Friday, 2014 January 24, 22:23 — neep-neep

in which I curse my lack of omniscience

I want to push several hundred greyscale images through a threshold filter, so that an output pixel is black or white according to whether the corresponding input pixel is less or more than 1/2 bright. (My goal is a ‘woodcut’ effect.)

ImageMagick can apparently do this with one command, but I lack a library that it needs.

GIMP has a menu command with this function, but to do it from a script it seems I’d need to learn Scheme.

I could write a program using Python Imaging Library (which I’ve used to output most of my mathematical designs in recent years), but so far in RTFM I can’t tell how to, y’know, access the pixels it reads in. Later: Found a better FM.

Wish me luck.

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