerate) ico atop rico ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
icarit, ico || rit 5D icositetrachoron atop rectified tesseract, ico-first half of nit  1.224745
icates, ico || tes 5D icositetrachoron atop tesseract  1.050501
icathex 5D ico atop thex, ico-first segment of sart  1.732051
icau pretasto 4D icositetra-augmented pentagonorhombic-trisnub-trisoctachoron  
icau prissi 4D icositetra-augmented prismatorhombisnub icositetrachoron  
ico 4D icositetrachoron, 24-cell, xylochoron, rectified hexadecachoron, birectified tesseract, vertex figure of hext, Voronoi cell of lattice F4, Voronoi cell of lattice D4*, surtegmated tesseract, Gosset polytope 01,1,1, lattice B4 contact polytope (span of its small roots), lattice D4 contact polytope (span of its roots), lattice F4 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  1
... 4D ico+gico+72{4} (?)  1
... 4D ico+gico+24co (?)  1
..., ico || sadi 5D ico atop sadi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., ico || spic 5D (degenerate) ico atop spic ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., ico || srit 5D (degenerate) ico atop srit ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
icoap (alt.: icoalico) 5D icositetrachoral antiprism, icositetrachoron atop dual icositetrachoron  1.050501
icope 5D icositetrachoron prism  1.118034
icopy 5D (degenerate) ico pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
icot 4D icositetrachoric tetracomb, Voronoi complex of body-centered tesseractic (bct) lattice, Gosset polytope 01,1,1,1  
icou 5D icositetrachoral-based ursateron ofx3xoo4ooo3ooo&#xt, ico-based ursulate  1.738546
icoy 9D icosayotton, quadrirectified decayotton, equatorial cross-section of (vertex first) 1/q-deker, Gosset polytope 04,4  1.118034
id 3D icosidodecahedron, rectified icosahedron, rectified dodecahedron  1.618034
... 3D id+seihid+sidhid (?)  1.618034
... 4D (0,0,20,0,0)-diminished vertex-first-rotunda of ex, icosi-diminished vertex-first-rotunda of ex, mono-augmented axially-icosahedral ursachoron ofxo3xooo5oooo&#xt  1.618034
... 4D id - srid - F-ike - ti tower, thawro'd rox ...
idasrid, id || srid, K-4.131 4D icosidodecahedron atop small rhombicosidodecahedron, icosidodecahedron cupola, ike-first supra-cap of rox  3.077684
idasridati 4D id atop srid atop ti  
idati, id || ti, K-4.158 4D icosidodecahedron atop truncated icosahedron, icosidodecahedral cap of small rhombated hexacosachoron  6.073594
iddei 3D icosidisicosahedron, compound of 5 oho  1
iddip, K-4.90 4D icosidodecahedron prism  1.693527
iddoe 6D icosidodecahedron-dodecahedron duoprism  2.140458
ided 3D icosidodecadodecahedron  1.322876
idhi 4D invertidodecahedronary hecatonicosachoron  1
ididdip 4D icosidodecadodecahedron prism  1.414214
idim sidpixhi 4D icosa-diminished small disprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron  5.236068
idimex 4D spid-diminished ex, icosidiminished ex  1.618034
idimsrahi 4D icosa-diminished small rhombated hecatonicosachoron  6.735034
idimsrix 4D icosa-diminished small rhombated hexacosachoron  6.073594
idirek 8D icositetra-diminished rectified diacosipentacontahexazetton  1
idisdid 3D invertidisnub dodecadodecahedron, compound of 2 isdid  
idodip 6D icosidodecahedron-icosidodecahedron duoprism  2.288246
idprahi 4D icositetra-diminished prismatorhombated hecatonicosachoron  8.278950
idprix 5D icositetra-diminished prismatorhombated hexacosachoron  9.744610
idsid pixhi 5D icositetra-diminished small disprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron  5.236068
idsrahi 5D icositetra-diminished small rhombated hecatonicosachoron  6.735034
idsrix 5D icositetra-diminished small rhombated hexacosachoron  6.073594
idtid 3D icosidodecatruncated icosidodecahedron, icositruncated dodecadodecahedron  2
idtiddip 4D icosidodecatruncated-icosidodecahedron prism, icositruncated-dodecadodecahedron prism  2.061553
ihi 4D icositetrahemiicositetrachoron  1
ikadoaid 4D (1,0,0,12,0)-diminished vertex-first-rotunda of ex, trideca-diminished vertex-first rotunda of hexacosachoron, ike atop (pseudo) doe atop id  1.618034
ikadoe (alt.: ikap),
ike || doe, K-4.78
4D icosahedron atop dodecahedron, icosahedral antiprism, dodecahedral antiprism, segment of vertex-first hexacosachoron  1.618034
ikaid, ike || id, K-4.137 4D icosahedron atop icosidodecahedron, icosahedral cap of rectified hexacosachoron, icosahedral cupola  3.077684
ike   (alt.: snit) 3D icosahedron, snub tetrahedron, snub tetratetrahedron, snub triangle antiprism, hydrohedron, gyroelongated pentagonal bipyramid, vertex figure of ex  0.951057
... 3D ike+3gad (?)  0.951057
... 4D (1,0,8,12,0)-diminished vertex-first-rotunda of ex, (subsymmetrical) icosiena-diminished vertex-first rotunda of hexacosachoron  1.618034
..., ike || dope 5D (degenerate) ike atop dope ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
... 4D (1,0,4,12,0)-diminished vertex-first-rotunda of ex, heptadeca-diminished vertex-first rotunda of hexacosachoron  1.618034
ikedip 6D icosahedron-icosahedron duoprism  1.344997
ikedoe 6D icosahedron-dodecahedron duoprism  1.693527
ikepy, K-4.84 4D icosahedral pyramid, vertex cap of hexacosachoron  1.618034
... 3D icosahedrally truncated rhombic triacontahedron, chamfered dodecahedron, Goldberg polyhedron GP(2,0)  
ikid 6D icosahedron-icosidodecahedron duoprism  1.876844
iktum 4D bistratic icosahedron-first cap of truncated hexacosachoron, ike-based tutsatope, ike-based tutism  4.643523
iku 4D (1,0,20,0,0)-diminished vertex-first-rotunda of ex, (full-symmetrical) icosiena-diminished vertex-first-rotunda of ex, axially-icosahedral ursachoron ofx3xoo5ooo&#xt, ike-based ursulate  1.618034
ini 4D icositetrintercepted icositetrachoron  1.732051
inpac 4D icositetraintercepted prismatotetracontaoctachoron  1.847759
... 4D inpac+72{4} (?)  1.847759
ipe, K-4.36 4D icosahedron prism  1.074481
ipixady 4D invertopental hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  3.077684
iquatoc 4D icositetraquasitruncated tetracontoctachoron  2
iquatpic 4D icositetraquasitruncated prismatotetracontoctachoron  2.828427
iquipadah 4D inverted quasiprismatodishexadecachoron  1.485633
irl 5D invertiretrolepidoteron  1.224745
... 3D vertex figure of invertiretrolepidoteron  0.912871
irohlohn 5D invertiretrohexadecalepidohemipenteract  1.224745
... 3D vertex figure of invertiretrohexadecalepidohemipenteract  0.912871
isdid 3D inverted snub dodecadodecahedron, vertisnub dodecadodecahedron, nyarlathotep  
isdiddip 4D inverted-snub-dodecadodecahedron prism  
it (old: ikedpy) 4D (line-)ikosahedron-tegum, icosahedral bipyramid  


jak 6D icosiheptaheptacontidipeton, Gosset polypeton 22,1, vertex figure of naq, Delone cell of lattice E6  0.816497
jakaljak 7D jak atop inverted jak, medial segment of naq  0.866025
jakip 7D icosihepta-heptacontidi-peton prism, vertex figure of riffy  0.957427
jakoh 6D icosiheptaheptacontidipetic hexacomb, Gosset hexacomb 22,2, Delone complex of lattice E6  
jakpy 7D icosihepta-heptacontidi-peton pyramid, vertex-first cap of naq  0.866025


ka 10D chilliaicositetraxennon, decacross10), aerodak(id), decayottal antiprism, Gosset polytope 71,1, lattice C10 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  0.707107
kadify 8D heptacontadia-diminished dischiliahectohexaconta-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton, tegum sum of two mutually inverted birectified enneazetta  1
kafandoh 5D spikifacetospinodishexadecateron  1.620185
... 4D vertex figure of spikifacetospinodishexadecateron  0.951190
kavipathi 4D skewverted prismatotrishecatonicosachoron  2.828427
kaviphdit 4D skewverted prismatohexadecadistesseract  1.414214
kepisna 4D chiropental snubbachoron, chiral compound of 6 ex in rox army  1.618034
ki 3D chiro-icosahedron, compound of 5 tet  0.612372
kidisna 4D chiro-icosahedronary disnubbachoron, chiral compound of 10 ex in rahi army  1.618034
kitapna 4D chirotrigonal antiprismattic enenahexachoron, chiral compound of 4 ico in rico army  1
kitefa 4D chirotegmic hecatontetracontatetrachoron, chiral compound of 6 ico in spic army  1
kred (old: red) 3D chiro-rhombidodecahedron, compound of 6 pip  0.986715
kri 3D chirorhombicosahedron, compound of 10 trip  0.763763


laq 7D pentacontihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon, Gosset polyexon 21,3, vertex figure of naquoh, lattice E7 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
lawx 5D ???-sphenary hexateron  1.290994
lifpipixhi 4D polar facetopental prismatohexacosahecatonicosachoron  3.077684
lin 7D pentacontihexahecatonicosihexaexon, Gosset polyexon 12,3, Voronoi cell of lattice E7*  1.322876
linoh 7D pentacontihexahecatonicosihexaexic heptacomb, Gosset heptacomb 13,3, Voronoi complex of lattice E7*  
... 3D lamina-truncate of hyperbolic o8o4x *b3x tesselation  0.321797 i
... 3D lamina-truncate of hyperbolic x4x3o8o tesselation  0.594604 i


... 3D dual of uniform triangular prism, triangular dipyramid (but not tridpy), o3m3o3o cell  
... 3D dual of uniform n-gonal prism, n-gonal dipyramid  
... 4D great-rhombated-pentachoron dual  
... 4D triangle duotegum, dual of triangle duoprism  1.060660
... 4D small-rhombated-pentachoron dual  
mabaud, J60 3D metabiaugmented dodecahedron  
mabauhip, J56 3D metabiaugmented hexagonal prism  
mabautid, J70 3D metabiaugmented truncated dodecahedron  
mabgyrid, J74 3D metabigyrated rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
mabidrid, J81 3D metabidiminished rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
madek 6D pentacontatetradisheptacontadipeton, compound of 2 jak  0.816497
magydrid, J78 3D metagyrate diminished rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
mardatathi 4D medial retroditetrahedral triakishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
mesdi 4D medial snub disicositetrachoron  1
mesdi-verf 3D vertex figure of medial snub disicositetrachoron  0.866025
mibdi, J62 3D metabidiminished icosahedron  0.951057
mibdiadoe, mibdi || doe, K-4.82 4D metabidiminished icosahedron atop dodecahedron, metabidiminished segment of vertex-first hexacosachoron  1.618034
mibdinit 5D metabidiminished nit, rectified bidhin  1.224745
mibdip 4D metabidiminished-icosahedron prism  1.074481
mibdipy, K-4.87 4D metabidiminished-icosahedral pyramid  1.618034
mibdirit 4D metabidiminished rectified tesseract, wedge-diminished rectified tesseract, bistratic cuboctahedron based wedge  1.224745
mibkid 3D metabikis dodecahedron, (subsymmetrically) metabistellated-dodecahedron, dual of mibdi  
middit thix 4D medial ditrigonal trishecatonicosihexacosachoron  1.732051
mif pixady 4D circumfacetopental hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  4.534568
mipthi 4D medial prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  3.199386
mix 4D medial hexacosachoron, mete-star, compound of 120 pen  0.632456
mo 6D pentacontitetrapeton, Gosset polypeton 12,2, vertex figure of jakoh, lattice E6 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
moarojak 7D mo-first monostratic cap of lin, mo atop rojak  1.322876
mohiny 4D medial hecatonicosintercepted hecatonicosachoron  1.070466
... 3D mono lowered small rhombicuboctahedron ...
... 3D mono lowered truncated cube ...
mrawv hixhi 4D medial retrosphenoverted hecatonicosihexacosihecatonicosachoron  3.963358
mriphi 4D medial retropental hecatonicosachoron  1.902113


n,co-dip 5D n-gon - cuboctahedron duoprism sqrt[1+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,co-dippip 6D n-gon - cuboctahedron duoprismatic prism  
n,cube-dip 5D n-gon - cube duoprism sqrt[3/4+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,doe-dip 5D n-gon - dodecahedron duoprism sqrt[(9+3 sqrt(5))/8+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,doe-dippip 6D n-gon - dodecahedron duoprismatic prism  
n,ex-dip 6D n-gon - hexacosachoron duoprism  
n,girco-dip 5D n-gon - great-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism sqrt[(13+6 sqrt(2))/4+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,grid-dip 5D n-gon - great-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism sqrt[(31+12 sqrt(5))/4+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,hex-dip 6D n-gon - hexadecachoron duoprism  
n,hi-dip 6D n-gon - hecatonicosachoron duoprism  
n,hix-dip 7D n-gon - hexateron duoprism sqrt[5/12 + 1/(2 sin(π/n))2]
n,ico-dip 6D n-gon - icositetrachoron duoprism  
n,id-dip 5D n-gon - icosidodecahedron duoprism sqrt[(3+sqrt(5))/2+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,id-dippip 6D n-gon - icosidodecahedron duoprismatic prism  
n,ike-dip 5D n-gon - icosahedron duoprism sqrt[(5+sqrt(5))/8+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,ike-dippip 6D n-gon - icosahedron duoprismatic prism  
n,k-dippip 5D n-gon - k-gon duoprismatic prism sqrt[1/4+1/(4 sin2(π/n))+1/(4 sin2(π/k))]
n,m,k-tip 6D n-gon - m-gon - k-gon - triprism sqrt[1/(4 sin2(π/n))+1/(4 sin2(π/m))+1/(4 sin2(π/k))]
n,m-dafup 5D (n,m)-duoantifastegiaprism, (n,m)-dip atop bidual (n,m)-dip sqrt([2+1/(1-cos(pi/n))+1/(1-cos(pi/m))]/8)
n,m-dip 4D n-gon - m-gon duoprism sqrt[1/(4 sin2(π/n))+1/(4 sin2(π/m))]
n,n,k-tip 6D n-gon - n-gon - k-gon - triprism sqrt[1/(2 sin2(π/n))+1/(4 sin2(π/k))]
n,n,n,n-quip 8D n-gon - n-gon - n-gon - n-gon - tetraprism (or: -quadprism) sqrt[1/sin2(π/n)]
n,n,n-tip 6D n-gon - n-gon - n-gon - triprism sqrt[3/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,n,n-tippip 7D n-gon - n-gon - n-gon - triprismatic prism sqrt[1/4+3/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,n-dip 4D n-gon - n-gon duoprism 1/(sqrt(2)*sin(π/n))
n,n-dippip 5D n-gon - n-gon duoprismatic prism sqrt[1/4+1/(2 sin2(π/n))]
n,oct-dip 5D n-gon - octahedron duoprism sqrt[1/2+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,oct-dippip 6D n-gon - octahedron duoprismatic prism  
n,pen-dip 6D n-gon - pentachoron duoprism  
n,rahi-dip 6D n-gon - rectified-hecatonicosachoron duoprism  
n,rap-dip 6D n-gon - rectified-pentachoron duoprism  
n,rico-dip 6D n-gon - rectified-icositetrachoron duoprism  
n,rit-dip 6D n-gon - rectified-tesseract duoprism  
n,rox-dip 6D n-gon - rectified-hexacosachoron duoprism  
n,sirco-dip 5D n-gon small-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism sqrt[(5+2 sqrt(2))/4+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,srid-dip 5D n-gon - small-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism sqrt[sqrt(5)+11/4+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,tes-dip 6D n-gon - tesseract duoprism  
n,tet-dip 5D n-gon - tetrahedron duoprism, n-gonal duofastegium, n-gonal prism disphenoid sqrt[3/8+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,tet-dippip 6D n-gon - tetrahedron duoprismatic prism  
n,tic-dip 5D n-gon - truncated-cube duoprism sqrt[sqrt(2)+7/4+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,tid-dip 5D n-gon - truncated-dodecahedron duoprism sqrt[(37+15 sqrt(5))/8+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,ti-dip 5D n-gon - truncated-icosahedron duoprism sqrt[(29+9 sqrt(5))/8+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,toe-dip 5D n-gon truncated-octahedron duoprism sqrt[5/2+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n,tut-dip 5D n-gon - truncated-tetrahedron duoprism sqrt[11/8+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n/2-ap 3D n/2 antiprism sqrt[(32 cos(2π/n))/(88 cos(2π/n))]
n/d,2n/d-dip 4D n/d-gram - 2n/d-gram duoprism sqrt[1/(4 sin2(π d/n))+1/(4 sin2(π d/2n))]
n/d,2n/d-dipcup 5D n/d,2n/d-dip cupoliprism sqrt([7+4 cos(π d/n)-2 cos2(π d/n)]/[8-8 cos2(π d/n)])
n/d,m/b-dip 4D n/d-gram - m/b-gram duoprism sqrt[1/(4 sin2(π d/n))+1/(4 sin2(π b/m))]
n/d-af 4D n/d-grammal antifastegium, n/d-grammal - n/d-antiprismatic wedge, {n/d} || gyro n/d-prism sqrt[(1+2 cos(π d/n)-2 cos2(π d/n))/(2+4 cos(π d/n)-6 cos2(π d/n))]
n/d-ap 3D n/d-antiprism, n-antiprism with winding number d (for d>n/2 also: n/(n-d)-retroprism, retrograde n/(n-d)-antiprism) sqrt[(32 cos(π d/n))/(88 cos(π d/n))]
n/d-appip 4D n/d-antiprism prism sqrt[(5-4 cos(π d/n))/(88 cos(π d/n))]
n/d-cu 3D n/d-gonal cupola sqrt[(7+4 cos(π d/n)-4 cos2(π d/n))/(12-16 cos2(π d/n))]
n/d-cuf 4D n/d-grammal cupofastegium, 2n-gon - n/d-prismatic wedge, n/d-grammal orthobicupolaic ring, {2n/d} || n/d-prism, {n/d} || n/d-cupola sqrt[(5+2 cos(π d/n)-4cos2(π d/n))/(8-12 cos2(π d/n))]
n/d-cupe 4D n/d-cupola prism, n/d-prism atop 2n/d-prism sqrt[(5+2 cos(π d/n)-4 cos2(π d/n))/(6-8 cos2(π d/n))]
n/d-daf 5D n/d-duoantifastegium, n/d-p atop bidual n/d-p sqrt([3+1/(1-cos(pi d/n))]/8)
n/d-p 3D n/d-prism, n-prism with winding number d sqrt[1/4+1/(4 sin2(π d/n))]
n/d-py 3D n/d-gonal pyramid 1/sqrt[4-1/sin^2(πd/n)]
n/d-pyp 4D n/d-pyramidal prism, line || n/d-prism sqrt[1/4+1/(4-1/sin2[π d/n])]
n-af, K-4.174 4D n-gonal antifastegium, n-gonal - n-antiprismatic wedge, {n} || gyro n-prism sqrt[(1+2 cos(π/n)-2 cos2(π/n))/(2+4 cos(π/n)-6 cos2(π/n))]
n-ap 3D n-gonal antiprism sqrt[(32 cos(π/n))/(88 cos(π/n))]
n-appip, K-4.176 4D n-antiprism prism sqrt[(5-4 cos(π/n))/(88 cos(π/n))]
n-appy 4D n-antiprismatical pyramid sqrt[(2-2 cos(π/n))/(5-6 cos(π/n))]
n-apt 4D (line-)n-antiprismatic tegum, n-antiprismatic bipyramid, n-pyramidal antiprism  
naq (alt: rocalroc) 7D hecatonicosihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon, Gosset polyexon 32,1, vertex figure of fy, (one of the) Delone cell(s) of lattice E7, tegum sum of 2 mutually inverted rectified octaexa, lattice E7* contact polytope (span of its roots)  0.866025
naqpe 8D naq prism, prism of Gosset polyexon 32,1  1
naquiptant 5D penteractiquasiprismatotruncated penteractitriacontaditeron  1.621320
naquitant 5D penteractiquasitruncated penteractitriacontaditeron  1.354911
naquoh 7D hecatonicosihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexic heptacomb, Gosset heptacomb 33,1, Delone complex of lattice E7  
narptint 5D penteractiretroprismatotruncated penteractitriacontaditeron  2.621320
nat 5D spinotriacontaditeron  1.224745
... 4D vertex figure of spinotriacontaditeron  0.912871
n-aw, {2n} || n-ap 4D anti-n-wedge, n-gonal anti-wedge, 2n-gon - n-antiprismatic wedge, n-gonal gyrobicupolaic ring, {2n} || n-antiprism, {n} || gyrated n-cupola sqrt[(3-2 cos(π/n))/(5-6 cos(π/n))]
n-azedip 3D n-gonal - apeirogonal duoprism  
n-cuf 4D n-gonal cupofastegium, 2n-gon - n-prismatic wedge, n-gonal orthobicupolaic ring, {2n} || n-prism, {n} || n-cupola sqrt[(5+2 cos(π/n)-4cos2(π/n))/(8-12 cos2(π/n))]
n-cufbil 4D n-gonal cupofastegia biluna  
n-gytpuf 4D n-gonal gyrotegmicupolafastegium, n-cupola atop inverted gyrated n-cupola, 2n-prismatic gyrated bi-wedge  
nipixady 4D intercepted invertopental hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  3.077684
nippant 5D penteractiprismated penteractitriacontaditeron  3.505073
niptant 5D penteractiprismatotruncated penteractitriacontaditeron  2.621320
nit 5D penteractitriacontiditeron, birectified penteract, birectified triacontiditeron, birectified pentacross, Gosset polytope 02,1,1  1.224745
nitarin 6D nit atop rin, nit-first rotunda of brox  1.414214
nitasiphin 6D nit atop siphin, hin-first medial segment of rojak  1.290994
nitip 6D penteractitriacontiditeron prism  1.322876
noqrant 5D penteractiquasirhombated penteractitriacontaditeron  1.849749
noqraptant 5D penteractiquasiretroprismatotruncated penteractitriacontaditeron  1.621320
noquapant 5D penteractiquasiprismated penteractitriacontaditeron  2.283521
nottant 5D penteractitruncated penteractitriacontaditeron  2.159679
n-p 3D n-gonal prism sqrt[1/4+1/(4 sin2(π/n))]
n-pidpy 4D n-prismatic bipyramid  
n-pipy 4D n-prism pyramid, general vertex pyramid of o-3-x-3-o-n-o 1/sqrt[3 - 1/sin2(π/n)]
n-puf 4D n-gonal pucofastegium, n-gon - 2n-prismatic wedge, n-gonal magnabicupolaic ring, {n} || 2n-prism, {2n} || n-cupola sqrt[(2 cos2(π/n)-2 cos(π/n)-3)/(6 cos2(π/n)-2)]
..., n-pyr-pyr 4D {n}-pyramidal pyramid, {n}-scalene, n tet rosette, line atop fully orthogonal {n} sqrt[(4 sin2(π/n)-1)/(3 sin2(π/n)-1)]/2
n-tepuf 4D n-gonal tegmipucofastegium, n-cupola atop inverted ortho n-cupola, 2n-prismatic ortho bi-wedge  
nurrant 5D penteractirhombated penteractitriacontaditeron  3.013043


... 4D tetracontoctachoron dual, bi-apiculated icositetrachoron, tetradisphenoidal 288-cell  1.306563
... 6D tetradecapeton dual  0.774597
... 5D dodecateron dual  0.790569
... 6D pentacontitetrapeton dual, convex hull of madek  0.816497
... 4D hyperbolic order 3 hecatonicosachoric tesselation  2.301105 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3o3o4s4*a tesselation  
... 3D hyperbolic o3o3o4x4*a tesselation  0.5 i
... 4D hyperbolic order 3 small-stellated-hecatonicosachoral tetracomb  0.242934 i
... 4D o3o3β4o (?) ...
... 4D o3o3β4x (?) ...
... 4D o3o3β5o (?) ...
... 4D o3o3β5x (?) ...
... 3D hyperbolic o3o3x3o3*b tesselation  0.816497 i
... 3D hyperbolic rectified order 3 hexagonal tiling honeycomb  1.732051 i
... 4D hyperbolic order 4 icositetrachoral tetracomb  0.5 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3o4o4x tesselation, hyperbolic honeycomb with seed point in center of right-angled octahedron domain  0.707107 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3o4o8x tesselation  0.400236 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3o4s4o4*a tesselation  
... 3D hyperbolic o3o4x4o tesselation  1.224745 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3o4x4o4*a tesselation  0.292893 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3o4x4o4*b tesselation  0.216606 i
... 2D hyperbolic tetrapentagonal tiling of family o3o4o5*a  0.438176 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3o5o10x tesselation  0.202376 i
... 4D hyperbolic great-hecatonicosachoral tetracomb  0.393076 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3o5x5o5*b tesselation  
... 2D hyperbolic order 3 heptagonal tiling  1.742610 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 3 tritetragonal tiling  0.728238 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 3 octagonal tiling  1.345608 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 3 horocyclic tiling, hyperbolic order ∞ truncated horocyclic tiling, hyperbolic order 3 apeirogonal tiling  0.866025 i
... 3D o3q4x, variation of truncated cube  2.179449
... 4D o3β3o4β (?) ...
... 4D o3β3o5β (?) ...
... 4D o3β3β3o (?) ...
... 4D o3β3β4o (?) ...
... 4D o3β3β4β (?) ...
... 4D o3β3β5o (?) ...
... 4D o3β3β5β (?) ...
... 4D o3β3x3o (?) ...
... 4D o3β3x4o (?) ...
... 4D o3β3x4β (?) ...
... 4D o3β3x4x (?) ...
... 4D o3β3x5o (?) ...
... 4D o3β3x5β (?) ...
... 4D o3β3x5x (?) ...
... 3D o3β4o (?) ...
... 4D o3β4o3o (?) ...
... 4D o3β4β3o (?) ...
... 3D o3β4x (?) ...
... 4D o3β4x3o (?) ...
... 3D o3β5o (?) ...
... 3D o3β5x (?) ...
... 3D hyperbolic rectified order 6 tetrahedral honeycomb  1 i
... 4D o3x3β4o (?) ...
... 4D o3x3β5o (?) ...
... 3D hyperbolic o3x3x3o4*a tesselation  1.189207 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3x3x3o5*a tesselation  0.786151 i
... 2D hyperbolic tritetragonal tiling of family o3o4o5*a  0.297397 i
... 3D o3x4q, variation of truncated cube, hull of sno  2.121320
... 3D o3x4u, variation of truncated cube  2.613126
... 3D hyperbolic o3x4x3o4*a tesselation  0.944355 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3x4x3o5*a tesselation  
... 2D hyperbolic ditetragonal tiling of family o3o4o5*a  0.921730 i
... 3D hyperbolic rectified order 3 icosahedral tesselation  1.427535 i
... 3D hyperbolic bitruncated order 3 icosahedral tesselation  2.910693 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3x5x3o5*a tesselation  
... 3D hyperbolic o3x6o3o tesselation  1 i
... 3D hyperbolic o3x6x3o tesselation  2.075910 i
... 2D hyperbolic triheptagonal tiling  2.012192 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 3 truncated heptagonal tiling  3.792295 i
... 2D hyperbolic trioctagonal tiling  1.553774 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 3 truncated octagonal tiling  2.947161 i
... 2D hyperbolic trigonal-horocyclic tiling, hyperbolic triapeirogonal tiling  1 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 3 truncated horocyclic tiling, hyperbolic order 3 truncated apeirogonal tiling  1.936492 i
... 4D rectified-tesseract dual, surtegmated hexadecachoron  
... 4D hyperbolic order 4 hecatonicosachoric tetracomb  0.899454 i
... 3D hyperbolic order 4 dodecahedral tesselation  0.899454 i
... 3D hyperbolic order 4 hexagonal tiling honeycomb  0.707107 i
... 3D hyperbolic o4o3x3o3*b tesselation  0.408248 i
... 3D hyperbolic o4o3x3x3*b tesselation  1 i
... 3D hyperbolic rectified order 4 dodecahedral tesselation  1.272020 i
... 3D hyperbolic truncated order 4 dodecahedral tesselation  2.246127 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 4 pentagonal tiling  0.899454 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 4 hexagonal tiling  0.707107 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 4 octagon tiling  0.594604 i
... 3D family of (generally hypercompact) hyperbolic o4s4o2Qo honeycombs (Q≥2)  
... 3D family of hyperbolic o4s4oPo honeycombs (P≠2)  
... 3D hyperbolic rectified order 5 cubic tesselation  1.057371 i
... 3D hyperbolic rhombated order 4 dodecahedral tesselation, hyperbolic cantelated order 4 dodecahedral tesselation  2.131920 i
... 3D hyperbolic bitruncated order 5 cubic tesselation  2.443795 i
... 3D hyperbolic great rhombated order 5 cubic tesselation, hyperbolic cantitruncated order 5 cubic tesselation  3.466586 i
... 3D family of (generally hypercompact) hyperbolic o4x4o2Qo honeycombs (Q≥2)  
o4x4oP*a 2D family of (generally hyperbolic) order 2P square tilings  
... 3D family of hyperbolic o4x4oPo honeycombs (P≠2)  
... 3D hyperbolic o4x4x4o tesselation  1.553774 i
... 2D hyperbolic tetrapentagonal tiling  1.272020 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 4 truncated pentagonal tiling  2.246127 i
... 2D hyperbolic tetrahexagonal tiling  1 i
... 2D hyperbolic tetraoctagonal tiling  0.840896 i
... 2D hyperbolic tetragonal-horocyclic tiling, hyperbolic square-apeirogon tiling  0.707107 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 4 truncated horocyclic tiling, hyperbolic order 4 truncated apeirogonal tiling  1.322876 i
... 3D o5/2β5o (?) ...
... 3D o5/2β5x (?) ...
... 2D hyperbolic order 5 decagonal tiling  0.154508 i
... 3D hyperbolic order 5 hexagonal tiling honeycomb  0.381966 i
... 3D hyperbolic o5o3x3o3*b tesselation  0.220528 i
... 4D hyperbolic birectified order 5 hecatonicosachoric tetracomb  0.747674 i
... 3D hyperbolic rectified order 5 dodecahedral tesselation  0.813126 i
... 3D hyperbolic bitruncated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation  1.798907 i
... 3D hyperbolic o6x3o6o tesselation  0.577350 i
... 3D hyperbolic o8o4x *b3x tesselation  0.321797 i
... 4D icositetrachoron-derived Gévay polychoron, rectified o3m4o3o ...
... 4D tesseract-derived Gévay polychoron, rectified o4m3o3o ...
... 4D hecatonicosachoron-derived Gévay polychoron, rectified o5m3o3o ...
oaf, K-4.58 4D octagonal antifastegium, octagon - oap wedge, {8} || gyro op  1.409438
oap, 8-ap 3D octagonal antiprism  1.375549
oappip, K-4.65 4D octagonal-antiprism prism  1.463603
... 4D omni-pecu-augmented (10,10)-duoprism  
... 4D omni-pecu-augmented (10,20)-duoprism  
... 4D omni-pippy-augmented (5,10)-duoprism  
... 4D omni-pippy-augmented (5,20)-duoprism  
... 4D (hi derived) truncated tridpy variant, o2o3o symmetric co relative ...
... 4D (ico derived) truncated tridpy variant, o2o3o symmetric co relative ...
... 4D (tes derived) truncated tridpy variant, o2o3o symmetric co relative ...
oca (old: oc) 7D octaexon, 7D simplex7), pyrozett(id), heptapetal pyramid, vertex figure of ene, (one of the) Delone cell(s) of lattice E7, Gosset polytope 06  0.661438
ocalroc 8D oca atop inverted roc, oca-first cap of fy  1
oco (old: occo) 5D octagon cuboctahedron duoprism  1.645329
ocpe 8D octaexon prism, vertex figure of reday  0.829156
oct (alt.: trap) 3D octahedron, rectified tetrahedron, tricross3), tetratetrahedron, aerochor(id), trigonal antiprism, larger Delone cell of face-centered cubic (fcc) lattice, equatorial cross-section of (vertex first) 1/q-tes, vertex figure of hex, Gosset polytope 01,1, lattice C3 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  0.707107
... 3D oct+6{4} (?)  0.707107
... 4D augmented axially-tetrahedral ursachoron ofxo3xooo3oooo&#xt ...
... 4D oxFxofx3xooxFxo3ofxfooo&#xt   (F=ff=x+f)  
... 4D oxFxoo3xooxFx3ofxfox&#xt   (F=ff=x+f)  
... 4D oxFxofx3xfoxFxo3ooxfooo&#xt   (F=ff=x+f)  
... 4D oxFxoo3xfoxFx3ooxfox&#xt   (F=ff=x+f)  
octa tethex 8D oct atop tethex  1
octa tratet 6D oct atop tratet, oct-first cap of ril  0.845154
octa tutcup, oct || tutcup 5D oct atop tutcup  1.274755
octaco, K-4.29 4D octahedron atop cuboctahedron, half of icositetrachoron (its oct-first rotunda), rectified octahedron-pyramid  1
octacope 5D oct atop cope, oct-first cap of nit  1.224745
octacube (alt.: octap),
oct || cube, K-4.15
4D octahedron atop cube, octahedral antiprism, cubical antiprism, vertex figure of icoap  0.879465
octasc 5D octahedral scalene, octahedron-pyramid pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal octahedron, 1/4-lune of triacontiditeron  0.707107
octasirco, oct || sirco, K-4.107 4D octahedron atop small rhombicuboctahedron, octahedral cap of small prismatotetracontoctachoron  1.847759
octasircoacube 4D oct atop sirco atop cube  
octatepe (alt.: tettet octtric) 5D oct atop tepe, diminished rix, (tet,tet,oct)-trigonic  0.816497
octatetdip 7D oct atop tetdip, oct-first half of roc  0.866025
octatoe, oct || toe 4D (degenerate) octahedron atop truncated octahedron ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
octatricu, oct || tricu, K-4.30 4D octahedron atop trigonal cupola, 2/6-luna of icositetrachoron  1
octatut, oct || tut, K-4.52 4D octahedron atop truncated tetrahedron, octahedral cap of small rhombated pentachoron  1.183216
octatutbicu 4D octatut bicupola ...
octatuttip (alt.: octtut tuttric) 5D oct atop tuttip, (oct,tut,tut)-trigonic  1.414214
... 4D octatut,tricuf-blend  
octco 6D octahedron-cuboctahedron duoprism  1.224745
octco tuttric 5D (oct,co,tut)-trigonic  1.224745
octcube 6D octahedron-cube duoprism  1.118034
octdip 6D octahedron-octahedron duoprism, dual of Delone cell of lattice D6*, vertex figure of traxh  1
octdoe 6D octahedron-dodecahedron duoprism  1.569562
octepe 7D octahedral pennene  0.707107
octet 3D alternated cubic honeycomb, tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, Delone complex of face-centered cubic (fcc) lattice  
octete 6D octahedral tettene, octahedral-pyramid pyramid pyramid, triangle atop fully orthogonal octahedron  0.707107
... 3D alternated cubically truncated rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb  
octhex 7D octahedron - hexadecachoron duoprism, vertex figure of troch  1
octhipdaw (alt.: traporhip) 5D (oct,hip)-disphenoid, trigonal antiprism atop axis-orthogonal hexagonal prism  1.224745
octico 7D octahedron - icositetrachoron duoprism  1.224745
octid 6D octahedron-icosidodecahedron duoprism  1.765796
octike 6D octahedron-icosahedron duoprism  1.185120
octo 8D octeract, hexadecazetton, 8D measure-polytope8), geoyott(id)  1.414214
octpen 7D octahedron - pentachoron duoprism, vertex figure of tro  0.948683
octpy || octaco 5D 1/4-lune of rectified triacontiditeron, octahedron-pyramid atop octhedron-first-rotunda-of-icositetrachoron  1
octpy, K-4.3 4D octahedral pyramid, half of hex (its vertex-first rotunda)  0.707107
octpyp, line||ope 5D octahedron-prismatic wedge, line atop ope, octahedral-pyramid prism, half of hexip  0.866025
octrap 7D octahedron - rectified-pentachoron duoprism  1.048809
... 3D octahedrally truncated rhombic dodecahedron, chamfered cube  
octu 4D axially-octahedral ursachoron ofx3xoo4ooo&#xt, oct-based ursulate, vertex figure of s3s4o3o4o  1.144123
octum 4D octahedron-first rotunda of truncated hexadecachoron, oct-based tutsatope, oct-based tutism  1.581139
ocube 5D octagon - cube duoprism  1.567516
oddimo 6D octadeca-diminished mo  1
odedip 4D octagon-decagon duoprism  2.079697
odho 4D octidishemioctachoron  1
... 4D octa-diminished thawro-wedged 2/6-luna of hexacosachoron ...
odinaq 7D octa-diminished naq  0.866025
odip 4D octagon-octagon duoprism  1.847759
odoe 5D octagon - dodecahedron duoprism  1.915889
... 4D oFfoo3ooxxF3Fxoxo3ooffx&#zx  
... 4D oFFxx3xxoof3fooxo3ooffx&#zx  
... 4D oFFxx3xxoof3fooxx3xxFFo&#zx  
... 4D oFFxx3xxoxf3Fxxox3oofFx&#zx  
ofiddady 4D omnifacetododecahedronary dishecatonicosachoron  1
... 4D ofoxFxo3xxFxoox3xoofxfo&#xt   (F=ff=x+f)  
ofpipixhi 4D omnifacetopental prismatohexacosahecatonicosachoron  0.726543
..., ofx3xoo4ooo&#xt || o3o4x 5D cube atop (oct,co)-ursachoron, (oct,co)-ursachoron based wedge  1.994779
... 4D oFxFox5AxFoFx2oxofox5ooxofx&#zx  
... 4D oFxx3xxof3foxo3oofx&#zx  
... 4D axially pyritohedral octa-diminishing of telex, hexa-diminishing of oofoo3oxoxo5xooox&#xt  
... 4D oFxxox5Fofxfo oxofox5ooxofx&#zx  
... 4D oFxxx5Fofxo oxofx5ooxox&#zx  
ogirco 5D octagon - great-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism  2.660531
ogrid 5D octagon - great-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism  4.020611
... 4D omni-pecu-gyroaugmented (10,10)-duoprism  
... 4D omni-pecu-gyroaugmented (10,20)-duoprism  
oh 4D octihemihexadecachoron  1
oho 3D octahemioctahedron, allelotetratetrahedron  1
... 3D oho+8{3}  1
ohope 4D octahemioctahedron prism  1.118034
ohopy, pt || oho 4D (degenerate) octahemioctahedron pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
ohuhoh 4D octihexadecahemihexadecachoron  1
oid 5D octagon-icosidodecahedron duoprism  2.079697
oike 5D octagon-icosahedron duoprism  1.453140
... 2D hyperbolic order 4 horocyclic tiling  0.5 i
omfapaxady 4D omnicircumfacetopental hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  0.726543
ondip 4D octagonal spinoduoprism  1.485633
... 4D medial tetrastratic segment of telex  
... 4D ooofxfooo3xoxxoxxox5ofxofoxfo&#xt  
... 4D ooofxxFfooFxofx3oxFxoFxxxFoxFxo3xfoxFoofFxxfooo&#xt  
... 4D oooxfxooo3xoxoxoxox5ofxfofxfo&#xt  
... 4D ooxf3xfox3oxFx&#xt  
op 3D octagonal prism, bidiminished small rhombicuboctahedron  1.398966
ope, K-4.11
(alt: dytpuf)
4D octahedron prism, vertex figure of rat, dyadic tegmipucofastegium  0.866025
opeaco 5D octahedron-prism atop cuboctahedron, diminished 1/4-lune of rat  1
opeacope 5D ope atop cope, octaco-prism, ope-first half of icope  1.118034
opeah 5D ope atop hexagon, (trip,gyro trip,hexagon)-trigonic  1
opeatut (alt.: octoct tuttric) 5D ope atop tut, (oct,oct,tut)-trigonic  1.190238
opeatuttip 5D ope atop tuttip, octatut-prism, ope-first cap of srippip  1.284523
opepy 5D octahedral-prismatic pyramid, vertex pyramid of rectified triacontiditeron  1
... 4D pentachoron-derived Gévay polychoron, rectified o3m3o3o  1.095445
... 4D hexacosachoron-derived Gévay polychoron, rectified o3m3o5o  6.412847
... 4D rectified m m3o, o2o3o symmetric co relative  0.816497
... 3D oqo3ooq&#xt, cubera (cube chimera), (fully) mono-truncated cube  0.866025
... 4D truncated pedpy variant, o2o5o symmetric co relative  1.203002
osirco 5D octagon small-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism  1.914214
osrid 5D octagon - small-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism  2.587117
ostodip 4D octagon-octagram duoprism  1.414214
otathaph 3D omnitruncated triangular-hexagonal prismatic honeycomb  
otathisbit 4D omnitruncated-trihexagonal-square duoprismatic tetracomb  
otatit 4D omnitruncated tesseractic tetracomb  
otbaquitit 4D octagonnally tetrablended quasitruncated tesseract  0.615370
otbott 4D octagonnally tetrablended truncated tesseract  2.149726
otch 3D omnitruncated cubic honeycomb  
otcypit 4D omnitruncated cyclopentachoric tetracomb, great-prismatodecachoric tetracomb, Voronoi complex of lattice A4*  
otet 5D octagon-tetrahedron duoprism, octagon duofastegium  1.442951
othat 2D omnitruncated trihexagonal tiling, great rhombitrihexagonal tiling  
oti 5D octagon - truncated-icosahedron duoprism  2.801372
otic (old: ottic) 5D octagon - truncated-cube duoprism  2.207107
otid 5D octagon - truncated-dodecahedron duoprism  3.244185
otit 4D omnitruncated icositetrachoric tetracomb  
otoe (old: otto) 5D octagon truncated-octahedron duoprism  2.051123
otut 5D octagon - truncated-tetrahedron duoprism  1.755593
otwadip 4D octagon - dodecagon duoprism  2.332200
owau prit   (alt.: pox spic,
alt.: phic prico)
4D octa-augmented prismatorhombated tesseract, partially octa-expanded small prismated (dis)icositetrachoron, partially hexadeca-contracted prismatorhombated icositetrachoron  
owaudope 4D omni-augmented dodecahedral-prism  
owoct 5D octagon octahedron duoprism  1.485633
... 3D vertex figure of ope  0.816497
... 3D 20 thawroes toroid  
... 4D oxFxofo3xfoxFxx3ooxfoox&#xt   (F=ff=x+f)  
... 6D (mono) tetal tratet augmented tetdip  0.866025
... 7D oxo3ooo3ooo3xoo3ooo3oxx&#xt  1
... 4D oxofofoxo3oofoxofoo5xxoxxxoxx&#xt  
... 4D oxofxfooo3xxxxoxxox5ooxofoxfo&#xt  
... 4D oxofxfoxo3xxFxoxFxx5xxoxFxoxx&#xt  
... 4D oxofxfoxo3xxxxoxxxx5ooxofoxoo&#xt  
... 4D oxoofooxo3oofxoxfoo5xxoxxxoxx&#xt  
... 4D oxoxfxooo3xxxoxoxox5ooxfofxfo&#xt  
... 4D oxoxfxoxo3xxxoxoxxx5ooxfofxoo&#xt  
... 4D oxqw wxwx3ooxx4qwox&#zx  
... 4D oxqwQ wxwxx3ooxxx4qwoxo&#zx  
... 4D octagonal Leonardo style "polyhedron of renaissance", vertex figure of lamina-trunc(o8o4xb3x)  1.847759
... 4D proh-cap augmented bistratic prit-cap ...
... 4D oxwQ wxoo3xxxx4oxxo&#zx ...
... 4D point atop tet atop co  
... 4D oct atop tut atop toe  
... 4D oxxFxoAFxxFoxFx3xofxxFoooFxxfox3xFxoFxxFAoxFxxo&#xt  


... 3D p12-h4  
... 3D pentagonal antidipyramid, pentagonal antitegum, pentagonal kiteohedron, dual of pap, axial bi-kis-doe, deca-truncated sissid  
pabaud, J59 3D parabiaugmented dodecahedron  
pabauhip, J55 3D parabiaugmented hexagonal prism  
pabautid, J69 3D parabiaugmented truncated dodecahedron  
pabdico 4D parabidiminished icositetrachoron, hexa-augmented tesseract  1
pabdihax (alt.: rixalrix) 6D parabidiminished demihexeract, rectified hexateron atop inverted rectified hexateron  0.866025
pabdimo, dot||scad||dot 6D parabidiminished mo, dodecateron atop pseudo small cellated dodecateron atop dodecateron  1
pabdinit (alt: sripalsrip) 5D parabidiminished nit, small rhombated pentachoron atop inverted small rhombated pentachoron, equatorial segment of nit  1.224745
pabdiproh 4D parabidiminished prismatorhombated hexadecachoron, tristratic tic-first central segment of proh  2.613126
pabdirico 4D parabidiminished rectified icosatetrachoron, bistratic co-first central segment of rico, axis-orthogonal partial Stott expanded rit  1.732051
pabex hix (alt.: thiddipcup) 5D partially bi-expanded hexateron, thiddip cupoliprism  1.190238
pabex thex 4D partially biexpanded truncated hexadecachoron, partially bicontracted prismatorhombated tesseract ...
pabexrico 4D partially bi-expanded rico, partially bi-contracted proh  
pabexrit 4D partially bi-expanded rit, partially bi-contracted tat  
pabextah 4D partially bi-expanded tesseractihexadecachoron, partially bi-contracted great rhombated tesseract  
pabextet 3D partially bi-expanded tetrahedron  
pabextico 4D partially bi-expanded tico, partially bi-contracted gidpith  
pabextut 3D partially bi-expanded truncated tetrahedron  
... 2D partially bi-expanded hyperbolic order 8 triangular tiling, partially bi-contracted hyperbolic shieldotritetragonal tiling  
pabgyrid, J73 3D parabigyrated rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
pabidrid, J80 3D parabidiminished rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
pac gidpith 4D partially (mono-)contracted gidpith  
pac girco 3D partially (mono-)contracted great rhombicuboctahedron ...
pac grit 4D partially (mono-)contracted great rhombated tesseract  
... 2D partially contracted hyperbolic order 3 tritetragonal tiling  
pacop 3D partially Stott contracted octagonal prism  
pacprich 3D partially contracted prismatorhombated cubic honeycomb  
pacprit 4D partially (mono-)contracted prit ...
pacproh 4D partially (mono-)contracted proh  
pacratoh 3D partially contracted runcinated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb  
pacrothat 2D partially contracted rhombitrihexagonal tiling  
pacsid pith (alt: cuba sircobcu) 4D partially (mono-) contracted sidpith, partially expanded quawros, cubasirco bicupola  
pacsrich 3D partially contracted small rhombated cubic honeycomb  
pacsrit 4D partially (mono-)contracted small rhombated tesseract ...
pactat 4D partially (mono-)contracted tat  
pactic 3D partially (mono-)contracted truncated cube ...
... 2D partially contracted hyperbolic shieldotritetragonal tiling  
... 3D partially contracted hyperbolic x4o3x3o3*b tesselation  
... 3D partially contracted hyperbolic x4o3x3x3*b tesselation  
padedip 4D pentagon - decagon duoprism  1.828016
padex snic 3D partially dodeca-expanded snub cube  
padiap 4D prismatic double inverted antiprism, pentagrammic double antiprismoid  0.618034
padohi 4D prismatodishecatonicosachoron  2.497212
..., padohi || rofix 5D (degenerate) padohi atop rofix ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
paf, K-4.22 4D pentagonal antifastegium, pentagon - pap wedge, {5} || gyro pip  1
pagydrid, J77 3D paragyrate diminished rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
pahtex prit 4D partially demitesseractic-expanded prit, partially demitesseractic-contracted gidpith  
pahtex sidpith 4D partially demitesseractic-expanded sidpith, partially demitesseractic-contracted proh  
pahtex srit 4D partially demitesseractic-expanded srit, partially demitesseractic-contracted grit  
pahtex tes 4D partially demitesseractic-expanded tesseract, partially demitesseractic-contracted truncated tesseract, hexadecachorally truncated tesseract  
pakid 3D pentakis dodecahedron, apiculated dodecahedron  
paltite 4D prismatoaltitruncated ico tetracomb  
pap 3D pentagonal antiprism, para-bidiminished icosahedron  0.951057
papadoe, pap || doe, K-4.81 4D pentagonal-antiprism atop dodecahedron, parabidiminished segment of vertex-first hexacosachoron  1.618034
papaid, pap || id, K-4.142 4D pentagonal-antiprism atop icosidodecahedron  3.077684
paphacki 4D pentagon-prismatic heptacosicosachoron, great prismasaurus (also: great prismosaurus)  1
paphicki 4D pentagram-prismatic heptacosicosachoron, small prismasaurus (also: small prismosaurus)  1
pappip, K-4.39 4D pentagonal-antiprism prism  1.074481
pappy 4D pentagon-antiprismatical pyramid  1.618034
papvixhi 4D pentagonal prismatoverted hexacosahecatonicosachoron  1.902113
paqraghi 4D prismatoquasirhombated grand hecatonicosachoron  3.199386
paqri 4D prismatoquasirhombated icositetrachoron  1.938391
paqrich 3D prismated quasirhombated cubic honeycomb  
paqrigafix (old: paquerfix) 4D prismatoquasirhombated great facetted hexacosachoron  1.878261
paqrigagishi (old: paqrahi) 4D prismatoquasirhombated great grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  1.207883
paqrit 4D prismatoquasirhombated tesseract  1.174172
... 3D para bi lowered truncated cube ...
passipsi 3D pseudosnub pentagrammattic snub (pseudo)icosiicosahedron, compound of 5 sissid  0.587785
passipsido 3D pseudosnub pentagrammatic snub (pseudo)disoctahedron, compound of 2 sissid  0.587785
pataht 4D prismatotruncated demitesseractic tetracomb, prismatodiprismatodisicositetrachoric tetracomb  
patal 6D prismatotruncated heptapeton, runcitruncated heptapeton  2
patex cube 3D partially tetrahedrally-expanded cube, tetrahedrally truncated cube, chamfered tetrahedron, partially tri-expanded tetrahedron  
patex sirco 3D partially tetrahedrally-expanded small rhombicuboctahedron, tetrahedrally lowered small rhombicuboctahedron, partially tri-expanded truncated tetrahedron ...
paticot 4D prismatotruncated icositetrachoric tetracomb, small diprismatodisicositetrachoric tetracomb  
pattin 5D prismatotruncated penteract, runcitruncated penteract  3.239235
pattit 5D prismatotruncated triacontiditeron, runcitruncated pentacross  2.738613
pattix 5D prismatotruncated hexateron, runcitruncated hexateron  1.848423
pautpen 4D penta-augmentated truncated pentachoron ...
paw, K-4.133, {10} || pap 4D antipentawedge, decagon - pentagonn-antiprismatic wedge, pentagonal gyrobicupolaic ring, {10} || pap, {5} || gyrated pecu  3.077684
pd{3,5,3} 3D partial diminishing (old: truncation) of hyperbolic order 3 icosahedral tesselation  0.509376 i
peco 5D pentagon-cuboctahedron duoprism  1.312862
pecu, J5 3D pentagonal cupola  2.232951
pecube 5D pentagon-cube duoprism  1.213922
pecuf, K-4.154 4D pentagonal cupofastegium, decagon - pentagon-prismatic wedge, pentagonal orthobicupolaic ring, {10} || pip, {5} || pecu, 2/5-luna of stawros  5.236068
pecupe 4D pentagonal-cupola prism, pentagonal-prism atop decagonal-prism  2.288246
pedip 4D pentagon-pentagon duoprism  1.203002
pedisna 4D pental disnubbachoron, compound of 12 ex in rox army, compound of 2 kepisna  1.618034
... 3D vertex figure of pental disnubbachoron, biform twirled compound of 2 vertex-first icosahedra  0.951057
pedoe 5D pentagon-dodecahedron duoprism  1.639247
pedpy (alt.: pet),
3D pentagonal dipyramid, (line-)pentagon-tegum  
pegybcu, J31 3D pentagonal gyrobicupola  
pegycuro, J33 4D pentagonal gyrocupolarotunda  
pen, K-4.1 4D pentachoron, 4D simplex4), 5-cell, pyroter(id), tetrahedral pyramid, triangle-pyramidal pyramid, regular triangle-scalene, regular line-tettene, regular (point-)pennene, 3 tet rosette, vertex figure of hix, Gosset polytope 03  0.632456
penalpenp 6D pentachoron atop inverted pentachoral-prism, pen-first cap of jak  0.816497
penalsrip, pen || inv srip 5D (degenerate) pen atop inverted srip ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
penarappip 6D pen-first cap of birectified heptapeton  0.925820
penaspid 5D pentachoron atop small prismated decachoron, pen-first rotunda of scad  1
penasrip 5D pen atop srip  1.274755
penatrip 5D pentachoron atop trigonal prism, (edge,perp triangle,trip)-trigonic  1
pendip 8D pentachoron duoprism, vertex figure of icoy  1.054093
pendpy 5D pentachoral dipyramid  
pennatip 5D pen atop tip, pen-first cap of rin  1.414214
penp 5D pentachoron prism, vertex figure of ril  0.806226
penppy 6D penp pyramid, vertex-pyramid of ril  0.845154
pent 5D penteract, decateron, 5D measure-polytope5), geopet(id)  1.118034
pentanit 6D pent atop nit  1.228783
pentarin 6D tesseract atop rectified tesseract  1.418705
penth (alt.: stenoh) 5D penteractic pentacomb, 5D hypercubical honeycomb5), (alt.: small terated penteractic pentacomb)  
penu 5D pentachoral-based ursateron ofx3xoo3ooo3ooo&#xt, pen-based ursulate  1.029086
peppia pero, K-4.139 4D pentagonal-pyramid atop pentagonal-rotunda  3.077684
peppy, 5pyr, J2 3D pentagonal pyramid  0.951057
peppyp, K-4.38 4D pentagon-pyramidal prism, J2 prism, line || pip  1.074481
pepuf, K-4.165 4D pentagonal pucofastegium, pentagon - decagon-prismatic wedge, pentagonal magnabicupolaic ring, {5} || dip, {10} || pecu, {5}-first cap of srahi  6.735034
pero, J6 3D pentagonal rotunda, half of icosidodecahedron  1.618034
perope, K-4.92 4D pentagonal-rotunda prism  1.693527
pesc (old: peppypy),
4D pentagon scalene, pentagon-pyramidal pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal pentagon, 5 tet rosette  1.618034
petet 5D pentagon-tetrahedron duoprism, pentagon duofastegium  1.048144
pex hex 4D partially (mono-)expanded hex, partially contracted quawros  
pex thex 4D partially (mono-)expanded thex ...
pexco 3D partially (mono-)expanded cuboctahedron, 4fold elongated cuboctahedron ...
pexhix (alt.: triddipah,
5D partially expanded hexateron, triangle-triangle duoprism atop hexagon, (trip, ortho tricu)-disphenoid  1
pexic 4D partially (mono-)expanded icositetrachoron ...
... 3D partially extended hyperbolic o4o3x3o3*b tesselation  
... 3D partially extended hyperbolic o4o3x3x3*b tesselation  
pexrich 3D partially expanded rectified cubic honeycomb  
pexrico 4D partially (mono-)expanded rico  
pexrit 4D partially (mono-)expanded rit  
pextah 4D partially (mono-)expanded tesseractihexadecachoron  
pextet 3D partially (edge-)expanded tetrahedron  
pextich 3D partially expanded truncated cubic honeycomb  
pextico 4D partially (mono-)expanded tico  
pextoe 3D partially (mono-)expanded truncated octahedron ...
pextoh 3D partially expanded tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb  
pextrat 2D partially expanded triangular tiling  
pextut 3D partially (edge-)expanded truncated tetrahedron  
... 2D partially expanded hyperbolic order 8 triangular tiling  
phexdo 3D partially hexa-expanded dodecahedron  
phexid 3D partially hexa-expanded icosidodecahedron  
phexik 3D partially hexa-expanded icosahedron  
phiddip 4D pentagon hexagon duoprism  1.312862
pibhaki 4D rectified-hexacosachoron dual, pentagonal-bipyramidal heptacosiicosachoron, surtegmated hecatonicosachoron  
pibox srico 4D partially bi-octa-expanded small rhombitetracontoctachoron  
pibox tico 4D partially bi-octa-expanded truncated icositetrachoron  
picnut 4D prismatocubiintercepted tesseract  0.890446
pid 5D pentagon - icosidodecahedron duoprism  1.828016
pike 5D pentagon-icosahedron duoprism  1.275976
pinnip 4D prismatointercepted pentachoron, vertex figure of han  0.774597
... 4D pinnip+5 2thah (?)  0.774597
pinnipdip 4D pentaintercepted prismatodispentachoron, prismatopentaintercepted dispentachoron  1.183216
... 4D pinnipdip+15{4} (?)  1.183216
pinpith 4D prismatointercepted prismatotesseractihexadecachoron  1.847759
... 4D pinpith+48{4}  1.847759
pinpixhi 4D prismatointercepted prismatohexacontahecatonicosachoron  6.735034
... 4D pinpixhi+1800{4} (?)  6.735034
pip 3D pentagonal prism, 5-p, vertex figure of rox  0.986715
piphid 4D prismatopentahemidecachoron  1
... 4D piphid+10tet (?)  1
pippindip 4D prismatopentintercepted dispentachoron  1.183216
pippy, K-4.141 4D pentagonal-prismatic pyramid, vertex pyramid of the rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
pirgaghi 4D prismatorhombated great grand hecatonicosachoron  1.893038
pirghi 4D prismatorhombated great hecatonicosachoron  4.917351
pirhatit 4D prismatorhombated demitesseractic tetracomb, great prismatodemitesseractic tetracomb, steriruncic tesseractic tetracomb  
pirhin 5D prismatorhombated hemipenteract, runcicantellated demipenteract, steriruncic penteract  2.150581
pirpop 4D pseudorhombated prismatopentachoron  1.183216
... 4D pirpop+5 2thah (?)  1.183216
pirshi 4D prismatorhombated (small) stellated hecatonicosachoron  5.515107
pirt 5D prismatorhombated triacontiditeron, runcicantellated pentacross  3
pirx 5D prismatorhombated hexateron, runcicantellated hexateron  1.914854
pistadedip 4D pentagon - decagram duoprism  1.051462
pistodip 4D pentagon - octagram duoprism  1.008216
pithatit 4D prismatotruncated demitesseractic tetracomb, small prismatodemitesseractic tetracomb, stericantic tesseractic tetracomb  
pithin 5D prismatotruncated hemipenteract, runcitruncated demipenteract, stericantic penteract  2.371708
pittip 4D prismatotriakispentachoron  1.612452
pobcu, J30 3D pentagonal orthobicupola  
pobro, J34 3D pentagonal orthobirotunda  1.618034
poc gippic 4D partially octa-contracted great prismatotetracontoctachoron  
poc prico   (alt.: phex spic) 4D partially octa-contracted prismatorhombated icositetrachoron, partially hexadeca-expanded small prismated (dis)icositetrachoron ...
poccont 4D partially octa-contracted tetracontoctachoron  
pocsric   (alt.: phixic) 4D partially octa-contracted small rhombated icositetrachoron, partially hexadeca-expanded icositetrachoron, octa-augmented truncated tesseract ...
poct 5D pentagon - octahedron duoprism  1.106168
pocuro, J32 3D pentagonal orthocupolarotunda  
... 4D pocuro wedge ...
podip 4D pentagon - octagon duoprism  1.559075
potag 6D prismatotruncated hexacontitetrapeton, runcitruncated hexacross  2.738613
potatit 4D prismatotruncated tesseractic tetracomb, small tomocubic-diprismatotesseractic tetracomb, runcitruncated tesseractic tetracomb  
pox prico 4D partially octa-expanded prismatorhombated icositetrachoron  
pox rico 4D partially octa-expanded rectified icositetrachoron  
pox snic 3D partially octa-expanded snub cube  
pox srico 4D partially octa-expanded small rhombated icositetrachoron  
pox tico 4D partially octa-expanded truncated icositetrachoron  
poxic   (alt.: phic srico,
alt.: owau sidpith)
4D partially octa-expanded icositetrachoron, partially hexadeca-contracted small rhombated icositetrachoron, octa-augmented small diprismated tesseractithexadecachoron ...
prahi 4D prismatorhombated hecatonicosachoron, runcitruncated hexacosachoron  8.278950
..., prahi || grix 5D (degenerate) prahi atop grix ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
prahip (old: prahipe) 5D prismatorhombated-hexacosachoron prism, runcitruncated-hexacosachoron prism  8.294035
prap vixhi 4D pentagonal retroprismatoverted hexacosahecatonicosachoron  1.175571
praquinoh 5D prismatorhombated quarterpenteractic pentacomb  
prarsi 4D prismatorhombiretrosnub icositetrachoron  1.328131
presipsi 3D pseudoretrosnub pentagonal snub (pseudo)icosiicosahedron, compound of 5 gad  0.951057
presipsido 3D pseudoretrosnub pentagonal snub (pseudo)disoctahedron, compound of 2 gad  0.951057
pretasto 4D pentagonorhombic trisnub trisoctachoron  
prich 3D prismatorhombated cubic honeycomb, runcitruncated cubic honeycomb  
prico 4D prismatorhombated icositetrachoron, runcitruncated icositetrachoron  3.498949
..., prico || gyro grico 5D (degenerate) prico atop gyrated grico ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
pricoalprico 5D prismatorhombated-icositetrachoron atop alternate prismatorhombated-icositetrachoron  3.522336
pricope (old: pripe) 5D prismatorhombated-icositetrachoron prism, runcitruncated-icositetrachoron prism  3.534493
pricot 4D prismatorhombated icositetrachoric tetracomb, great diprismatodisicositetrachoric tetracomb  
pril 6D prismatorhombated heptapeton, runcicantellated heptapeton  2.104417
prin 5D prismatorhombated penteract, runcicantellated penteract  3.047217
prip 4D prismatorhombated pentachoron, runcitruncated pentachoron  1.612452
pripa gippid 5D prip atop gippid, prip-first cap of pattit  2.738613
pripagrip 5D prip atop grip  1.870829
pripalgrip 5D prip atop alternate grip  1.848423
pripalprip 5D prip atop inverted prip, medial segment of card  1.658312
prippip 5D prismatorhombated-pentachoron prism  1.688194
pripro 5D prip-first rotunda of captid  2.236068
prissi 4D prismatorhombisnub icositetrachoron, prismato-semistruncated icositetrachoron, runcic snub icositetrachoron  2.497212
prit 4D prismatorhombated tesseract, prismatotruncated hexadecachoron, runcitruncated hexadecachoron  2.370932
..., prit || grit 5D (degenerate) prit atop grit ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
prittip 5D prismatorhombated-tesseract prism, prismatotruncated-hexadecachoron prism, runcitruncated-hexadecachoron prism, central segment of cappin  2.423081
prittit 4D prismatorhombated tesseractic tetracomb, rhombitesseractic-diprismatotesseractic tetracomb, runcicantellated tesseractic tetracomb  
prix 4D prismatorhombated hexacosichoron, runcitruncated hecatonicosachoron  9.744610
prog 6D prismatorhombated hexacontitetrapeton, runcicantellated hexacross  3
proh 4D prismatorhombated hexadecachoron, prismatotruncated tesseract, runcitruncated tesseract  2.613126
..., proh || gidpith 5D (degenerate) proh atop gidpith ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
prohagrit 5D proh atop grit, proh-first segment of pattin  3.239235
prohp 5D prismatorhombated-hexadecachoron prism, prismatotruncated-tesseract prism, runcitruncated-tesseract prism, central segment of carnit  2.660531
... 4D (0,0,0,12,0)-diminished vertex-first-rotunda of ex, dodeca-diminished vertex-first rotunda of hexacosachoron  1.618034
pta cubaike 4D cube-augmented cubaike  1
ptaika cube 4D ike-augmented cubaike  
puph 7D petaprismated hexadecaexon  1.732051
pystid 3D pyritohedrally stellated icosidodecahedron  


... 3D q x3o, variation of triangular prism, vertex figure of rectified tesseract  0.912871
... 4D q x3o3o, variation of tetrahedron prism, vertex figure of rectified penteract  0.935414
... 5D q x3o3o3o, variation of pentachoron prism, vertex figure of rectified hexeract  0.948683
... 3D q x4o, variation of cube, vertex figure of rectified cubic honeycomb  1
... 3D q x5o, variation of pentagonal prism  1.106168
... 3D q x6o, variation of hexagonal prism  1.224745
... 3D q x8o, variation of octagonal prism  1.485633
... 3D q3o3x, variation of cuboctahedron  1.215958
... 3D q3o4x, variation of small rhombicuboctahedron, hull of tisso  1.658312
... 3D q3o5x, variation of srid  2.601518
... 3D q3x4x, variation of girco, hull of quitco  2.564844
... 3D qo3oo&#x, shallower variant of trigonal pyramid, vertex pyramid of cube  0.866025
... 4D qo3oo3oo&#x, shallower variant of tetrahedral pyramid, vertex pyramid of tes  1
... 3D qo3oq&#x, shallower variant of trigonal antiprism, medial segment of cube  0.866025
... 4D qo3oq3oo&#x, shallower variant of rap, segment of tes  1
qragishi (old: qraghi) 4D quasirhombated grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  1.662508
qrasquit 2D quasirhombated square tiling  
qrico 4D quasirhombated icositetrachoron  1.082392
qrid 3D quasi rhombicosidodecahedron, great rhombicosidodecahedron (but not grid)  0.716891
qriddip 4D quasi-rhombicosidodecahedron prism  0.874032
qrigfix (old: querfix) 4D quasirhombated great faceted hexacosachoron  1.027486
qrigogishi (old: qrahi) 4D quasirhombated great grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.799575
qrit 4D quasirhombated tesseract  0.765367
qrothat 2D quasirhombitrihexagonal tiling  
quacant 5D quasicellated penteractitriacontiditeron  1.021221
... 3D vertex figure of quasicellated penteractitriacontiditeron  1.118034
quacgarn 5D quasicelligreatorhombated penteract  2.143163
quacpot 5D quasicelliprismated triacontiditeron  1.102028
quad pagaxhi 4D quasidisprismatogrand hexacosihecatonicosachoron  0.874032
quadippady 4D quasidisprismatodishecatonicosachoron, Unholey Terror  1.414214
quawros 4D quadratic ({8} || cube-)wedge rosette, bridge cyclotetraaugmented tesseract, ring-augmented tesseract, cube || {8} || cube, {4} || squobcu || {4}  
quequapech 3D quasiquasiprismated cubic honeycomb  
querco 3D quasirhombicuboctahedron, great rhombicuboctahedron (but not girco)  0.736813
quercope 4D quasirhombicuboctahedron prism  0.890446
quicgrat (old: cogqrit) 5D quasicelligreat rhombated triacontiditeron, (celligreat quasirhombated triacontiditeron)  2.001839
quicpatint 5D quasicelliprismatotruncated penteractitriacontiditeron  1.949424
quidex 4D quatro-icositetradiminished hexacosachoron, dual of sadi  
quidpith (old: qippith) 4D quasi(dis)prismatotesseractihexadecachoron  0.890446
quidpixhi 4D quasidisprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron  0.763932
quipdohi 4D quasiprismatodishecatonicosachoron  1.328131
quiphi 4D quasiprismatohecatonicosachoron  0.726543
quippic 4D quasiprismatotetracontoctachoron  0.765367
quippirfix 4D quasiprismatorhombated faceted hexacosachoron  3.531591
quippirgashi 4D quasiprismatorhombated grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  1.348948
quippirgax 4D quasiprismatorhombated grand hexacosachoron  1.021064
quippirghi 4D quasiprismatorhombated grand hecatonicosachoron  2.400819
quipqrich 3D quasiprismated quasirhombated cubic honeycomb  
quiprich 3D quasiprismatorhombated cubic honeycomb  
quiprin 5D quasiprismatorhombated penteract  1.488108
quiproh 4D quasiprismatorhombated hexadecachoron  1.082392
quiptin 5D quasiprismatotruncated penteract  1.416813
quit gashi 4D quasitruncated grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.953850
quit gishi 4D quasitruncated great stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.953850
quit gissid 3D quasitruncated great stellated dodecahedron, great stellated truncated dodecahedron, great stellatruncated dodecahedron  0.657550
quit gissiddip 4D quasitruncated-great-stellated-dodecahedron prism  0.826058
quit gogishi 4D quasitruncated great grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.677481
quit sishi 4D quasitruncated small stellated hecatonicosachoron  2
quit sissid 3D quasitruncated small stellated dodecahedron, small stellated truncated dodecahedron, small stellatruncated dodecahedron  0.852911
quit sissiddip 4D quasitruncated-small-stellated-dodecahedron prism, small-stellated-truncated-dodecahedron prism  0.988665
quitar (old: quahri) 3D quasitruncated rhombihedron, quasihyperhombicosicosahedron, compound of 5 quith  0.579471
quitch 3D quasitruncated cubic honeycomb  
quitco 3D quasitruncated cuboctahedron, great truncated cuboctahedron, stellatruncated cuboctahedron  1.062393
quitcope 4D quasitruncated-cuboctahedron prism  1.174172
quitdid 3D quasitruncated dodecadodecahedron, stellatruncated dodecadodecahedron  1.658312
quitdiddip 4D quasitruncated-dodecadodecahedron prism  1.732051
quith 3D quasitruncated hexahedron, stellated truncated hexahedron, stellatruncated cube  0.579471
quithip 4D quasitruncated-hexahedron prism  0.765367
quitit 4D quasitruncated tesseract  0.615370
quititip 5D quasitruncated-tesseract prism  0.792893
quitothit 2D quasitruncated trihexagonal tiling  
quitsquat 2D quasitruncated square tiling  
quittin 5D quasitruncated penteract  0.649286
quotacog 6D quasitericellated hexacontatetrapeton  1.121320
quothat 2D quasitruncated hexagonal tiling  
quotox 6D quasitruncated hexeract  0.681517


... 3D rhombic enneacontahedron  
rabird 5D retrobirhombidodecateron  1.414214
raccoth 5D retrocellitriacontadiahexadecateron  1.224745
... 3D vertex figure of retrocellitriacontadiahexadecateron  0.912871
rad (old: rhode) 3D rhombic dodecahedron, Voronoi cell of face-centered cubic (fcc) lattice, terminally chamfered cube, terminally chamfered octahedron, surtegmated cube, surtegmated octahedron  
radah 5D retrodishexadecateron  0.790569
... 3D vertex figure of retrodishexadecateron  0.774597
radatathi 4D retroditetrahedronary dishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
rade 10D rectified dekeract, rectified icosaxennon  2.121320
raded 3D rhombidodecadodecahedron  1.322876
... 3D edge faceting raded-1-10-5-5  1.322876
radh 3D rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb, Voronoi complex of face-centered cubic (fcc) lattice  
radiddip (old: radedip) 4D rhombidodecadodecahedron prism  1.414214
rafficdi 4D retrofrustic tetracontoctadisicositetrachoron  1.414214
raffixthi 4D retrofrustic hexacositrishecatonicosachoron  2.236068
rag (old: ric) 6D rectified hexacontitetrapeton, lattice B6 contact polytope (span of its small roots), lattice D6 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
ragabrag 7D rag atop brag, rag-first rotunda of barz  1.224745
ragaghi 4D rectified great grand hecatonicosachoron  1.070466
..., ragaghi || tigaghi 5D (degenerate) ragaghi atop tigaghi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
ragashi 4D rectified grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  1.175571
raggix 4D rectified grand hexacosachoron  0.726543
raghi 4D rectified grand hecatonicosachoron  1.902113
ragishi 4D rectified great stellated hecatonicosachoron  1.175571
rah 3D rhombihexahedron, compound of 3 cube  0.866025
rahi 4D rectified hecatonicosachoron  4.534568
..., rahi || tex 5D (degenerate) rahi atop tex ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
rahia sidpixhi 5D (degenerate) rahi atop sidpixhi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
rahipe 5D rectified-hecatonicosachoron prism  4.562051
rahrie 3D rhombihyperhombicosicosahedron, compound of 5 socco  1.398966
rake 10D rectified chilliaicositetraxennon, lattice B10 contact polytope (span of its small roots), lattice D10 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
ram 6D rectified pentacontitetrapeton, Gosset polypeton 02,2,1, Voronoi cell of lattice E6*  1.732051
ramoh 6D rectified-pentacontitetrapetic hexacomb, Gosset hexacomb 02,2,2, Voronoi complex of lattice E6*  
ranq 7D rectified hecatonicosihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon  1.414214
rap (old: rip,
alt.: tetaoct), tet || oct,
4D rectified pentachoron, tetrahedral cupola, vertex figure of hin, tetrahedron atop octahedron, Gosset polytope 02,1  0.774597
rapa penp 6D rap atop penp, rap-first cap of ril  0.845154
rapaco (alt.: tetoct cotric) 5D rap atop co, 0.176208-luna of rat, (tet,oct,co)-trigonic  1
rapadeca 5D rap atop deca, rap-first cap of sirhin  1.620185
rapalpenp 6D rap atop inverted penp, pen-first medial subsegment of jak  0.816497
rapalprip, rap || inv prip 5D (degenerate) rap atop inverted prip ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
rapalsrip 5D rap atop inverted srip, rap-first cap of spix  1.190238
rapaltip 5D (degenerate) rap atop inverted tip ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
rapaspid 5D rectified pentachoron atop small prismated decachoron, rap-first half of rat  1
rapasrip 5D rectified pentachoron atop small rhombated pentachoron, rap-first cap of nit  1.224745
rapatip 5D rap atop tip, rap-first cap of sarx  0.774597
rapatut (alt.: tetoct tuttric) 5D rap atop tut, (tet,oct,tut)-trigonic  1.190238
rapesc 6D rectified-pentachoric scalene, rectified-pentachoron-pyramid pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal rectified pentachoron  0.816497
rapescu 3D retrograde pentagonal cuploid, retrograde pentagonal semicupola  0.866025
rapete 7D rap tettene  0.866025
rapirx 5D retroprismatorhombated hexateron  1.914854
rappip 5D rectified-pentachoron prism, vertex figure of rojak  0.921954
rappisdi 4D retroantiprismatosnub disicositetrachoron  1
... 4D rappisdi+mesdi+288{4} (?)  1
rappy 5D rectified-pentachoric pyramid, vertex cap of hin  0.790569
rapsady 4D retroantiprismatosnub dishecatonicosachoron ...
rapt 5D rectified-pentachoric (line-)tegum, rectified-pentachoric dipyramid ...
raptum 5D rap-first bistratic cap of thin, rap-based tutsatope, rap-based tutism  1.903943
rapu 5D rectified-pentachoral-based ursateron xoo3ofx3xoo3ooo&#xt, rap-based ursulate  1.258489
raquahri 3D rhombiquasihyperhombicosicosahedron, compound of 5 gocco  0.736813
rarsisresa 2D rhombiretrosnub squarirhombisquariapeirogonal tiling  
rasa (old: ras) 7D rectified hepteract  1.732051
rasdi 4D retrosnub icositetrachoron, retrosnub disicositetrachoron  0.618034
rasher 3D rhombisnub hyperhombihedron, compound of 5 sroh  1.398966
rasishi 4D rectified small stellated hecatonicosachoron  2.802517
rasisquat 3D retrosnub square tiling  
rasquacu 3D retrograde square cupola, 4/3-cupola  0.736813
rasquahr 3D rhombisnub quasihyperrhombihedron, compound of 5 groh  0.736813
rasseri 3D rhombisnub rhombicosicoahedron, compound of 5 sirco  1.398966
rassersa 2D rhombisnub squarirhombisquariapeirogonal tiling  
rassid 3D rhombisnub dodecahedron, compound of 6 dip  1.693527
rastacu 3D retrograde pentagrammic cupola, 5/3-cupola  0.716891
rat 5D rectified triacontiditeron, rectified pentacross, vertex figure of hinoh, lattice B5 contact polytope (span of its small roots), lattice D5 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
ratanit 6D rectified triacontaditeron atop penteractitriacontiditeron, rat-first rotunda of brag  1.224745
ratasiphin 6D rat atop siphin, rat-first cap of rojak  1.290994
ratchet 5D retrotriacontidicellihemitriacontaditeron  1
... 3D vertex figure of retrotriacontidicellihemitriacontaditeron  0.866025
ratho 4D rectified tesseractihemioctachoron  1
rathotathibit 4D rhombitrihexagonal-omnitruncated-trihexagonal duoprismatic tetracomb  
ratip 6D rectified-triacontiditeron prism  1.118034
ratoh 3D runcinated alternated cubic honeycomb, runcinated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, runcic cubic honeycomb  
ratricu 3D retrograde trigonal cupola, 3/2-cupola  0.707107
rawcax (old: rawvdipdopdix) 5D retrosphenary cellihexateron, (retrosphenoverted disprismatoduoprismatodiakishexateron)  1.290994
... 3D vertex figure of retrosphenary cellihexateron  0.921954
rawcbinant (old: recarnit) 5D retrosphenary cellibiprismatopenteractipenteractitriacontaditeron, retrocellirhombated penteractitriacontaditeron  2.660531
rawn (old: rawvanant) 5D retrosphenary penteract  2.207107
rawvathi 4D retrosphenoverted triakishecatonicosachoron  2.689994
rawvatoth 4D retrosphenoverted tesseractitesseractihexadacachoron  1.847759
rawvaty 4D retrosphenoverted triakisicositetrachoron  2.613126
rawvhiddix 4D retrosphenoverted hecatonicosadishexacosachoron  1.258409
rawvhitto 4D retrosphenoverted hexadecatesseractioctachoron  1.732051
rawvid tixady 4D retrosphenoverted ditrigonary hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  5.330704
rawvtip 4D retrosphenoverted triakispentachoron  1.183216
rawx 5D retrosphenary hexateron  1.290994
rax 6D rectified hexeract, rectified dodecapeton  1.581139
raxh 6D rectified hexeractic pentacomb  
recaptid 5D retrocelliprismatotruncated dodecateron  2.236068
recto 8D rectified octeract, rectified hexadecazetton  1.224745
reday 9D rectified decayotton, vertex figure of hede, Gosset polytope 07,1  0.894427
rek 8D rectified diacosipentacontahexazetton, lattice B8 contact polytope (span of its small roots), lattice D8 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
ren 9D rectified enneract, rectified octadecayotton  2
rene 8D rectified enneazetton, vertex figure of henne, Gosset polytope 06,1  0.881917
repirt 5D retroprismatorhombated triacontiditeron  3
retrat 2D retroelongated trangular tiling  
rez (old: rhio) 7D rectified hecatonicosoctaexon, lattice B7 contact polytope (span of its small roots), lattice D7 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
rhohid 5D rectified hexadecahemidecateron  1
rhom 3D rhombihedron, compound of 5 cube  0.866025
... 3D partially contracted hexagonal tiling, rhombic uBxx3uxBx3xooA3*a&#zx  
... 3D partially expanded tri-hexagonal rhombic tiling, rhombic uBxx3xoAo3xooA3*a&#zx  
... 2D tri-hexagonal rhombic tiling  
rhote (old: rattic) 3D rhombic triacontahedron, terminally chamfered dodecahedron, terminally chamfered icosahedron, surtegmated dodecahedron, surtegmated icosahedron  
ri 3D rhombicosahedron  1.322876
... 3D ri+12{10/2} (?)  1.322876
... 3D ri+12{10/4} (?)  1.322876
ribfoh 8D rectified diacositetracont-dischiliahectohexaconta-zettic octacomb, Gosset heptacomb 05,2,1  
ricasrit, rico || srit 5D rectified-icositetrachoron atop small-rhombated-tesseract  1.847759
ricatah 5D rico atop tah, rico-first cap of sibrant  2.236068
rich 3D rectified cubic honeycomb  
rico 4D rectified icosatetrachoron, cantellated hexadecachoron, hexadecachoron-derived Gévay polychoron  1.732051
..., rico || gyro srico 5D (degenerate) rico atop gyrated srico ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., rico || proh 5D (degenerate) rico atop proh ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., rico || sadi 5D rico atop sadi  1.738546
ricoalrico, rico || gyro rico 5D rectified icositetrachoron atop gyrated rectified icositetrachoron  1.778824
ricoaspic 5D rectified icositetrachoron atop small prismated icositetrachoron  1.847759
ricoatico 5D (degenerate) rico atop tico ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
... 4D rico-cap augmented thex-rotunda ...
ricope 5D rectified-icositetrachoron prism  1.802776
ricot 4D rectified icositetrachoric tetracomb  
ridatathi 4D retroinverted ditetrahedral triakishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
ridatha 3D rectified ditetratihemiapeiratic honeycomb  
ridimex (alt.: idimrox) 4D rectified icosidiminished hexacosachoron, icosidiminished rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
ridtidohi 4D rectified ditrigonal dishecatonicosachoron  1.732051
riffy 8D rectified dischiliahectohexaconta-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton, t1(41,2)  1.732051
rigfix 4D rectified great faceted hexacosichoron  0.726543
..., rigfix || quipdohi 5D (degenerate) rigfix atop quipdohi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., rigfix || sirgaghi 5D (degenerate) rigfix atop sirgaghi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
riggidtixhi 4D rectified great ditrigonal hexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.732051
righi 4D rectified great hecatonicosachoron  1.902113
rigogishi 4D rectified great grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.661585
ril (old: riss) 6D rectified heptapeton, vertex figure of hesa, Gosset polytope 04,1  0.845154
rilalbril 7D rectified heptapeton atop inverted birectified heptapeton, equatorial monostratic segment of demihepteract  0.935414
rilalril 7D rectified heptapeton atop inverted rectified heptapeton, medial segment of naq  0.866025
rilastaf 7D ril atop staf, ril-first rotunda of rez  1
rillip 7D rectified-heptapeton prism, vertex figure of robay  0.981981
rilpy 7D rectified-heptapetonal pyramid, vertex pyramid of demihepteract  0.935414
rin 5D rectified penteract  1.414214
rinah 5D retropenteractihexadecateron  0.790569
... 3D vertex figure of retropenteractihexadecateron  0.774597
rinnip 6D rectified-penteract prism  1.500000
rinoh 5D rectified penteractic pentacomb  
ripahi 4D retroinverted prismatohecatonicosachoron  4.534568
... 4D ripahi+600 2thah (?)  4.534568
ripdip 4D rhombiprismato dispentachoron  1.612452
rippix 5D retroprismated hexateron  1.190238
risadi (alt.: idrox) 4D rectified snub icositetrachoron, icositetradiminished rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
risdoh 3D rhombisnub dishexahedron, compound of 6 cube, Skilling's compound  0.866025
rissidtixhi 4D rectified small ditrigonal hexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.732051
rit 4D rectified tesseract, rectified octachoron, birectified hexadecachoron, runcic tesseract  1.224745
..., rit || tat 5D (degenerate) rit atop tat ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
rita sidpith, rit || sidpith 5D rectified-tesseract atop small-disprismated-tesseractihexadecachoron  1.502958
ritag rit, rit || gyro rit 5D rit atop gyro rit, medial segment of hex-first siphin  1.274755
ritag thex 5D rit atop gyrated thex, rit-first cap of sirhin  1.620185
ritarico 5D rectified-tesseract atop rectified-icositetrachoron, rectified-tesseract-first segment of small-prismated-triacontiditeron  1.870829
ritasrit, rit || srit 5D rectified-tesseract atop small-rhombated-tesseract  2.632865
ritatah, rit || tah 5D (degenerate) rit atop tah ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
ritathex 5D (degenerate) rit atop thex ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
ritgyt 6D rectified-tesseractic gyrotrigonism  1.290994
rithsithbit 4D rhombitrihexagonal-simotrihexagonal duoprismatic tetracomb  
rittip 5D rectified-tesseract prism  1.322876
rittit 4D rectified tesseractic tetracomb, quartertesseractic tetracomb  
riv 9D rectified pentacosidodecayotton, lattice B9 contact polytope (span of its small roots), lattice D9 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
rix 5D rectified hexateron, vertex figure of hax, Gosset polytope 03,1  0.816497
rixasarx 6D rectified hexateron atop small rhombated hexateron, rix-first cap of brox  1.414214
rixasc 7D rectified-hexateronal scalene, rectified-hexateronal-pyramid pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal rectified-hexateron  1
rixascad 6D rectified hexateron atop small cellated dodecateron, half of rectified hexacontitetrapeton (its rix-first rotunda)  1
rixaspix 6D rectified hexateron atop small prismated hexateron, rix-first cap of rojak  1.290994
rixhi 4D retroinverted hexacosahecatonicosachoron  3.077684
rixip 6D rectified-hexateron prism, vertex figure of rolaq  0.957427
rixpy 6D rectified-hexateronal pyramid, vertex pyramid of demihexeract  0.866025
ro 3D (chiral) rhombioctahedron, compound of 4 trip  0.763763
robay 8D rectified diacositetracont-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton, t1(21,4)  2.645751
roc 7D rectified octaexon, vertex figure of hocto, Gosset polytope 05,1  0.866025
rocalbroc 8D roc atop inverted broc, oca-first subsegment of fy  1
rocgrax 5D retrocelligreat rhombated hexateron  2.327373
rocpy 8D rectified-octaexonal pyramid, vertex pyramid of demiocteract  1
rofix 4D rectified faceted hexacosichoron  3.077684
..., rofix || sirsashi 5D (degenerate) rofix atop sirsashi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
rojak 6D rectified icosiheptaheptacontidipeton  1.290994
rojaka hejak 7D rojak atop hejak, rojak-first cap of rolaq  1.732051
rojakalrojak (alt.: pabdilin) 7D parabidiminished lin, rojak atop alternate rojak  1.322876
rolaq 7D rectified pentacontihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon  1.732051
rolin (old: lanq) 7D rectified pentacontihexahecatonicosihexaexon, pentacontihexahecatonicosihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon, Gosset polytope 03,2,1  2.449490
rolinoh 7D rectified pentacontihexahecatonicosihexaexic heptacomb, Gosset heptacomb 03,3,1  
rorisassa 2D rhombiretrosnub squarisquariapeirogonal tiling  
rosaqri (old: rasquahpri) 3D rhombisnub quasirhombicosicosahedron, rhombisnub quasihyperpseudorhombicosicosahedron, compound of 5 querco  0.736813
rosassa 2D rhombisnub squarisquariapeirogonal tiling  
rosi 3D rhombisnub icosahedron, compound of 10 hip  1.118034
rothaph 3D rhombitriangular-hexagonal prismatic honeycomb  
rothat 2D rhombitrihexagonal tiling  
... 4D vertex-first rotunda of hexacosachoron  1.618034
rox 4D rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
... 4D rox+720pip (?)  3.077684
roxahi, rox || hi 5D (degenerate) rox atop hi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
roxip 5D rectified-hexacosachoron prism  3.118034
ru 10D rectified hendecaxennon, rectified undecaxennon, Gosset polytope 08,1  0.904534


... 2D snub of hyperbolic [10,8,4,6] tiling with tetragonal Coxeter domain  
... 3D β3/2o3β (?) ...
... 3D β3/2β3x3*a (?) ...
... 4D β3o3o4β (?) ...
... 4D β3o3o5β (?) ...
... 4D β3o3β3o (?) ...
... 4D β3o3β4β (?) ...
... 4D β3o3β4x (?) ...
... 4D β3o3β5o (?) ...
... 4D β3o3β5β (?) ...
... 4D β3o3β5x (?) ...
... 4D β3o4o3β (?) ...
... 3D β3o4β (?) ...
... 4D β3o4β3o (?) ...
... 3D β3o5β (?) ...
... 4D β3β3o3β (?) ...
... 4D β3β3o4β (?) ...
... 4D β3β3o5β (?) ...
... 4D β3β3β3o (?) ...
... 3D s3s3s3s3*a (?)  
... 4D β3β3β3x (?) ...
... 4D s3s3s4x (?) ...
... 4D β3β3β5o (?) ...
... 4D β3β3β5x (?) ...
... 2D hyperbolic snub tiling of family o3o3o∞*a  
... 4D β3β3x *b3o (?) ...
... 4D β3β3x3β (?) ...
... 4D β3β3x4β (?) ...
... 4D β3β3x5β (?) ...
... 4D alternated truncated hyperbolic order 4 icositetrachoral tetracomb  
... 4D β3β4o3β (?) ...
... 3D hyperbolic s3s4o4o tesselation ...
... 3D hyperbolic s3s4o4x tesselation ...
... 4D β3β4β3o (?) ...
... 4D β3β4β3x (?) ...
... 2D hyperbolic snub tiling of family o3o4o5*a  
... 4D β3β4x3β (?) ...
... 2D hyperbolic snub triheptagonal tiling  
... 2D hyperbolic snub tritritetragonal tiling, hyperbolic snub tiling of family o3o3o4*a  
... 2D hyperbolic snub trioctagonal tiling  
... 2D hyperbolic snub trigonal-horocyclic tiling, hyperbolic snub triapeirogonal tiling  
... 4D β3x3o4β (?) ...
... 4D β3x3o5β (?) ...
... 4D β3x3β3o (?) ...
... 4D β3x3β3x (?) ...
... 4D β3x3β4β (?) ...
... 4D β3x3β4x (?) ...
... 4D β3x3β5o (?) ...
... 4D β3x3β5β (?) ...
... 4D β3x3β5x (?) ...
... 4D β3x3x3β (?) ...
... 4D β3x3x4β (?) ...
... 4D β3x3x5β (?) ...
... 3D β3x4β (?) ...
... 4D β3x4β3o (?) ...
... 4D β3x4β3x (?) ...
... 4D β3x4x3β (?) ...
... 3D β3x5β (?) ...
... 3D hyperbolic snub order 6 cubical honeycomb  0 i
... 3D hyperbolic birectified alternated order-6 cubic tesselation, hyperbolic runcic order-6 cubic tesselation  1.168771 i
... 4D octahedra-alternated faceting of scartit  
... 3D hyperbolic s4o4o4s tesselation  
... 3D hyperbolic o3o4s4o tesselation  
... 3D family of (generally hyperbolic) s4oPo4s tesselation  
... 3D s4s3s4o (?)  
... 2D hyperbolic snub tetrapentagonal tiling  
... 4D s4x2s4x (?) ...
... 3D β5/2o5β (?) ...
... 3D β5/2x5β (?) ...
... 2D hyperbolic snub pentapentagonal tiling  
... 3D s60-r60-p12-h30  
sabach 7D small bicellated hexadecaexon, bistericated octaexon  1.414214
sabbadipady 4D small blendic disprismatodishecatonicosachoron  2
... 4D sabbadipady+sanbathi (?), ganbathi+quitsishi (?)  2
sabbathi 4D small blendic trishecatonicosachoron  2
sabippady (old: sabbippady) 4D small blendic prismatodishecatonicosachoron  2
saborx 6D small birhombated hexeract, bicantellated hexeract  2.645751
sabril 6D small birhombated heptapeton, bicantellated heptapeton  1.558387
sabrim (older: pirm,
even older: sirmak, oldest: skorm)
6D small birhombated pentacontitetrapeton, (prismatorectified pentacontitetrapeton, small rhombated pentacontitetraheptacontidipeton, small heptacontidirhombated pentacontitetrapeton)  3
sabro 7D small birhombated octaexon, bicantellated octaexon  1.658312
saddid 3D small dodekicosidodecahedron  2.232951
saddiddip 4D small-dodekicosidodecahedron prism  2.288246
sadi   (alt.: idex) 4D snub icositetrachoron, snub disicositetrachoron, semistruncated icositetrachoron, icositetradiminished hexacosachoron  1.618034
sadinnert 5D small dispenteractirhombated triacontaditeron  2.010695
sadip 5D snub-icositetrachoron prism, snub-disicositetrachoron prism, semistruncated-icositetrachoron prism  1.693527
sadit 4D snub icositetrachoric tetracomb, Gosset's non-Wythoffian tetracomb  
sadixady 4D small dishexacosadishecatonicosachoron  1.773668
sadixhix (old: sixhix) 4D small dodecahedronary hexacosahemihexacosachoron, compound of 25 ihi (but not gadixhix)  1
sadsadox 4D small disnub dihexacosachoron  3.077684
sadsid 3D small disnub dodecahedron, compound of 12 stap  0.656431
sadtap 4D small ditetrahedronary prismatochoron, compound of 36 dadip  2.288246
sadtef pixady 4D small ditetrahedronary exofissary prismatohexacosadishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
sadtifady 4D small ditetrahedronarofissary dishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
sanbathi 4D small spinoblendic trishecatonicosachoron  2
sanbippady 4D small spinoblendic prismatodishecatonicosachoron  2
sand tathi 4D small intercepted ditetrahedronary trishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
sapisseri 3D (chiral) snub pseudosnub rhombicosahedron, compound of 20 thah  0.707107
saquid paxhi 4D small quasidisprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron, Holey Terror  2.288246
saro 7D small rhombated octaexon, cantellated octaexon  1.414214
sart 5D small rhombated triacontiditeron, cantellated pentacross  1.732051
sarx 5D small rhombated hexateron, cantellated hexateron  1.290994
sarxasibrid 6D small rhombated hexateron atop small birhombated dodecateron, rix-first subsegment of brox  1.414214
sarz 7D small rhombated hecatonicosoctaexon, cantellated heptacross  1.732051
sassid 3D (chiral) small snub dodecahedron, compound of 6 stap  0.656431
sassiph 3D snub square prismatic honeycomb  
satpeb 8D small triprismated bi-enneazetton, triruncinated enneazetton  1.732051
satsa 2D squariapeirotruncated squariapeirogonal tiling  
sazdideta 4D square antitrapezary disicositetratidistesseratiapeiratic tetracomb  
scad (old: shad) 5D small cellated dodecateron, small hedrated dodecateron, stericated hexateron, expanded hexateron, vertex figure of cyxh, lattice A5 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
scag 6D small cellihexacontitetrapeton, stericated hexacross  2
scal 6D small cellated heptapeton, stericated heptapeton  1.195229
scalal scal 7D small cellated heptapeton atop inverted small cellated heptapeton, medial segment of barz  1.224745
scant 5D small cellated penteractitriacontiditeron, stericated penteract, stericated pentacross  1.567516
scaricot 4D small cellirhombated icositetrachoric tetracomb, great disicositetrachoric tetracomb  
scartit 4D small cellirhombated tesseractic tetracomb, small rhombitesseractic-prismatotesseractic tetracomb, stericantellated tesseractic tetracomb  
scicot 4D small cellated demitesseractic tetracomb, stericated icositetrachoric tetracomb  
sco 7D small cellated octaexon, stericated octaexon  1.322876
scox 6D small cellihexeract, stericated hexeract  1.978437
scuffi 3D semicupolaically faceted icosahedron  0.951057
scufgi 3D semicupolaically faceted great icosahedron  0.587785
scyropot 4D small cyclorhombated pentachoric tetrachomb, small prismatodispentachoric tetracomb, cantellated pentachoric tetrachomb  
se 3D small icosiicosahedron, compound of 5 oct  0.707107
sedit pathi 4D small exoditetrahedronary prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
seedatepthi 4D small exoditetrahedrary prismatotrishecatonicosachoron  1.414214
... 3D hyperbolic honeycomb with seed point at edge of right-angled octahedron domain  
... 3D hyperbolic honeycomb with seed point at face of right-angled octahedron domain  
sefdit dixdy 4D small exofissary ditrigonal dihexacosadihecatonicosachoron  1.732051
sefidtethi 4D small exofissary ditetrahedronary tetrakishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
sefradit thix 4D small exofissary retroditetrahedronary triakishecatonicosihexacosachoron  2.288246
seihid 3D small icosihemidodecahedron  1.618034
sersa 7D small rhombated hepteract, cantellated hepteract  2.790257
seside 3D small snub icosicosidodecahedron, snub disicosidodecahedron, holosnub icosahedron, hastur  1.458190
sesidip 4D small-snub-icosicosidodecahedron prism  1.541531
setitdin 5D small tesseractitriacontidiadispenteract  2.423081
seto 7D small terated octaexon, pentellated octaexon  1.198958
sez (old: shio) 7D hepteractihecatonicosoctaexon  1.414214
sgysrahi 4D swirl-gyrated small rhombated hecatonicosachoron, swirl-gyrated cantellated hecatonicosachoron  6.735034
sha 2D square hemiapeirogonal tesselation, alternate square tiling  
sha 2D square hemiapeirogonal tesselation, alternate square tiling  
shafipto 4D small hexadecafaceted prismatotesseractioctachoron  1.485633
... 4D shafipto+32tet (?)  1.485633
shaha 2D small hexahexaapeirogonal tiling  
shahoh 4D small hexadecahemihexadecachoron  1
shiddip, K-4.54 4D square - hexagon duoprism  1.224745
shihi 4D small hecatonicosihecatonicosachoron  5.854102
shihix 4D small hecatonicosihecatonicosihexacosachoron  2.975584
shilq 7D small demified pentacontihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon  2.179449
shinhi 4D small hecatonicosintercepted hecatonicosachoron  4.534568
ship 3D heptagrammic prism of winding number 2, small heptagrammic prism, small stellated heptagonal prism  0.639524
shipady 4D small hecatonicosiprismatodishecatonicosachoron  1.814331
shopjak 6D small demiprismated icosiheptaheptacontidipeton  1.914854
(inbetween: shath)
2D small hexagonal-trigonal-hexagonal tiling  
si 3D snub icosahedron, compound of 10 oct (but not gissi)  0.707107
sibcotdin 5D small biprismatocellitriacontadiadispenteract  3.534493
siborg 6D small birhombated hexacontitetrapeton, bicantellated hexacross  2.236068
sibpo 7D small biprismated octaexon, biruncinated octaexon  1.561250
sibpof 6D small biprismated tetradecapeton, biruncinated heptapeton  1.414214
sibrant 5D small birhombated penteractitriacontiditeron, bicantellated penteract, bicantellated pentacross  2.236068
sibricot 4D small birhombated icositetrachoric tetracomb, grand prismatodisicositetrachoric tetracomb  
sibrid (old: sadrid) 5D small birhombated dodecateron, bicantellated hexateron  1.414214
sibtadin 5D small biprismatotriacontadiadispenteract  3.047217
sicdatrid 3D small complex (ditrigonal) rhombicosidodecahedron  0.866025
sichado 4D small cubihexadecadisoctachoron  2.370932
sicrax 5D small retrocellirhombated hexateron  1.658312
sid pippady 4D small dipentary prismatodishecatonicosachoron  2.497212
sid thipady 4D small ditrigonal hecatonicosiprismatodishecatonicosachoron  1.814331
sid tipathi 4D small ditrigonal prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  4.179968
siddapady 4D small disprismatodishecatonicosachoron  2
siddatady 4D small ditetrahedral dishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
siddic 4D small distetracontoctachoron  1.847759
siddid (old: siided) 4D snub dodecadodecahedron, chaugnar faugn  
siddiddip 4D snub-dodecadodecahedron prism  
siddit paxhi 4D small ditetrahedronary hexacosidishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
siddit thix 4D small ditrigonal trishecatonicosihexacosachoron  1.732051
sidditdid 3D small ditrigonal dodekicosidodecahedron, small dodekified icosidodecahedron  1.721489
sidditdiddip 4D small-ditrigonal-dodekicosidodecahedron prism  1.792631
sidditpix 4D small ditrigonary prismatohexacosichoron  1.732051
siddo 3D snub disoctahedron, octahedral compound of 2 ike, vertex figure of sody  0.951057
siddy 3D small dodekicosahedron  1.721489
... 3D siddy+12{10/4} (?)  1.721489
... 3D siddy+20{6/2} (?)  1.721489
siddykid 3D small didyakis dodecahedron  
sided 3D snub icosidodecadodecahedron, dagon  1.126898
sidhei 3D small dodecahemicosahedron, great dodecahemiicosahedron (but not gidhei)  1
sidhid 3D small dodecahemidodecahedron  1.618034
sidhiquit paddy 4D small dishecatonicosaquasitruncated prismatodishecatonicosachoron  5.605034
sididdip 4D snub-icosidodecadodecahedron prism  
sidipthi 4D small dipental trishecatonicosachoron  2.497212
sidpith 4D small disprismatotesseractihexadecachoron, runcinated tesseract, small prismated tesseract  1.485633
..., sidpith || prit 5D (degenerate) sidpith atop prit ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., sidpith || tat 5D (degenerate) sidpith atop tat ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
sidpithip 5D small-disprismatotesseractihexadecachoron prism, runcinated-tesseract prism, small-prismated-tesseract prism, central segment of scant  1.567516
sidpitit 4D small prismatotesseractic tetracomb, small diprismatotesseractic tetracomb, runcinated tesseractic tetracomb  
sidpixathi 4D small dipentagonal hexacositrihecatonicosachoron  2.497212
sidpixhi 4D small disprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron, runcinated hecatonicosachoron, runcinated hexacosachoron  5.236068
..., sidpixhi || srix 5D (degenerate) sidpixhi atop srix ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
sidpixhip 5D small-disprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron prism, runcinated-hecatonicosachoron prism, runcinated-hexacosachoron prism  5.259887
sidrebcu 4D stellidodecahedral rectibicupola, orbiform bistratc stack of small stellated dodecahedron atop pseudo dodecadodecahedron atop great dodecahedron  1.064815
sidsrahi 4D swirl-diminished small rhombated hecatonicosachoron, swirl-diminished cantellated hecatonicosachoron  6.735034
sidtaxady 4D small ditetrahedronary hexacosidishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
sidtaxhi 4D small ditetrahedronary hexacosihecatonicosachoron  2.288246
sidtaxhiap 5D small ditetrahedrary hexacontahecatonicosachoron antiprism  2.321762
sidthidy hi 4D small ditrigonal hecatonicosadishecatonicosihecatonicosachoron  1.732051
sidthixhi 4D small ditrigonal hecatonicosihexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.773668
sidtid 3D small ditrigonal icosidodecahedron, vertex figure of sidtixhi  0.866025
... 3D sidtid+ditdid (?)  0.866025
... 3D sidtid+ditdid+gidtid (?)  0.866025
... 3D sidtid+gidtid (?)  0.866025
... 3D edge faceting sidtid-0-3-3-3  0.866025
sidtidap 4D small-ditrigonal-icosidodecahedron antiprism  0.955838
sidtiddip 4D small-ditrigonal-icosidodecahedron prism  1
sidtixhi 4D small ditrigonary hexacosihecatonicosachoron  1
... 4D sidtixhi+dox (?)  1
sidtixhipy, pt || sidtixhi 5D (degenerate) sidtixhi pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
sifdahihox 4D small fissary dodecahedronary hecatonicosihemihexacosachoron  1
siid 3D small icosicosidodecahedron  1.721489
siidcup 4D small icosicosidodecahedral cupoliprism, closer siid atop siid  1.765796
siidip 4D small-icosicosidodecahedron prism  1.792631
sik vipathi 4D small skewverted prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  2.828427
sik vixathi 4D small skewverted hexacositriakishecatonicosachoro  4.684471
... 2D hyperbolic snub di-horocyclic tiling  
sinnont 5D small penteractipenteractitriacontiditeron  1.567516
siphado 4D small prismatohexadecadisoctachoron  2.613126
siphatit 4D small diprismatodemitesseractic tetracomb, steric tesseractic tetracomb  
siphidy 4D small prismated hecatonicosadishecatonicosachoron  4.917351
siphin 5D small prismated hemipenteract, runcinated demipenteract, steric penteract  1.274755
sipstar 3D "square-pentagon-pentagram(star)-thingy", vertex figure of retroantiprismatosnub disicositetrachoron  0.866025
sipthi 4D small prismatotriakishecatonicosachoron  1.878261
sipti 4D small prismatotriakisicositetrachoron  3.498949
sirc 4D small retrotetracontoctachoron  1.847759
sircaptint (old: srecaptint) 5D small retrocelliprismatotruncated penteractitriacontaditeron  3.701317
sirco 3D small rhombicuboctahedron, expanded octahedron, expanded cube  1.398966
sirco aticu 4D expanded axially-octahedral ursachoron, (sirco,tic)-based ursulate  1.806144
sircoa gircotum 4D bistratic cap of prismatorhombated tesseract, rhombicuboctahedral rotunda, (sirco,girco)-based tutschoron, (sirco,girco)-based tutism  2.370932
sircoagirco, sirco || girco 4D (degenerate) small rhombicuboctahedron atop great rhombicuboctahedron ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
sircoatic, sirco || tic, K-4.100 4D small rhombicuboctahedron atop truncated cube, small-rhombicuboctahedral cap of small rhombated tesseract  1.847759
sircoatoe, sirco || toe, K-4.75 4D small rhombicuboctahedron atop truncated octahedron  1.582890
sircope, K-4.66 4D small-rhombicuboctahedron prism, medial (cube-first) subsegment of sidpith  1.485633
sird 3D small rhombidodecahedron  2.232951
... 3D sird+12{10/2} (?)  2.232951
... 3D sird+20{6/2} (?)  2.232951
sirdatady 4D small retroditetrahedral dishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
... 4D sirdatady+1440{5/2}  2.288246
sirdop 4D small rhombidispentachoron  1.183216
sirdtapady 4D small retroditetrahedronary prismatodishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
... 4D sirdtapady+600 2tet (?)  2.288246
sirdtaxady 4D small retroditetrahedronary hexacosidishecatonicosachoron  2.288246
sirfix 4D small rhombated faceted hexacosachoron  4.352502
sirfixthi 4D small retrofrustic hexacositrishecatonicosachoron  2.236068
sirgaghi 4D small rhombated great grand hecatonicosachoron  1.513868
sirgashi 4D small rhombated grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  1.589926
sirgax 4D small rhombated grand hexacosachoron  1.054256
sirghi 4D small rhombated great hecatonicosachoron  3.387054
sirhax 6D small rhombated hemihexeract, cantellated demihexeract, runcic hexeract  1.936492
sirhesa 7D small rhombated hemihepteract, cantellated demihepteract  2.207940
sirhin 5D small rhombated hemipenteract, cantellated demipenteract, runcic penteract  1.620185
sirjak 6D small rhombated icosiheptaheptacontidipeton  2.380476
sirn 5D small rhombated penteract, cantellated penteract  2.207107
sirpdo 4D small rhombiprismatodisoctachoron  2.370932
sirpin 5D small retroprismated penteract  1.914214
sirpith 4D small rhombiprismated tesseractihexadecachoron  2.613126
sirsashi 4D small rhombated small stellated hecatonicosachoron  3.963358
sirsei 3D small retrosnub icosiicosahedron, compound of 5 gike  0.587785
sirsid 3D small (inverted) retrosnub icosicosidodecahedron, retrosnub disicosidodecahedron, yog sothoth  0.580695
sirsiddip 4D small-(inverted)-retrosnub-icosicosidodecahedron prism  0.766294
sirsido 3D small retrosnub disoctahedron, compound of 2 gike  0.587785
sis 3D small snubihedron, compound of 6 tet (but not snu)  0.612372
sisdipthi 4D small stellated dipental trishecatonicosachoron  2.497212
sishi 4D small stellated hecatonicosachoron  1
... 4D sishi+gaghi+120did (?)  1
... 4D sishi+gaghi+idhi (?)  1
... 4D sishi+gridixhi (?)  1
... 4D sishi+idhi (?)  1
... 4D sishi+ofiddady (?)  1
... 4D sishi+paphicki+gridaphi (?)  1
..., sishi || fix 5D (degenerate) sishi atop fix, (degenerate) sishi antiprism, (degenerate) fix antiprism ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
sishipy, pt || sishi 5D (degenerate) sishi pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
sisp 4D small swirlprism  1.618034
sissid 3D small stellated dodecahedron, vertex figure of gofix  0.587785
... 3D sissid+3gike (?)  0.587785
sissidadid, sissid || did 4D small stellated dodecahedron atop dodecadodecahedron, small-stellated-dodecahedral cupola  1.064815
sissidagad, sissid || gad 4D small stellated decahedron atop great dodecahedron, sissid antiprism, gad antiprism  1
sissidaraded, sissid || raded 4D small stellated dodecahedron atop rhombidodecadodecahedron, sissid-first cap of padohi  2.497212
sissiddip 4D small-stellated-dodecahedron prism  0.771681
sissidpy 4D small-stellated-dodecahedral pyramid, vertex cap of gofix  0.618034
sistodip 4D square - octagram duoprism  0.890446
sistople (old: stodop) 4D square-octagram plus-prism, octagram diorthoprism, compound of 2 sistodip  1.485633
sit thixady 4D small tritrigonal hecatonicosihexacosidishecatonicosachoron  3.835128
sitphi 4D small tripesic hecatonicosachoron  2.288246
sitpodady 4D small (intersected) tripesic dodecahedronary dishecatonicosachoron  1
sitwadip 4D square - dodecagon duoprism  2.057195
six fipady 4D small hexacosafaceted prismatodishecatonicosachoron  5.236068
sixathi 4D small hexacositriakishecatonicosachoron  2.351141
... 4D six fipady+1200tet (?)  5.236068
sixhidy 4D small hexacosihecatonicosadishecatonicosachoron  2.975584
sixhihy 4D small hexacosihecatonicosihecatonicosachoron  0.763932
sixipady 4D small hexacosiprismatodishecatonicosachoron  6.881910
skatbacadint 5D small skewtrigonary biprismatocellidispenteractitriacontiditeron  1.500000
skiv datapixady 4D small skewverted ditrigonary prismatohexacosadishecatonicosachoron  4.684471
skivcadach 3D small skewverted cubatiapeiroducubatic honeycomb  
skiviphado 4D small skewverted prismatohexadecadisoctachoron  1.414214
skivpacoca 3D small skewverted prismatocubaticubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
sladid (old: sit) 3D small lanceal disdodecahedron, strombic icositetrahedron, deltoidal icositetrahedron, tetragonal icosikaitetrahedron  
sladit 3D small lanceal ditriacontahedron, strombic hexecontahedron, deltoidal hexecontahedron, tetragonal hexecontahedron  
snadow, J84 3D snub disphenoid, snub digonal antiprism  
snahi 4D s3s3s5s, snub hecatonicosachoron, non-uniform alternation of gidpixhi ...
snappoth 4D small spinoprismatotesseractihexadecachoron  1.485633
snasquat 2D snub square tiling  
snathaph 3D snub trigonal-hexagonal prismatic honeycomb  
snathat 2D snub trihexagonal tiling  
sne 3D snub icosiicosahedron, compound of 5 ike  0.951057
snet 4D s3s3s4s, snub tesseract, non-uniform alternation of gidpith ...
snic 3D snub cube, snub cuboctahedron  1.343713
sniccup, K-4.60 4D snub-cube prism, snub-cuboctahedron prism  1.433724
snich 3D s4s3s4s (?), (full) snub cubical honeycomb  
snico 4D s3s4s3s, (full) snubbed icositetrachoron (but not sadi), non-uniform alternation of gippic ...
snid 3D snub dodecahedron, snub icosidodecahedron  2.155837
sniddip, K-4.110 4D snub-dodecahedron prism, snub-icosidodecahedron prism  2.213060
snip 4D s3s3s3s, snub pentachoron, non-uniform alternation of gippid ...
snisquap, J85 3D snub square antiprism  
sno 3D snub octahedron, compound of 4 oct  0.707107
snu 3D snubihedron, compound of 6 tet (but not sis)  0.612372
so 3D stella octangula, compound of 2 tet  0.612372
sobpoxog 6D small biprismated hexeractihexacontatetrapeton, biruncinated hexeract, biruncinated hexacross  2.345208
socco 3D small cubicuboctahedron  1.398966
soccope 4D small-cubicuboctahedron prism  1.485633
sochax 6D small cellated hemihexeract, stericated demihexeract, pentic hexaract  1.322876
sodip, K-4.70 4D square - octagon duoprism  1.485633
sody 4D small deckishecatonicosachoron, compound of 10 ex in hi army, compound of 2 spohi  1.618034
sophax 6D small prismated hemihexeract, runcinated demihexeract  1.658312
sophi 4D small prismatohecatonicosachoron  3.077684
sople (old: odop) 4D square-octagon plus-prism, octagonal diorthoprism, compound of 2 sodip  1.485633
soro 8D small rhombated octeract, cantellated octeract  3.040171
sossa 2D small squarisquariapeirogonal tiling  
sost 2D squarisquaritiling  
soxeb 8D small exiated bi-enneazetton, heptellated enneazetton, expanded enneazetton, lattice A8 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
spaht 4D small prismated demitesseractic tetracomb, small disicositetrachoric tetracomb  
spam (old: skopam) 6D small prismated pentacontitetrapeton, (small hebdomecontadiaprismated pentacontitetrapeton)  2.236068
span 5D small prismated penteract, runcinated penteract  1.914214
spapivady 4D small pentagrammal antiprismatoverted dishecatonicosachoron  1.175571
spaquinoh 5D small prismated quarterpenteractic pentacomb  
spat 5D small prismated triacontiditeron, runcinated pentacross  1.870829
spaz 7D small prismated hecatonicosoctaexon, runcinated heptacross  1.870829
spd{3,5,3}   (old: spt{3,5,3}) 3D semi partial diminishing (old: truncation) of hyperbolic order 3 icosahedral tesselation  0.509376 i
spene 8D small prismated enneazetton, runcinated enneazetton  1.452966
... 4D hexaconta-sphenated id-first deep parabidiminished rahi ...
sphiddix 4D small prismatohecatonicosadishexacosachoron  6.881910
sphihix 4D small prismatohecatonicosahecatonicosahexacosachoron  5.515107
sphixhi 4D small prismatohecatonicosihexacosihecatonicosachoron  4.179968
spic 4D small prismatotetracontoctachoron, runcinated icositetrachoron, expanded icositetrachoron  1.847759
..., spic || srico 5D (degenerate) spic atop srico ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
spiccup 5D small-prismatotetracontoctachoron prism, runcinated-icositetrachoron prism  1.914214
spict 4D small prismated icositetrachoric tetracomb, small prismatotetracontaoctachoric tetracomb  
spid 4D small prismatodecachoron, runcinated pentachoron, expanded pentachoron, tetaco gyrobicupola, vertex figure of cypit, lattice A4 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
spidadeca, spid || deca 5D (degenerate) spid atop deca ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
spidaprip 5D spid atop prip, spid-first monostratic cap of spat  1.870829
spidasrip 5D spid atop srip, spid-first cap of spix  1.190238
spidatip 5D small-prismate-pentachoron atop alternate truncated-pentachoron  1.274755
spiddip 5D small-prismatodecachoron prism  1.118034
spidpy 5D (degenerate) spid pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
spidrox 4D swirlprismatodiminished rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
spidy 4D swirlprismattic dishecatonicosachoron, compound of 24 starpedip  1
spil 6D small prismated heptapeton, runcinated heptapeton  1.309307
... 5D vertex figure of spil  0.924211
spix 5D small prismated hexateron, runcinated hexateron  1.190238
spixady 4D small prismatohexacosadishecatonicosachoron  8.278950
spixalsarx 6D spix atop inverted sarx  1.290994
spixhihy 4D small prismatohexacosihecatonicosihecatonicosachoron  9.744610
spixip 6D small-prismated-hexateron prism  1.290994
... 4D q-laced {3} || gyro trip, vertex figure of srix  0.907485
spo 7D small prismated octaexon, runcinated octaexon  1.391941
spog 6D small prismatohexacontitetrapeton, runcinated hexacross  1.870829
spohi 4D small pentishecatonicosachoron, chiral compound of 5 ex in hi army  1.618034
sporaggix 4D swirlprismatoreplenished rectified grand hexacosachoron  0.726543
spox 6D small prismated hexeract, runcinated hexeract  2.263033
sprapivady 4D small pentagonal retroprismatoverted dishecatonicosachoron  3.077684
spriphi 4D small pseudorhombated prismatohecatonicosachoron  6.735034
... 4D spriphi+600 2thah (?)  6.735034
spript 4D small pseudorhombated prismatotesseract  1.847759
... 4D spript+16 2thah (?)  1.847759
spuho 8D small petated hemiocteract  1.414214
spysp 4D small pyramidic swirlprism  1.618034
squaco 5D square-cuboctahedron duoprism  1.224745
squacu, J4 3D square cupola  1.398966
squacufbil 4D square-cupofastegia biluna, rotunda of quawros, square atop squobcu  
squacupe, K-4.69 4D square-cupola prism, cube atop octagonal prism  1.485633
squadedip, K-4.97 4D square - decagon duoprism  1.765796
squadinit 5D square-diminished nit  1.224745
squadoe 5D square-dodecahedron duoprism  1.569562
squaf, K-4.14 4D square antifastegium, square - squap wedge, {4} || gyro cube, bidiminished octahedral antiprism  0.879465
squagirco 5D square great-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism  2.423081
squagrid 5D square - great-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism  3.867584
squahex 6D square-hexadecachoron duoprism  1
squahi 6D square-hecatonicosachoron duoprism  3.769377
squahix 7D square - hexateron duoprism, vertex figure of bro  0.957427
squahop 8D square - heptapenton duoprism, vertex figure of barn  0.963624
squap 3D square antiprism  0.822664
... 5D squap - square duoprism, {4}-wedge of tessap  1.050501
squapen 6D square-pentachoron duoprism, vertex figure of bersa  0.948683
squappip, K-4.19 4D square-antiprism prism  0.962692
squappy 4D square-antiprismatical pyramid  0.879465
squapt 4D (line-)square-antiprismatic tegum, square-antiprismatic bipyramid, square-pyramidal antiprism  
squarahi 6D square - rectified-hecatonicosachoron duoprism  4.589369
squarap 6D square - rectified-pentachoron duoprism  1.048809
squarico 6D square - rectified-icositetrachoron duoprism  1.870829
squarit 6D square - rectified-tesseract duoprism  1.414214
squarox 6D square - rectified-hexacosachoron duoprism  3.157869
squasc (old: squippypy,
alt: edihex), 4pyr-pyr,
4D square-scalene, square-pyramidal pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal square, 1/4-luna of hex, 4 tet rosette, edge-diminished hex  0.707107
squascop 5D squasc prism, square-scalene prism, square atop cube  0.866025
... 4D squashed hexaconta-sphenated id-first deep parabidiminished rahi ...
squasirco 5D square - small-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism  1.567516
squasnic 5D square - snub-cube duoprism  1.518409
squasnid 5D square - snub-dodecahedron duoprism  2.268840
squasquasc 5D {4} atop squasc  0.790569
squasquippy 5D square-squippy duoprism, squippyp prism  1
squasrid 5D square - small-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism  2.342236
squat 2D square tiling, 2D hypercubical honeycomb2), Voronoi complex of square lattice, Delone complex of square lattice  
squatet 5D square-tetrahedron duoprism, square duofastegium, 2,4-duoprism cupoliprism, vertex figure of brox  0.935414
squati 5D square - truncated-icosahedron duoprism  2.576932
squatic 5D square - truncated-cube duoprism  1.914214
squatid 5D square - truncated-dodecahedron duoprism  3.052479
squatoe (old: squato) 5D square - truncated-octahedron duoprism  1.732051
squatricu 5D square-tricu duoprism  1.224745
squatut 5D square - truncated-tetrahedron duoprism  1.369306
squaw, K-4.64, {8} || squap 4D antitetrawedge, octagon - square-antiprismatic wedge, square gyrobicupolaic ring, {8} || squap, {4} || gyrated squacu  1.447009
squepe 6D square pennene  0.707107
squete 5D square-pyramidal pyramid pyramid, square-tettene, 1/8 of the triacontiditeron  0.707107
squex 6D square-hexacosachoron duoprism  1.765796
squico 6D square-icositetrachoron duoprism  1.224745
squicuf, K-4.73 4D square cupofastegium,
octagon - cube wedge of sidpith, square orthobicupolaic ring, {8} || cube, {4} || squacu, 1/4-luna of quawros
squid 5D square-icosidodecahedron duoprism  1.765796
squiddaf 5D square duoantifastegium, square prism atop bidual square prism  0.895420
squigybcu, J29 3D square gyrobicupola  
squike 5D square-icosahedron duoprism  1.185120
squipdip, K-4.42 4D square-pentagon duoprism  1.106168
squippia squacu, K-4.109 4D square pyramid atop square cupola  1.847759
squippiaco, K-4.31 4D square-pyramid atop cuboctahedron  1
squippiatricu, K-4.32 4D square-pyramid atop triangular-cupola  1
squippy, 4pyr, J1 3D tetragonal pyramid, half of oct  0.707107
squippyippy 5D square-pyramidal-prismatic pyramid, half of vertex pyramid of rectified triacontiditeron  1
squippyp, K-4.12 4D square-pyramidal prism, J1 prism, line || cube, digonal magnabicupolaic ring  0.866025
squipuf, K-4.105 4D square pucofastegium, square - octagon-prismatic wedge, square magnabicupolaic ring, {4} || op, {8} || squacu, square-cap of srit  1.847759
squobcu, J28 3D square orthobicupola  
squoc 9D square - octaexon duoprism, vertex figure of brade  0.968246
squoct 5D square-octahedron duoprism, vertex figure of brinoh  1
sradditdahix 4D small retroditetrahedronary dishecatonicosihexacosachoron  2.288246
sraghi 4D small rhombated grand hecatonicosachoron  2.689994
srahi 4D small rhombated hecatonicosachoron, cantellated hecatonicosachoron  6.735034
..., srahi || xhi 5D (degenerate) srahi atop xhi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
srahip (old: srahipe) 5D small-rhombated-hecatonicosachoron prism  6.753568
sraht 2D small rhombihexagonal tiling  
sram (older: skobram,
oldest skabram)
6D small rhombated pentacontitetrapeton, (small hebdomecontadiabirhombated pentacontitetrapeton)  3.316625
srawv ditathi 4D small retrosphenoverted ditrigonary triakishecatonicosachoron  3.294556
srawv hidy 4D small retrosphenoverted hecatonicosadishecatonicosachoron  3.387054
srawv hixhi 4D small retrosphenoverted hecatonicosihexacosihecatonicosachoron  6.073594
srawvathi 4D small retrosphenoverted triakishecatonicosachoron  4.352502
srawvixady 4D small retrosphenoverted hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  6.735034
srek 8D small rhombated diacosipentacontahexazetton, cantellated octacross  1.732051
srene 8D small rhombated enneazetton, cantellated enneazetton  1.452966
srich 3D small rhombated cubic honeycomb, cantellated cubic honeycomb  
srico 4D small rhombated icositetrachoron, cantellated icositetrachoron  2.613126
..., srico || cont 5D (degenerate) srico atop cont ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., srico || prico 5D (degenerate) srico atop prico ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
sricoalsrico, srico || gyro srico 5D small-rhombated-icositetrachoron atop gyrated small-rhombated-icositetrachoron  2.632865
sricope (old: sripe) 5D small-rhombated-icositetrachoron prism, cantellated-icositetrachoron prism  2.660531
sricot 4D small rhombated demitesseractic tetracomb, small prismatodisicositetrachoric tetracomb  
srid 3D small rhombicosidodecahedron, expanded icosahedron, expanded dodecahedron  2.232951
..., xFoFx3ooooo5xofox&#xt  
4D bilunabirotundic rhombicosidodecahedron prism, castellated rhombicosidodecahedral prism  
srida gridtum 4D bistratic srid-cap of prahi, (srid,grid)-based tutsachoron, (srid,grid)-based tutism  8.278950
sridaphi 4D small retroinverted dodecahedronary prismatohecatonicosachoron  1
sridati, srid || ti, K-4.126 4D small-rhombicosidodecahedron atop truncated-icosahedron  2.485450
sridatid, K-4.159 4D small rhombicosidodecahedron atop truncated dodecahedron, small-rhombicosidodecahedral cap of small rhombated hecatonicosachoron  6.735034
sridatidu 4D expanded axially-icosahedral ursachoron, (srid,tid)-based ursulate  3.077684
sriddip, K-4.111 4D small-rhombicosidodecahedron prism  2.288246
sridixhi 4D small retroinverted dodecahedronary hexacosahecatonicosachoron  1
sril 6D small rhombated heptapeton, cantellated heptapeton  1.362770
srip 4D small rhombated pentachoron, cantellated pentachoron  1.183216
sripa gippidtum 5D srip-first bistratic cap of pithin, (srip,gippid)-based tutsateron, (srip,gippid)-based tutism  2.371708
sripadeca 5D srip atop deca, srip-first half of sibrid  1.414214
sripadecu 5D (srip,deca)-based ursateron  1.514954
sripagrip 5D srip atop grip, srip-first cap of sibrant  2.236068
sripal pripu 5D (srip,inv.prip)-based ursateron  1.637956
sripalgrip, srip || inv grip 5D (degenerate) srip atop inverted grip ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
sripalprip 5D srip atop inverted prip, srip-first cap of sart  1.732051
sripaltip 5D srip atop inverted tip  1.274755
sripaprip 5D srip atop prip, srip-first cap of card  1.658312
sripatip 5D srip atop tip, srip-first segment of sarx  1.290994
sriphi 4D small retropental hecatonicosachoron  3.077684
srippip 5D small-rhombated-pentachoron prism  1.284523
srit 4D small rhombated tesseract, cantellated tesseract  1.847759
..., srit || proh 5D (degenerate) srit atop proh ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
srittip 5D small-rhombated-tesseract prism  1.914214
srittit 4D small rhombitesseractic tetracomb, cantellated tesseractic tetracomb  
srix 4D small rhombated hexacosachoron, cantellated hexacosachoron  6.073594
srixasrahi 5D (degenerate) srix atop srahi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
srixip 5D small-rhombated-hexacosachoron prism, cantellated-hexacosachoron prism  6.094140
srocgrin 5D small retrocelligreat rhombated penteract  3.988340
srog 6D small rhombihexacontitetrapeton, cantellated hexacross  1.732051
sroh 3D small rhombihexahedron  1.398966
... 3D sroh+8{6/2} (?)  1.398966
srox 6D small rhombated hexeract, cantellated hexeract  2.515637
stacu 3D pentagrammic cupola, star cupola  0.866025
stade 5D stellated dodecateron, compound of 2 hix  0.645497
stadidip 4D decagram-decagram duoprism  0.874032
staf (interim: stef) 6D small terated tetradecapeton, pentellated heptapeton, expanded heptapeton, lattice A6 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
stap 3D stellar antiprism, 5/2-antiprism  0.656431
stappy, 5/2-pyr 3D pentagrammic pyramid, stellated pentagonal pyramid  0.587785
stappyp 4D pentagram-pyramidal prism, line || stip  0.771681
stardedip 4D pentagram - decagon duoprism  1.701302
stardip 4D pentagram-pentagram duoprism  0.743496
starodip 4D pentagram - octagon duoprism  1.408368
starp (old: restap) 3D stellar retroprism (retrograde stellar antiprism), 5/3-antiprism  0.587785
starpedip (older: stipdip,
oldest: starpendip)
4D pentagram-pentagon duoprism, stellar (pentagonal) pentagonal diprism  1
starpedippy, pt || starpedip 5D (degenerate) starpedip pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
stasc (old: stappypy) 4D stellar scalene, pentagram-scalene, pentagram-pyramidal pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal pentagram, 5 tet two-step rosette  0.618034
stastidedip 4D pentagram - decagram duoprism  0.811393
stastodip 4D pentagram - octagram duoprism  0.754511
stawros 4D pentagrammic ({10} || pip-)wedge rosette, bridge cyclopentaaugmented starpedip, ring-augmented starpedip  
sted 4D stellated decachoron, compound of 2 pen  0.632456
stef 6D stellated tetradecapeton, compound of 2 hop  0.654654
stefacoth 4D small tesseractifaceted cubitesseractihexadecachoron  1.485633
steth 4D small tesseractitesseractihexadecachoron  1.485633
stico 4D stellated icositetrachoron, stella tegmata, compound of 3 hex  0.707107
stiddip 3D stellated decagonal prism, 10/3-prism, 10-prism with winding number 3  0.794963
stip 3D stellated pentagonal prism, 5/2-prism, 5-prism with winding number 2, vertex figure of raggix  0.725530
stippy 4D stellated-pentagonal prismatic pyramid, vertex pyramid of the rectified grand hexacosachoron  0.726543
stiscu 3D pentagrammic cuploid, star semicupola  0.866025
sto 4D small trisoctachoron, small triakisoctachoron  1.224745
... 4D sto+16tet (?)  1.224745
stoc 4D stellated tetracontoctachoron, compound of 2 ico  1
stodatixhi 4D small toroidoditrigonary hexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.732051
stodip 4D octagram-octagram duoprism  0.765367
stoditpix 4D small toroidoditrigonary prismatohexacosichoron  1.732051
stop (old: sop) 3D stellated octagonal prism, 8/3-prism, 8-prism with winding number 3  0.736813
stotet 5D octagram-tetrahedron duoprism, octagram duofastegium  0.817247
stotoe 5D octagram truncated-octahedron duoprism, star-octagon truncated-octahedron duoprism  1.671195
stoxog 6D small terated hexeractihexacontatetrapeton, pentellated hexeract, pentellated hexacross  1.645329
stut cadoca 3D small tritrigonary cubatidicubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
stut dixady 4D small tritrigonal dihexacosidihecatonicosachoron  3.835128
stut phiddix 4D small tritrigonal prismatohecatonicosidishexacosachoron  3.835128
stut pixady 4D small tritrigonal prismatohexacosidihecatonicosachoron  3.835128
stut thix 4D small tritrigonal trishecatonicosihexacosachoron  3.835128
stut xethi 4D small tritrigonal hexacositrishecatonicosachoron  3.835128
suph 7D small petated hexadecaexon, hexicated octaexon, expanded octaexon, lattice A7 contact polytope (span of its roots)  1
suti 4D small tetrakisicositetrachoron  1.608038
swav ditathi 4D small sphenoverted ditrigonary triakishecatonicosachoron  2.572554
swavathi 4D small sphenoverted triakishecatonicosachoron  2.093315
swavixady 4D small sphenoverted hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  3.294556


... 3D rhombical dodeca-augmented snub-dodecahedral variant, rhombi-propello-icosahedron  
... 3D rhombical octa-augmented truncated-octehedral variant  
... 3D expanded octa-augmented truncated-octehedral variant  
... 3D rhombical hexa-augmented snub-cubical variant, rhombi-propello-octahedron  
tabene 4D rectified-icositetrachoron dual, trigonal-bipyramidal enneacontahexachoron, surtegmated icositetrachoron  
tac 5D triacontiditeron, pentacross5), aeropet(id), pentachoral antiprism, vertex figure of gee, Gosset polytopes 21,1, lattice C5 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  0.707107
taccarat 6D triacontaditeron atop rectified triacontaditeron, tac-first rotunda of rectified hexacontitetrapeton  1
taccup 6D triacontiditeron prism, vertex figure of rez  0.866025
tacog 6D tericellated hexacontitetrapeton, pentitruncated hexeract  3.121320
tacogral (old: gatocral) 6D tericelligreatorhombated heptapeton, pentistericantitruncated heptapeton  2.976095
tacox 6D tericellated hexeract, pentitruncated hexacross  2.474130
tacpy 7D triacontaditeric pyramid, vertex-first rotunda of gee  0.707107
tacpy 6D triacontaditeric pyramid, vertex-first rotunda of gee  0.707107
tactaf 6D tericellitruncated tetradecapeton, pentisteritruncated heptapeton  2.236068
tag 6D truncated hexacontitetrapeton  1.581139
taggix 4D truncated grand hexacosachoron  1.199039
taghi 4D truncated grand hecatonicosachoron  3.477092
tagopal (old: gatopal) 6D terigreatoprismated heptapeton, pentiruncicantitruncated heptapeton  3.116775
tagyrid, J74 3D trigyrated rhombicosidodecahedron  2.232951
tah 4D tesseractihexadecachoron, bitruncated tesseract, bitruncated hexadecachoron, runcicantic tesseract  2.121320
..., tah || grit 5D (degenerate) tah atop grit ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
tahagtah, tah || gyro tah 5D tah atop gyro tah  2.150581
tahatico 5D tah atop tico, tah-first segment of pirt  3
tahgyt 6D tesseractihexadecachoric gyrotrigonism  2.160247
tahi 4D triakishecatonicosachoron  2
tahp 5D tesseractihexadecachoron prism, bitruncated-tesseract prism, bitruncated-hexadecachoron prism  2.179449
taki 3D truncated chiro-icosahedron, compound of 5 tut  1.172604
talq 7D truncated pentacontihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon  2.645751
tan 5D truncated penteract  2.465447
tanoh 5D truncated penteractic pentacomb  
tanq 7D truncated hecatonicosihexapentacosiheptacontihexaexon  2.179449
taope 5D triangle atop octahedral-prism  0.866025
taporf (old: staporf) 6D teriprismatorhombitetradecapeton, pentiruncicantellated heptapeton  2.449490
tapox (old: stapox) 6D teriprismated hexeract, penticantellated hexacross  2.707107
tar (old: harie) 3D truncated rhombihedron, hyperhombicosicosahedron, compound of 5 tic  1.778824
targi 3D trireplinished great icosahedron  0.587785
tark 8D trirectified diacosipentacontahexazetton  1.414214
tarv 9D trirectified pentacosidodecayotton  1.414214
tasa 7D truncated hepteract  2.998773
tassiph 3D truncated square prismatic honeycomb  
tat 4D truncated tesseract  2.149726
..., tat || grit 5D (degenerate) tat atop grit ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., tat || prit 5D (degenerate) tat atop prit ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
tatoh 3D truncated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, truncated alternated cubic honeycomb, cantic cubic honeycomb  
tattip 5D truncated-tesseract prism  2.207107
tattit 4D truncated tesseractic tetracomb  
tattoc 7D tritruncated octaexon  1.854050
tau ope 4D tetra-augmented ope  
tau tope 4D tetra-augmented tope  
taud, J61 3D metabiaugmented dodecahedron  
tauhip, J57 3D triaugmented hexagonal prism  
tautid, J71 3D triaugmented truncated dodecahedron  
tautip, J51 3D triaugmented trigonal prism  
tautipip 4D triaugmented-triangular-prism prism  
tautisdip 4D triaugmented 3,4-duoprism ...
taz 7D truncated hecatonicosoctaexon, truncated heptacross  1.581139
te 3D truncated icosiicosahedron, compound of 10 tut  1.172604
teddi adoe, teddi || doe, K-4.83 4D tridiminished-icosahedron atop dodecahedron, triminished segment of vertex-first hexacosachoron  1.618034
teddi aid, teddi || id, K-4.147 4D tridiminished icosahedron atop icosidodecahedron  3.077684
teddi, J63 3D tridiminished icosahedron, ursahedron, vertex figure of sadi  0.951057
teddipe 4D tridiminished-icosahedron prism  1.074481
teddipy, K-4.88 4D tridiminished-icosahedral pyramid  1.618034
tedhin 5D tetradiminished hemipenteract, square || hex  0.790569
tedjak (alt.: hexgyt,
6D tridiminished icosiheptaheptacontidipeton, tridiminished 22,1, hexadecachoral gyrotrigonism  0.816497
tedrid, J83 3D tridiminished rhombicosidodecahedron, magnaursahedron  2.232951
tedrix 5D tridiminished rectified hexateron, lace simplex of 3 mutually orthogonal squares  0.816497
tehipau tuttip 4D hip-wise tetra-augmented tuttip  
tek 8D truncated diacosipentacontahexazetton, truncated octacross  1.581139
tekah 3D tetrakis hexahedron, apiculated cube  
telex 4D vertex first tele-elongated hexacosachoron  
tene 8D truncated enneazetton  1.414214
tepaco (alt.: tettet cotric) 5D tepe atop co, 0.217953-luna of scad, (tet,tet,co)-trigonic  1
tepacube 5D tepe || cube, bidrap prism, bi-edge-dimin. rappip, wedge-faceted rappip  0.921954
tepasc 6D tetrahedral-prismatic scalene, tetrahedron-prism-pyramid pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal tetrahedron prism  0.866025
tepatut (alt.: tettet tuttric) 5D tepe atop tut, tepe-first wedge of siphin, (tet,tet,tut)-trigonic  1.274755
tepcus 3D tetrapod-cut-sirco  1.398966
tepdid 3D tripentadiminished icosidodecahedron  1.618034
tepe, K-4.9
(alt: dycuf)
4D tetrahedron prism, line || trip, square - square bi-wedge, digonal orthobicupolaic ring, vertex figure of rix, dyadic cupolafastegium  0.790569
tepeacope 5D tepe atop cope, tepe-first half of spiddip  1.118034
tepeatuttip 5D tepe atop tuttip, tetatut-prism  1.322876
tepepy 5D tetrahedral-prismatic pyramid, vertex pyramid of rectified hexateron  0.816497
tepepyp 6D tetrahedral-prismatic pyramid prism, prism of tepepy  0.957427
teppix (old: dattix) 4D tripesic hexacosachoron, compound of 60 deca  1.414214
tes (alt.: squadip),
4D tesseract, octachoron, "hypercube", 4D measure-polytope4), 8-cell, geoter(id), square duoprism, vertex figure of icot  1
..., tes || sadi 5D tes atop sadi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., tes || srit 5D (degenerate) tes atop srit ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
tespy 5D (degenerate) tes pyramid ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
tessap 5D tesseract antiprism, hexadecachoron antiprism  1.050501
tessarit 5D tesseract atop rectified tesseract  1.227160
test 4D tesseractic tetracomb, 4D hypercubical honeycomb4), Voronoi complex of C4 lattice, Delone complex of C4 lattice  
tet 3D tetrahedron, 3D simplex3), pyrochor(id), regular trigonal pyramid, digonal antiprism, regular (di)sphenoid, hemicube, smaller Delone cell of face-centered cubic (fcc) lattice, regular line-scalene, regular (point-)tettene, vertex figure of pen, Gosset polytope 02  0.612372
teta ope (alt.: octarap,
tetoct octtric)
5D tetrahedron atop octahedron-prism, octahedron atop rectified-pentachoron, half of dodecateron (its tet-first rotunda), (tet,oct,oct)-trigonic  0.866025
teta tuttip (alt.: tettut tuttric) 5D tet atop tuttip, tet-first cap of sirhin, (tet,tut,tut)-trigonic  1.620185
tetaco altut 4D tetrahedron atop cuboctahedron atop inverted truncated tetrahedron ...
tetaco ausrip 4D tetaco-augmented srip  
tetaco, tet || co, K-4.23 4D tetrahedron atop cuboctahedron, tetrahedral rotunda of small prismatodecachoron  1
tetacoaoct 4D octahedron atop (pseudo) cuboctahedron atop tetrahedron  1
tetacope 5D tet atop cope, tet-first segment of spix  1.190238
tetaf (alt.: tetaltepe,
tettet altettric)
5D tetrahedral antifastegium, tet atop inverted tepe, tet-first rotunda of hin, (tet,tet,dual tet)-trigonic  0.790569
tetafip 6D prism of tetrahedral antifastegium, tetaf prism, tepe atop inverted squatet, half of hinnip  0.935414
tetal tetdip 7D tet atop dual tetdip  0.935414
tetal tratet 6D tetrahedron atop alternate triangle,tetrahedron-duoprism  0.866025
tetaltut, tet || inv. tut 4D (degenerate) tetrahedron atop inverted truncated tetrahedron, (degenerate) tetrahedron atop alternate truncated tetrahedron ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
tetatricu, tet || tricu, K-4.24 4D tetrahedron atop trigonal cupola, 0.290215-luna of small prismatodecachoron  1
tetatut, K-4.56 4D tetrahedron atop truncated tetrahedron, tetrahedral cap of rectified tesseract  1.224745
tetco 6D tetrahedron-cuboctahedron duoprism  1.172604
tetco tuttric 5D (tet,co,tut)-trigonic  1.274755
tetcube 6D tetrahedron - cube duoprism  1.060660
tetcubedaw (alt.: daworsquip) 5D (tet,cube)-disphenoid, 1/6-lune of dodecateron, digonal antiprism atop axis-orthogonal square prism  0.866025
... 3D tetrahedrally diminished dodecahedron, vertex figure of pd{3,5,3}  1.401259
tetdip 6D tetrahedron-tetrahedron duoprism, vertex figure of he  0.866025
tetdippy 7D tetdip pyramid, vertex pyramid of he  1
tetdoe 6D tetrahedron-dodecahedron duoprism  1.529224
tete (old: tedpy) 4D (line-)tetrahedron-tegum, tetrahedral bipyramid  
tethex 7D tetrahedron - hexadecachoron duoprism, vertex figure of tark  0.935414
tethex aico 8D tethex atop ico  1
tethix 8D tetrahedron-hexateron duoprism, vertex figure of treday  0.889757
tetid 6D tetrahedron-icosidodecahedron duoprism  1.730039
tetike 6D tetrahedron-icosahedron duoprism  1.131154
tetoct 6D tetrahedron-octahedron duoprism, vertex figure of sez  0.935414
tetpen 7D tetrahedron-pentachoron duoprism, vertex figure of trene  0.880341
tetrap 7D tetrahedron - rectified-pentachoron duoprism, vertex figure of torfy  0.987421
tetripau tuttip 4D trip-wise tetra-augmented tuttip  
tettac 8D tetrahedron-triacontiditeron duoprism, vertex figure of tarv  0.935414
tettepe 7D tetrahedron-tetrahedron duoprismatic prism, vertex figure of 03,3,1  1
tettes 7D tetrahedron-tesseract duoprism  1.172604
tetu 4D axially-tetrahedral ursachoron ofx3xoo3ooo&#xt, tet-based ursulate, vertex figure of sadit  1
tewau thawrorh 4D tetra-augmented thawro rhombochoron ...
tex 4D truncated hexacosachoron  4.643523
..., tex || sidpixhi 5D (degenerate) tex atop sidpixhi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
texip 5D truncated-hexacosachoron prism  4.749980
tha 2D trigonal hemiapeirogonal tesselation  
thah 3D tetrahemihexahedron, vertex figure of tho  0.707107
thahp 4D tetrahemihexahedral prism, vertex figure of rhohid  0.866025
thaph 3D truncated-hexagonal prismatic honeycomb  
thaquitoth 4D tesseractihexadecaquasitruncated tesseractihexadecachoron  1.338990
thaquitpath 4D tesseractihexadecaquasitruncated prismatotesseractihexadecachoron  2.326846
that 2D trihexagonal tiling, Kagomé tiling  
thatoth 4D tesseractihexadecatruncated tesseractihexadecachoron  1.790840
thatpath 4D tesseractihexadecatruncated prismatotesseractihexadecachoron  1.608038
thawro, J92 3D triangular hebesphenorotunda  
... 4D thawro pyrite, octa-diminishing of id - srid - F-ike - ti tower ...
thawrorh 4D thawro rhombochoron ...
... 4D thawro-wedged 1/6-luna of hexacosachoron ...
... 4D thawro-wedged 2/6-luna of hexacosachoron ...
... 4D thawro wedge ...
thax 6D truncated hemihexeract  1.581139
thesa 7D truncated demihepteract  2.423840
thex 4D truncated hexadecachoron, cantic tesseract  1.581139
..., thex || prit 5D (degenerate) thex atop prit ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
thexag thex, thex || gyro thex 5D thex atop gyro thex, equatorial segment of sirhin  1.620185
thexagtah 5D thex atop gyrated tah  2.371708
thexatah 5D (degenerate) thex atop tah ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
thexgyt (alt.: pex tedjak) 6D truncated-hexadecachoral gyrotrigonism, partially expanded tridiminished icosiheptaheptacontidipeton, partially expanded tridiminished 21,2  1.632993
thexip 5D truncated-hexadecachoron prism  1.658312
thext 4D truncated hexadecachoric tetracomb, truncated demitesseractic tetracomb, cantic tesseractic tetracomb  
thi 4D truncated hecatonicosachoron  8.218334
thiddip, K-4.47 4D triangle - hexagon duoprism, hexagon - hip wedge  1.154701
thin 5D truncated hemipenteract, cantic penteract  1.903943
thinoh 5D truncated hemipenteractic pentacomb  
thipe 5D truncated-hecatonicosachoron prism  4.670365
thiph 3D triangular-hexagonal prismatic honeycomb  
tho 4D tesseractihemioctachoron, octahemioctachoron, vertex figure of hehad  0.707107
thocto 8D truncated hemiocteract  2.645751
thoot thibbit 4D tomohexagonal-omnitruncated-trihexagonal duoprismatic tetracomb  
thorahbit 4D tomohexagonal-rhombitrihexagonal duoprismatic tetracomb  
thot thibbit 4D trihexagonal-omnitruncated-trihexagonal duoprismatic tetracomb  
thotithit 2D trihexagonaltruncated trihexagonal tiling  
thrathibbit 4D trihexagonal-rhombitrihexagonal duoprismatic tetracomb  
ti 3D truncated icosahedron, buckyball, Goldberg polyhedron GP(1,1)  2.478019
tiatid, ti || tid, K-4.151 4D truncated icosahedron atop truncated dodecahedron  3.835128
tibbic 4D rectified-hecatonicosachoron dual, triangular-bipyramidal chilliadiacosichoron, surtegmated hexacosachoron  
tibbid (alt.: durap) 4D rectified-pentachoron dual, triangular-bipyramidal decachoron, surtegmated pentachoron  
tic 3D truncated cube, truncated hexahedron  1.778824
... 4D expanded augmented axially-octahedral ursachoron ofx3xoo4xxx&#xt  
tica gircobcu 4D ticagirco bicupola  
ticagirco, K-4.128 4D truncated cube atop great rhombicuboctahedron, truncated-cubical cap of prismatorhombated hexadecachoron, cuboctahedral supra-cap of small rhombated icositetrachoron  2.613126
ticcup, K-4.99 4D truncated-cube prism  1.847759
tich 3D truncated cubic honeycomb  
tico 4D truncated icositetrachoron, cantitruncated hexadecachoron  2.645751
..., tico || gidpith 5D (degenerate) tico atop gidpith ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., tico || gyro prico 5D (degenerate) tico atop gyrated prico ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
..., tico || prissi 5D tico atop prissi  2.647378
ticope 5D truncated-icositetrachoron prism  2.692582
ticot 4D truncated icositetrachoric tetracomb  
... 2D infinite polyhedron from alternating tic/tut structure  
tid 3D truncated dodecahedron  2.969449
... 4D expanded augmented axially-icosahedral ursachoron ofxo3xooo5xxxx&#xt  
... 4D triaconta-sphenated id-first tristratic sub-cap of rahi ...
tidagrid, tid || grid, K-4.173 4D truncated dodecahedron atop great rhombicosidodecahedron, truncated-dodecahedral cap of prismatorhombated hexacosichoron  9.744610
tiddip, K-4.130 4D truncated-dodecahedron prism  3.011250
tidimex (alt.: idimtex) 4D truncated icosidiminished hexacosachoron, icosidiminished truncated hexacosachoron  4.643523
tidox (old: togex) 4D truncated dodecahedronary-hexacosachoron (truncated great hexacosachoron), compound of 25 tico  2.645751
tidtidohi 4D truncated ditrigonal dishecatonicosachoron  2.645751
tiffix 4D truncated faceted hexacosichoron  4.643523
tiffy 8D truncated dischiliahectohexaconta-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton  2.645751
tigaghi 4D truncated great grand hecatonicosachoron  2
tigfix 4D truncated great faceted hexacosichoron  1.199039
tiggidtixhi 4D truncated great ditrigonal hexacosihecatonicosachoron  2.645751
tiggipe 4D truncated-great-icosahedron prism  1.165943
tiggy 3D truncated great icosahedron, great truncated icosahedron  1.053292
tighi 4D truncated great hecatonicosachoron  3.477092
tigid 3D truncated great dodecahedron  1.876844
tigiddip 4D truncated-great-dodecahedron prism  1.942303
tikit 3D triakis tetrahedron, apiculated tetrahedron  
tikko 3D triakis octahedron, apiculated octahedron  
til 6D truncated heptapeton  1.362771
tim 6D truncated pentacontitetrapeton  2.645751
tin 5D triacontadipenteract  1.414214
... 3D vertex figure of triacontadipenteract  0.935414
tip (alt: tettum) 4D truncated pentachoron, tet-based tutsatope, tet-based tutism  1.264911
tipadeca 5D tip atop deca, 2nd segment of rin in pen-first orientation  1.414214
tipagrip 5D tip atop grip  2.150581
tipalprip 5D tip atop inverted prip  1.632993
tipaprip, tip || prip 5D (degenerate) tip atop prip ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
tipe, K-4.127 4D truncated-icosahedron prism  2.527959
tiph 3D triangular prismatic honeycomb, Delone complex of unit-stacked hexagonal lattice  
tippip 5D truncated-pentachoron prism  1.360147
tisadi (alt.: idtex) 4D truncated snub icositetrachoron, icositetradiminished truncated hexacosachoron  4.643523
tiscsrix 4D tristratic icosidodecahedron-first cap of small rhombihexacosachoron  6.073594
tisdip, K-4.18 4D triangle - square duoprism, square - cube wedge, vertex figure of nit  0.912871
tisdipah 5D tisdip atop hexagon  1
tisdippy 5D triangle-square-duoprism pyramid, vertex pyramid of nit  1.224745
tisquippy 5D triangle-squippy douprism, half of troct, (triangle,trip,trip)-trigonic  0.912871
tissidtixhi 4D truncated small ditrigonal hexacosihecatonicosachoron  2.645751
tisso 3D truncated stella octangula, compound of 2 tut  1.172604
tisthit 4D triangular-simotrihexagonal tetracomb  
tistodip 4D triangle - octagram duoprism, octagram - stop wedge  0.791345
titam (older: cacram,
totam, tomak,
6D tritruncated pentacontitetrapeton, (centrocellirhombated pentacontitetrapeton, trunkated pentacontitetraheptacontidipeton, heptacontiditruncated pentacontitetrapeton)  3.741657
titanoh 5D tritruncated penteractic pentacomb, Voronoi complex of body-centered penteractic lattice (lattice D5*)  
titdi 3D tri-trigonally diminished icosahedron, (subsymmetrically) tristellated-dodecahedron, tri-kis-dodecahedron, dual of teddi, vertex figure of tridex  
titho 4D truncated tesseractihemioctachoron  1.581139
titwadip 4D triangle - dodecagon duoprism, dodecagon - twip wedge  2.016280
tix (alt.: pentum) 5D truncated hexateron, pen-based tutism  1.322876
tixip 6D truncated-hexateron prism  1.414214
toagirco, toe || girco, K-4.149 4D truncated octahedron atop great rhombicuboctahedron, truncated octahedral cap of prismatorhombated icositetrachoron  3.498949
toagircoatic 4D toe atop girco atop tic  
toatic, toe || tic, K-4.98 4D truncated octahedron atop truncated cube  1.785406
tobcu, J27 3D triangular orthobicupola, vertex figure of gytoh  1
tobcuatut, tobcu || tut, K-4.49 4D triangular-orthobicupola atop truncated-tetrahedron  1.183216
tobcupe, K-4.44 4D triangular-orthobicupola prism  1.118034
toby (old: tobay) 8D truncated diacositetracont-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton  4
toc 7D truncated octaexon  1.391941
tocal 6D teracellated heptapeton, pentitruncated heptapeton  1.647509
tocral (old: stocral) 6D tericellirhombated heptapeton, pentiruncitruncated heptapeton  2.329929
tocto 8D truncated octeract  3.232607
todip, K-4.59 4D triangle - octagon duoprism, octagon - op wedge  1.428440
todithix 4D toroidoditrigonary hecatonicosihexacosichoron  1.732051
todtixhi 4D toroidal ditrigonal hexacosihecatonicosachoron  1.732051
toe 3D truncated octahedron, omnitruncated tetrahedron, Voronoi cell of body-centered cubic (bcc) lattice  1.581139
togral (old: gotral) 6D terigreatorhombated heptapeton, penticantitruncated heptapeton  2.390457
tojak 6D truncated icosiheptaheptacontidipeton  2
topag (old: stopag) 6D teriprismated hexacontitetrapeton, penticantellated hexeract  2.921564
topal (old: stopal) 6D teriprismated heptapeton, penticantellated heptapeton  1.690309
topax 5D ???  1.190238
... 4D vertex figure of topax  0.907485
tope, K-4.89 4D truncated-octahedron prism  1.658312
topfu 3D two-op-fusion  1.398966
torfy 8D trirectified dischiliahectohexaconta-myriaheptachiliadiacosioctaconta-zetton, t3(41,2)  3.162278
... 3D toroidal pentagrammic bicuploid, star semicupolaic diabolo  
... 2D toroidal tiler  
tosot thibbit 4D tomosquare-omnitruncated-trihexagonal duoprismatic tetracomb  
tosquat 2D truncated square tiling  
tot 5D truncated triacontiditeron, truncated pentacross  1.581139
tox 6D truncated hexeract  2.745093
toxat 2D truncated hexagonal tiling  
traco (alt.: cocoe cotric) 5D triangle - cuboctahedron duoprism, (co,co,co)-trigonic  1.154701
tracope 6D triangle-cuboctahedron duoprismatic prism  1.258306
tracube 5D triangle - cube duoprism  1.040833
tracufbil 4D triangular-cupofastegia biluna, {3} || tricu || {3}, 0.419569-luna of gyspid  1
tradedip, K-4.94 4D triangle - decagon duoprism, decagon - dip wedge  1.717954
tradoe 5D triangle - dodecahedron duoprism  1.515539
tradope 6D triangle-dodecahedron duoprismatic prism  1.595888
traf, K-4.6 4D triangular antifastegium, triangle oct wedge, {3} || gyro trip, {3} || oct, (vertex-) diminished rap  0.774597
traffip 5D traf prism, trip atop inverted tisdip  0.921954
trafpy 5D triangular antifastegium pyramid, (triangular prism, gyro triangular pyramid)-disphenoid  0.790569
tragirco 5D triangle - great-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism  2.388442
tragrid 5D triangle - great-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism  3.845977
trahex 6D triangle - hexadecachoron duoprism, vertex figure of barz  0.912871
trahex aico 7D trahex atop ico  1
trahexpy 7D trahex pyramid, vertex pyramid of barz  1.224745
trahi 6D triangle - hecatonicosachoron duoprism  3.747204
trahin 7D triangle - hemipenteract duoprism, vertex figure of borfy  0.978945
trahip (old: thiddippip) 5D triangle hexagonal-prism duoprism, triangle-hexagon duoprismatic prism  1.258306
trahix 7D triangle - hexateron duoprism, vertex figure of brene  0.866025
traltisdip 5D triangle atop gyrated tisdip  1
trapedip, K-4.34 4D triangle - pentagon duoprism, pentagon - pip wedge  1.028076
trapen 6D triangle - pentachoron duoprism, vertex figure of broc  0.856349
trapip (old: trapedippip) 5D triangle pentagonal-prism duoprism, triangle-pentagon duoprismatic prism  1.143215
traquith 5D triangle quasitruncated-cube duoprism  0.817997
trarahi 6D triangle - rectified-hecatonicosachoron duoprism  4.571175
trarap 6D triangle - rectified-pentachoron duoprism, vertex figure of branq  0.966092
trarico 6D triangle - rectified-icositetrachoron duoprism  1.825742
trarit 6D triangle - rectified-tesseract duoprism  1.354006
trarox 6D triangle - rectified-hexacosachoron duoprism  3.131369
trashiddip 5D triangle atop shiddip  1.732051
trasirco 5D triangle small-rhombicuboctahedron duoprism  1.513420
trasnic 5D triangle - snub-cube duoprism  1.462497
trasnid 5D triangle - snub-dodecahedron duoprism  2.231808
traspid 6D triangle - small-prismated-pentachoron duoprism  1.154701
trasrid 5D triangle - small-rhombicosidodecahedron duoprism  2.306383
trat 2D triangular tiling, Delone complex of hexagonal lattice  
tratac 7D triangle - triacontiditeron duoprism, vertex figure of bark  1.154701
tratepe 6D triangle-tetrahedron-duoprism prism, vertex figure of rolin  0.978945
tratess 6D triangle - tesseract duoprism  1.154701
tratet (alt.: tettet tettric) 5D triangle - tetrahedron duoprism, triangle duofastegium, vertex figure of bril, (tet,tet,tet)-trigonic  0.841625
tratet altroct 6D triangle-tetrahedron duoprism atop gyrated triangle-octahedron duoprism, vertex-first medial segment of birectified heptapeton  0.925820
tratetpy 6D (triangle,tetrahedron)-duoprism pyramid, vertex-pyramid of bril  0.925820
trathiddip 5D triangle atop thiddip, triangle-first cap of sarx  1.290994
trati 5D triangle - truncated-icosahedron duoprism  2.544388
tratic 5D triangle truncated-cube duoprism  1.870173
tratid 5D triangle - truncated-dodecahedron duoprism  3.025056
tratoe (alt.: totoe totric) 5D triangle truncated-octahedron duoprism, (toe,toe,toe)-trigonic  1.683251
tratratrip 7D triangle - triangle - triangle - triprismatic prism  1.118034
tratrip (old: triddippip) 5D triangle triangular-prism duoprism, triangle-triangle duoprismatic prism, vertex figure of ram  0.957427
tratut (alt.: tuttut tuttric) 5D triangle truncated-tetrahedron duoprism, (tut,tut,tut)-trigonic  1.307032
traw, K-4.27 4D trigonal antitriwedge, hexagon - octahedral wedge, triangular gyrobicupolaic ring, {6} || oct, {3} || gyrated tricu, 1/6-luna of ico  1
trawp (alt.: opea hip) 5D traw prism, ope atop hip, 1/6-lune of icope  1.118034
traxh 6D tri-rectified hexeractic pentacomb, Voronoi complex of body-centered hexeractic lattice (lattice D6*)  
treday 9D trirectified decayotton, Gosset polytope 05,3  1.095445
trene 8D trirectified enneazetton, Gosset polytope 04,3  1.054093
trex 6D triangle - hexacosachoron duoprism  1.717954
trial trahex 7D triangle atop inverted trahex  1
trial tratet 6D triangle atop dual tratet, triangle-first cap of ril  0.845154
trial tricupe 5D triangle atop gyrated tricupe, (triangle,gyro trip,hip)-trigonic  1.224745
trial triddip 5D {3} atop gyrated triddip, {3}-first cap of rix  0.816497
tribbit 4D triangular duoprismatic tetracomb  
trico 6D triangle - icositetrachoron duoprism  1.154701
tricu, J3 3D triangular cupola, half of cuboctahedron  1
tricuatut, tricu || tut, K-4.50 4D triangular-cupola atop truncated-tetrahedron  1.183216
tricuf, K-4.25 4D trigonal cupofastegium, hexagon - triangle-prismatic wedge, triangle orthobicupolaic ring, {6} || trip, {3} || tricu, 0.209785-luna of small prismatodecachoron  1
tricufip 5D tricuf prism  1.118034
tricupe, K-4.45 4D triangular-cupola prism, triangular prism atop hexagonal prism  1.118034
trid 5D triangle - icosidodecahedron duoprism  1.717954
tridafup 5D triangular duoantifastegiaprism, triddip atop bidual triddip, central segment of vertex first dot  0.866025
triddaf 5D triangular duoantifastegium, trip atop bidual trip  0.790569
triddip althiddip 5D triddip atop gyrated thiddip  1.190238
triddip, K-4.10 4D triangle-triangle duoprism, triangle - trip wedge, vertex figure of dot, Delone cell of lattice A2×A2  0.816497
triddipa hip 5D triddip atop hip, (triangle,trip,hip)-trigonic  1.190238
triddipabl tratrip 6D triddip atop bidual tratrip  1
triddippa hiddip 5D triddip atop hiddip, triddip-first cap of card  1.658312
triddippy 5D trigonal-duoprismatic pyramid, vertex pyramid of the dodecateron  0.866025
tridep 6D triangle-icosidodecahedron duoprismatic prism  1.789237
tridex 3D tri-icositetradiminished hexacosachoron  1.618034
tridpy (alt.: trit),
3D trigonal dipyramid, (line-)triangle-tegum  
tridpyp 4D triangular-bipyramid prism, tetrahedral prism bicupola, external blend of 2 tetrahedral prisms  
trigee 8D triangle - hexacontitetrapeton duoprism, vertex figure of brav  0.912871
trihop 8D triangle - heptapenton duoprism, vertex figure of breday  0.872872
trike 5D triangle - icosahedron duoprism  1.112583
trikep 6D triangle-icosahedron duoprismatic prism  1.219771
trim (older: cacam,
even older: tram, oldest: mak)
6D trirectified pentacontitetrapeton, (centrocellated pentacontitetrapeton, pentacontitetraheptacontidipeton)  1.414214
trip, 3-p 3D triangular prism, digonal cupola, Delone cell of unit-stacked hexagonal lattice, vertex figure of rap  0.763763
..., trip || gybef 4D triangular prism || gyrobifastegium ...
tripa thiddip 5D trip atop thiddip, (hexagon,trip,hip)-trigonic  1.190238
tripgytricudaw 5D (trip, gyro tricu)-disphenoid
triphipdaw (alt.: tripalhip) 5D (trip,hip)-disphenoid, trip atop lacing-orthogonal hip  1.274755
triphix 8D triangle - hexateron duoprismatic prism, vertex figure of ribfoh  1
trippasc 5D triangular-prismatic scalene, triangular-prismatic-pyramid pyramid, line atop fully orthogonal triangular-prism  0.790569
trippen 7D triangle - pentachoron duoprism-prism, vertex figure of buffy  0.991632
trippy, K-4.7 4D trigonal-prismatic pyramid, vertex pyramid of the rectified pentachoron  0.774597
trippyp 5D trigonal-prismatic pyramid prism, lacing edge cap of the rectified-pentachoron prism  0.921954
tript 4D trigonal-prismatic (line-)tegum, trigonal-prismatic dipyramid ...
tripuf, K-4.51 4D trigonal pucofastegium, triangle - hexagon-prismatic wedge, trigonal magnabicupolaic ring, {3} || hip, {6} || tricu, {3}-first cap of srip  1.183216
tripufip (alt.: tripa shiddip) 5D tripuf prism, trip-first cap of srippip  1.284523
triquip 8D triangle-triangle-triangle-triangle-tetraprism (or: -quadprism)  1.154701
trirp 3D (degenerate) trigonal retroprism, retrograde trigonal antiprism ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
tritep (alt: dycufbil) 4D (line-)triangle-tegum prism, triangular-bipyramidal prism, dyadic cupofastegia biluna  
tritricu 5D triangle-tricu duoprism, half of traco  1.154701
trittip 6D triangle-triangle-triangle-triprism, vertex figure of ramoh  1
tro 8D trirectified octeract, trirectified hexadecazetton  1.581139
troct (alt.: octoct octtric) 5D triangle-octahedron duoprism, vertex figure of brag, (oct,oct,oct)-trigonic  0.912871
trope (old: troctip) 6D triangle-octahedron duoprismatic prism  1.040833
tupip 3D orthogonal blend of pentagonal prisms, vertex figure of sadsadox  0.986715
tuquith 3D blend of 2 quasitruncated cubes  0.579471
turap 4D two rectified-pentachoron cupolaic blend  0.774597
tustip 3D orthogonal blend of pentagagramic prisms, vertex figure of gadsadox  0.725530
tut 3D truncated tetrahedron, cantic cube  1.172604
... 4D expanded augmented axially-tetrahedral ursachoron ofxo3xooo3xxxx&#xt  
tutaltuttip 5D tut atop inverted tuttip  1.274755
tutatobcu 4D tutatoe orthobicupola  
tutatoe augrip 4D tutatoe-augmented grip  
tutatoe gybcu 4D tutatoe gyrobicupola  
tutatoe, tut || toe, K-4.76 4D truncated tetrahedron atop truncated octahedron, truncated-tetrahedral cap of prismatorhombated pentachoron, tetrahedral canticupola  1.612452
tutatope 5D tut atop tope, tut-first cap of pattix  1.848423
tutcup (alt.: pabdirit,
tutaltut), tut || inv tut,
4D truncated tetrahedral cupoliprism, runcic snub cubic hosochoron, truncated tetrahedron atop inverted truncated tetrahedron, truncated tetrahedron atop alternate truncated tetrahedron, tetrahedrally medial part of rectified tesseract, parabidiminished rectified tesseract  1.224745
tutcupa toe (alt.: tutaltut toetric) 5D tutcup atop toe, (tut,inv tut,toe)-trigonic  1.620185
tutcupip 5D tuttip atop inverted tuttip, tutcup-prism, medial segment of rittip  1.322876
tutic 3D blend of 2 truncated cubes  1.778824
tutrip 3D two trip cupolaic blend, gyrated blend of 2 digonal cupola, Phillips head  0.763763
tuttip, K-4.57 4D truncated-tetrahedron prism  1.274755
tuttipa toe (alt.: tuttut totric) 5D tuttip atop toe, (tut,tut,toe)-trigonic  1.632993
tuttipa tope 5D tuttip atop tope, tutatoe-prism, tuttip-first cap of prippip  1.688194
twaddip 4D dodecagonal-dodecagonal duoprism  2.732051
twagy griddip 4D twelve-gyro-augmented great-rhombated-icosidodecahedral prism  
twagy tiddip 4D twelve-gyro-augmented truncated-icosidodecahedral prism  
twau doaid 4D deep mono-diminished rotunda of ex, 12-augmented doe || id  1.618034
twau griddip 4D twelve-(ortho-)augmented great-rhombated-icosidodecahedral prism  
twau iddip 4D twelve-augmented icosidodecahedral-prism  
twau sridati 4D twelve-augmented sridati  
twau sriddip 4D twelve-augmented sriddip  
twau tiddip 4D twelve-(ortho-)augmented truncated-icosidodecahedral prism  
twau tipe 4D twelve-augmented truncated-icosahedral prism  
twip 3D dodecagonal prism  1.995508


... 3D u x3o, variation of triangular prism, vertex figure of rectified hecatonicosachoron  1.154701
... 3D u x4o, variation of cube  1.224745
... 3D u x5o, variation of pentagonal prism  1.312862
... 3D u x6o, variation of hexagonal prism  1.414214
... 3D u3o3x, variation of cuboctahedron  1.541104
... 3D u3o4x, variation of small rhombicuboctahedron  2.040640
... 3D u3x3o, variation of truncated tetrahedron  1.732051
... 3D u3x4o, variation of truncated octahedron  2.236068
... 2D partially contracted hexagonal tiling  
... 2D uBxx3xoAo3xooA3*a&#zx  
ux 10D hendecaxennon, undecaxennon, 10D simplex10), pyrodak(id), decayottal pyramid, Gosset polytope 09  0.674200


... 3D v f3o, variation of triangular prism, vertex figure of rasishi  0.983956
... 3D v f5/2o, variation of 5/2-prism, vertex figure of ragashi  0.905040
... 3D v x3o, variation of triangular prism, vertex figure of rectified great grand stellated hecatonicosachoron  0.654847
... 3D v x5o, variation of pentagonal prism, vertex figure of ragishi  0.905040
... 3D v3o3x, variation of cuboctahedron, vertex figure of gadtaxady  0.820211
... 3D v3o5f, variation of srid, hull of tiggy  1.704262
... 3D v3x3o, variation of truncated tetrahedron, vertex figure of sidtaxhi  0.975835
... 3D v3x5f, variation of grid, hull of gaquatid  4.323687
vee 9D pentacosidodecayotton, enneacross9), aeroxenn(id), enneazettal antiprism, vertex figure of ka, Gosset polytope 61,1, lattice C9 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  0.707107
... 3D axially trigonal variant of pentagonal rotunda ...


... 3D w x4o, variation of cube  1.398966
... 3D w x8o, variation of octagonal prism, hull of 8/3-prism  1.778824
... 3D w3x3o, variation of truncated tetrahedron  1.973010
... 3D w3x4x, variation of girco, hull of cotco  3.193704
wacbinant 5D sphenary cellibiprismatopenteractipenteractitriacontaditeron  1.192297
waco, J86 3D sphenocorona  
wamco, J88 3D sphenomegacorona  
wavathi 4D sphenoverted triakishecatonicosachoron  1.662508
wavaty 4D sphenoverted triakisicositetrachoron  1.082392
wavdatixady 4D sphenoverted ditrigonal hexacosadishecatonicosachoron  1.258409
wavhiddix 4D sphenoverted hecatonicosadishexacosachoron  5.330704
wavicoca 3D sphenoverted cubaticubatiapeiratic honeycomb  
wavinant 5D sphenoverted penteractipenteractitriacontaditeron  0.792893
wavitoth 4D sphenoverted tesseractitesseractihexadecachoron  0.765367
... 2D Wells' "hyperbolic" {4,5} polyhedron  
... 2D Wells' infinite polyhedron from the ike/oct diamond structure  
... 4D wx ox3xx4oo&#zx  
... 4D wx ox3xx4xx&#zx  


... 3D x f3o, variation of triangular prism  1.059565
... 3D x f5/2o, variation of 5/2-prism, vertex figure of rofix  0.986715
... 3D x q3o, variation of triangular prism, vertex figure of rectified icositetrachoron  0.957427
... 3D x u3o, variation of triangular prism  1.258306
... 3D x v5o, variation of pentagonal prism, vertex figure of rigfix  0.725530
... 3D x3/2β3x (?) ...
... 3D x3f4o, variation of truncated octahedron, hull of siddo, hull of passipsido  2.176251
... 3D x3f5o, variation of ti, hull of raded, hull of kri  3.463334
... 3D hyperbolic alternated order 5 cubical tesselation  0.393076 i
... 3D hyperbolic birectified alternated order-5 cubic tesselation, hyperbolic runcic order-5 cubic tesselation  1.507495 i
... 4D hyperbolic order 5 pentachoric tetracomb  0.393076 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o3o3x4*a tesselation  1.553774 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o3o3x5*a tesselation  1.272020 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o3o4o3*a tesselation  0.511081 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o3o5o3*a tesselation  0.250437 i
... 4D hyperbolic pentagrammic-order hexacontachoric tetracomb  0.393076 i
... 4D x3o3o5v, variation of small disprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron  3.835128
... 2D hyperbolic order 3 trigonal-horocyclic tiling  0.433013 i
... 4D x3o3β4o (?) ...
... 4D x3o3β4x (?) ...
... 4D x3o3β5o (?) ...
... 4D x3o3β5x (?) ...
... 3D hyperbolic x3o3x3o4*a tesselation  1.429970 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o3x3o5*a tesselation  1.118425 i
... 4D hyperbolic order 4 icositetrachoral tetracomb  0 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o4o3x5*a tesselation  
... 2D hyperbolic order 4 tritetragonal tiling, hyperbolic ditetragonal tritetratrigonal tiling, hyperbolic alternated order 4 hexagonal tiling  0.408248 i
... 3D hyperbolic order 4 octahedral honeycomb  0 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o4o4o4*a tesselation  0 i
... 2D hyperbolic tripentagonal tiling of family o3o4o5*a  0.357770 i
... 3D x3o4q, variation of small rhombicuboctahedron  1.732051
... 4D x3o4q3o, variation of small rhombated icositetrachoron  3.316625
... 4D x3o4β3o (?) ...
... 3D hyperbolic x3o4x3o4*a tesselation  1.045866 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o4x3o5*a tesselation  0.919229 i
... 2D hyperbolic cantic order 4 hexagonal tiling  1.060082 i
... 2D hyperbolic dipentagonal tiling of family o3o4o5*a  0.956676 i
... 3D hyperbolic order 3 icosahedral tesselation  0.509376 i
... 3D hyperbolic prismated order 3 icosahedral tesselation, hyperbolic runcinated order 3 icosahedral tesselation  1.272020 i
... 4D hyperbolic order 5 faceted-hexacosichoral tetracomb, hyperbolic order 5 icosahedral-hecatonicosachoral tetracomb  0.393076 i
... 3D hyperbolic rhombated order 3 icosahedral tesselation, hyperbolic cantelated order 3 icosahedral tesselation  2.120267 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o5x3o5*a tesselation  
... 3D hyperbolic x3o6o3o tesselation  0 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o6o3o6*a honeycomb, hyperbolic triangular-tiling - hexagonal-tiling honeycomb  0 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o6o3x tesselation  0.759836 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3o6x3o tesselation  1.467890 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 7 triangular tiling  0.873057 i
... 2D hyperbolic rhombitriheptagonal tiling  2.728895 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 8 triangular tiling  0.594604 i
... 2D hyperbolic shieldotritetragonal tiling, hyperbolic tritetratrigonal tiling  1.446026 i
... 2D hyperbolic rhombitrioctagonal tiling  2.096343 i
... 2D hyperbolic order ∞ triangular tiling  0 i
... 2D hyperbolic rhombi-trigonal-horocyclic tiling  1.322876 i
... 3D x3q3o, variation of truncated tetrahedron  1.442951
... 3D x3β3o (?) ...
... 4D x3β3o3o (?) ...
... 4D x3β3o3β (?) ...
... 4D x3β3o3x (?) ...
... 4D x3β3o4o (?) ...
... 4D x3β3o4β (?) ...
... 4D x3β3o4x (?) ...
... 4D x3β3o5o (?) ...
... 4D x3β3o5β (?) ...
... 4D x3β3o5x (?) ...
... 4D x3β3β3x (?) ...
... 4D x3β3β4o (?) ...
... 4D x3β3β4β (?) ...
... 4D x3β3β4x (?) ...
... 4D x3β3β5o (?) ...
... 4D x3β3β5β (?) ...
... 4D x3β3β5x (?) ...
... 4D x3β3x4β (?) ...
... 4D x3β3x5β (?) ...
... 3D x3β4o (?) ...
... 4D x3β4o3o (?) ...
... 4D x3β4o3β (?) ...
... 4D x3β4o3x (?) ...
... 4D x3β4β3x (?) ...
... 3D x3β5o (?) ...
... 3D x3u3o, variation of truncated tetrahedron  1.837117
... 3D x3u4o, variation of truncated octahedron  2.549510
... 3D x3v3o, variation of truncated tetrahedron, vertex figure of dattady  0.935414
... 3D x3w3o, variation of truncated tetrahedron  2.120453
... 3D x3w4o, variation of truncated octahedron, hull of rah, hull of snu  2.956796
... 3D hyperbolic truncated alternated order-5 cubic tesselation, hyperbolic cantic order-5 cubic tesselation  1.841352 i
... 3D hyperbolic bitruncated alternated order-5 cubic tesselation, runcicantic order-5 cubic tesselation  2.850727 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x3o3o3*a3*c honeycomb  0.816497 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x3o3o4*a tesselation  1.391625 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x3o3o5*a tesselation  1.072098 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x3o3x4*a tesselation  2.256021 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x3o3x5*a tesselation  1.816256 i
... 2D hyperbolic shieldo-trigonal-horocyclic tiling  0.829156 i
... 4D x3x3β3o (?) ...
... 4D x3x3β4o (?) ...
... 4D x3x3β5o (?) ...
... 3D x3x3u, variation of truncated octahedron  2.091650
... 3D hyperbolic x3x3x3o4*a tesselation  2.085865 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x3x3o5*a tesselation  1.601395 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x3x3x4*a tesselation  2.942253 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x3x3x5*a tesselation  2.339260 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x4o3o4*a tesselation, cyclotruncated octahedral-cubic honeycomb  1 i
... 4D truncated hyperbolic order 4 icositetrachoral tetracomb  1.414214 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x4o3o5*a tesselation  0.869999 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x4o3x5*a tesselation  
... 3D hyperbolic truncated order 4 octahedral tesselation  1.414214 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4x4o *b3x tesselation, hyperbolic runcicantic o3o4o4x tesselation  2.090770 i
... 3D hyperbolic prismatotruncated order 4 octahedral tesselation, hyperbolic runcitruncated order 4 octahedral tesselation  2.345208 i
... 2D hyperbolic shieldotetrapentagonal tiling of family o3o4o5*a, ditrigonal tiling of family o3o4o5*a  0.874835 i
... 3D x3x4q, variation of great rhombicuboctahedron  2.645751
... 4D x3x4β3o (?) ...
... 3D hyperbolic x3x4x3o4*a tesselation  1.599084 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x4x3o5*a tesselation  
... 3D hyperbolic x3x4x3x4*a tesselation  2.197368 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x4x3x5*a tesselation  
... 2D hyperbolic omnitruncated tiling of family o3o4o5*a  1.456608 i
... 3D x3(-x)5f, variation of grid  1.618034
... 3D hyperbolic truncated order 3 icosahedral tesselation  2.082108 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x5o3o5*a tesselation  
... 3D hyperbolic prismatotruncated order 3 icosahedral tesselation, hyperbolic runcitruncated order 3 icosahedral tesselation  2.809263 i
... 3D hyperbolic great rhombated order 3 icosahedral tesselation, hyperbolic cantitruncated order 3 icosahedral tesselation  3.601065 i
... 3D hyperbolic omnitruncated order 3 icosahedral tesselation  4.308399 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x5x3x5*a tesselation, hyperbolic omnitruncated dodecahedral-icosahedral honeycomb  1.798907 i
... 3D hyperbolic order 3 hexagonal tiling honeycomb  1.414214 i
... 3D hyperbolic x3x6o3x tesselation  1.931852 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 7 truncated trigonal tiling  2.976586 i
... 2D hyperbolic omnitruncated triheptagonal tiling  4.779184 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 8 truncated trigonal tiling  2.276396 i
... 2D hyperbolic omnitruncated trioctagonal tiling  3.699185 i
... 2D hyperbolic order ∞ truncated trigonal tiling  1.414214 i
... 2D hyperbolic omnitruncated trigonal-horocyclic tiling, hyperbolic truncated triapeirogonal tiling  2.397916 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4o3o3o3*a tesselation  0.722778 i
... 3D hyperbolic order 6 cubical honeycomb  0 i
... 4D tesseractic tetracomb  
... 4D hyperbolic order 5 tesseractic tetracomb  0.242934 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4o3o4o3*a tesselation, cubic-octahedral honeycomb  0.377964 i
... 3D hyperbolic order 5 cubic tesselation  0.555893 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4o3o5o3*a tesselation  0.208191 i
... 3D hyperbolic prismated order 5 cubic tesselation, hyperbolic runcinated order 5 cubic tesselation, hyperbolic prismated order 4 dodecahedral tesselation, hyperbolic runcinated order 4 dodecahedral tesselation  1.723155 i
... 3D hyperbolic prismated order 6 cubical honeycomb, hyperbolic runcinated order 6 cubical honeycomb  1.313295 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4o3x3o3*b tesselation  0.934758 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4o3x3x3*b tesselation  1.553774 i
... 3D hyperbolic rhombated order 5 cubic tesselation, hyperbolic cantelated order 5 cubic tesselation  2.053119 i
... 3D hyperbolic prismatotruncated order 4 dodecahedral tesselation, hyperbolic runcitruncated order 4 dodecahedral tesselation, hyperbolic runcicantellated order 5 cubic tesselation  3.081165 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4o4o4o tesselation, hyperbolic honeycomb with seed point at vertex of right-angled octahedron domain  0 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4o4o4x tesselation  0.840896 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4o4o *b3o tesselation, hyperbolic alternated o3o4o4x tesselation  0.5 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 5 square tiling  0.747674 i
... 2D hyperbolic rhombisquarepentagonal tiling  1.794231 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 6 square tiling  0.5 i
... 2D hyperbolic rhombisquarehexagonal tiling  1.405256 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 8 square tiling  0.321797 i
... 2D hyperbolic rhombitetraoctagonal tiling  1.175154 i
... 2D hyperbolic order ∞ square tiling  0 i
... 2D hyperbolic rhombisquareapeirogonal tiling  0.978318 i
x4oPo 2D family of (generally hyperbolic) order P square tilings  
... 3D family of (generally hyperbolic) x4oPo4x honeycombs  
... 3D hyperbolic x4s4o *b3s tesselation ...
... 3D hyperbolic truncated order 5 cubic tesselation  1.734413 i
... 3D hyperbolic prismatotruncated order 5 cubical tesselation, hyperbolic runcitruncated order 5 cubical tesselation  2.878623 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4x3o8o tesselation  0.594604 i
... 3D hyperbolic great rhombated order 5 cubic tesselation, hyperbolic cantitruncated order 5 cubic tesselation  3.185991 i
... 3D hyperbolic omnitruncated order 5 cubical tesselation, hyperbolic omnitruncated order 4 dodecahedral tesselation  4.248159 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4x4o4o tesselation  1.098684 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4x4o4o4*a tesselation  0.353553 i
... 3D hyperbolic x4x4x4o tesselation  2.030104 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 5 truncated square tiling  2.113125 i
... 2D hyperbolic omnitruncated tetrapentagonal tiling  3.121470 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 6 truncated square tiling  1.632242 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 6 omnitruncated square tiling, hyperbolic order 4 omnitruncated hexagon tiling  2.474067 i
... 2D hyperbolic truncated infinite-order square tiling  1.098684 i
... 3D x5/2β5o (?) ...
... 2D hyperbolic order 10 pentagonal tiling  0.206652 i
... 3D hyperbolic x5o3o3o3*a tesselation  0.573060 i
... 4D hyperbolic order 5 hecatonicosachoric tetracomb  0.206652 i
... 3D hyperbolic x5o3o4o3*a tesselation  0.336860 i
... 3D hyperbolic order 5 dodecahedral tesselation  0.427486 i
... 3D hyperbolic x5o3o5o3*a tesselation  
... 3D hyperbolic prismated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation, hyperbolic runcinated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation  1.272020 i
... 3D hyperbolic rhombated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation, hyperbolic cantelated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation  1.546658 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 5 pentagonal tiling  0.528686 i
... 3D hyperbolic truncated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation  1.383373 i
... 3D hyperbolic prismatotruncated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation, hyperbolic runcitruncated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation  2.212971 i
... 3D hyperbolic great rhombated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation, hyperbolic cantitruncated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation  2.456999 i
... 3D hyperbolic omnitruncated order 5 dodecahedral tesselation  3.176503 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 5 truncated pentagonal tiling  1.548400 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 6 hexagonal tiling  0.353553 i
... 2D hyperbolic quarter order 6 square tiling  
... 2D hyperbolic truncated order 6 hexagonal tiling  1.221076 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 7 heptagram tiling  0.484510 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 7/2 heptagon tiling  0.873057 i
... 3D hyperbolic x8o4o *b3o tesselation  0.321797 i
... 2D hyperbolic order 8 octagonal tiling  0.227545 i
... 4D xAFxx3ooxxF3Fxoxo3ooffx&#zx  
... 4D xFfoo3xoxxF3fxoxo3ooffx&#zx  
... 4D xFfxo3xoxoF3fxooo3oofFx&#zx  
... 3D xfo3foo5oxf&#zx  
... 3D p60-r60, 41st stellation of ti  
... 3D expansion of 41th stellation of truncated icosahedron  
... 4D xfofxxfoFxfxo3ooxxoFxFoxxoo3oxfxFofxxfofx&xt (F=ff=x+f)  
... 4D trigonal mibdi-laced wedge  1
xhi 4D hexacosihecatonicosachoron, bitruncated hecatonicosachoron, bitruncated hexacosachoron  7.579634
..., xhi || thi 5D (degenerate) xhi atop thi ∞   i.e. flat in euclidean space
xhidy 4D hexacosihecatonicosadishecatonicosachoron  3
xhip 5D hexacosihecatonicosachoron prism, bitruncated-hecatonicosachoron prism, bitruncated-hexacosachoron prism  7.596108
... 2D hyperbolic order ∞ horocyclic tiling, hyperbolic order ∞ apeirogonal tiling  0 i
xithi 4D hexacositriakishecatonicosachoron  3.872983
... 3D xo oq&#q, tetrahedron with one shorter edge, vertex figure of tisdip  0.836660
... 3D xo ox&#q, longer variant of digonal antiprism, vertex figure of triddip  0.790569
... 3D xo3oo&#q, longer variant of trigonal pyramid, vertex figure of tepe  0.774597
... 4D xo3oo3ox&#q, longer variant of tetrahedral antiprism, vertex figure of scad  0.707107
... 3D xo3ox&#q, longer variant of trigonal antiprism, vertex figure of spid  0.866025
... 3D vertex figure of small prismated icositetrachoron  0.541196
... 4D tetra-augmented axially-octahedral ursachoron xoBo3ofox3xooo&#xt ...
... 4D xofo3ofox5xoxx&#xt  3.077684
... 4D tetra-augmented axially-tetrahedral ursachoron xofo3ooox3oxoo&#xt ...
... 3D pentagonal rhombic barrel  
... 4D triaugmented trigonal mibdi-laced wedge ...
... 4D xofxxFfooFxfo3xxxoFxxxFoxxx3ofxFoofFxxfox&#xt  
xog 6D hexeractihexacontatetrapeton, tritruncated hexeract, tritruncated hexacross  2.549510
... 4D xoo3ofx5xox&#xt  3.077684
... 4D xoofoox3ofxoxfo5xoxxxox&#xt  
... 4D xooFxxFfooFoofo3xxFooFxxxFooFxx3ofooFoofFxxFoox&#xt  
... 4D xoofxxFfooFxofo3xxFxoFxxxFoxFxx3ofoxFoofFxxfoox&#xt  
... 4D :xoqo:4:xxox:3:oooo:4:oxxx:&##x  
... 4D hexastratic ike-first cap of rectified hexacosachoron  3.077684
... 4D xoxFoFxox3oxoooooxo5ooxofoxoo&#xt  
... 4D xoxFxFxox3oxfoxofxo5xxoxxxoxx&#xt  
... 4D ike atop id atop srid atop ti  
... 4D xoxxFxxox3oxoxoxoxo5ooxoooxoo&#xt  
... 2D family of (generally hyperbolic) P-gonal tilings of order P  
... 4D decachoron-derived Gévay polychoron ...
... 3D higher digonal cupola, vertex figure of srip  0.906327
... 4D xxfoF3oxxFx3xFxxo3Fofxx&#zx  
... 4D magnaursachoron, cell-expanded tetrahedral ursachoron ...
xxo ooo3oxx&#xt 4D line || trip || {3}, stack of tepe and triddip  
... 3D vertex figure of cope  0.894427
... 4D xxxFooAFxxAxxFx3oxFxxAxxxFooFxx3xfoxFoofFxxFoox&#xt  
... 4D xxxoooFFFAAA 2 FxfoFfxFofxo 2 xfFFfoFoxxof 2 fFxfoFoxFofx &#zx  
... 4D xxxoooFFFAAABxxxF FxfoFfxFofxooVoof xfFFfoFoxxofooVof FAoFxAxoAxFoxxxBF&#zx  


zee (old: hio) 7D hecatonicosoctaexon, heptacross7), aerozett(id), heptapetal antiprism, vertex figure of ek, Gosset polytope 41,1, lattice C7 contact polytope (span of its small roots)  0.707107
zeep 8D hecatonicosoctaexon prism, vertex figure of riv  0.866025
zeepy 8D zee pyramid, heptacross pyramid, vertex pyramid of ek  0.707107
zucypit 4D schmoozed cyclopentachoric tetracomb, schmoozed pentachoric-dispentachoric tetracomb  

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