Tuesday, 2021 March 9, 23:03 — futures, medicine

dot product of Cupid’s arrows

The backstory of Methuselah’s Children, by Heinlein, involves a foundation to promote human longevity. One thing it does is study natural long-lifers by paying a bounty for marriages between people whose grandparents all lived 100 years or more.

Now here’s a stack of wacky ideas of mine. ( . . more . . )

Thursday, 2020 April 23, 06:43 — medicine, politics

hope you don’t mind if I sit this one out

Looks like I’m staying home alone until a vaccine comes; it’s what I mostly do anyway, though I miss the weekly card games. As a libertarian, I do not presume to know what’s best for others. So, lucky me, I need not obsess about policy.

Wednesday, 2019 February 27, 13:57 — me!me!me!, medicine

vision imperfect

This morning I saw a series of flashes (both bright and dark) in my left eye, along a peripheral arc. They’ve stopped for now but I also have some new floaters. I have a recurring urge to clean off the spectacles I’m not wearing!

Monday, 2014 November 24, 09:59 — me!me!me!, medicine

hidden dragon

For years I’ve occasionally had a mysterious itch at my lowest left rib, nothing showing on the skin. Now it has spread rightward at the same altitude, making me think: could this be mild shingles?

Monday, 2009 September 7, 18:45 — medicine, politics

two links about medical policy

blogpost on medical licensing

surprisingly sane Atlantic article on the structure of the health biz

Update: Twice in 2018, people urged me to improve this page by adding links about addiction and vaping.  If it happens again, I’ll suggest that they do so in the comments.

Wednesday, 2009 August 12, 15:21 — me!me!me!, medicine

I’m melting!

Without serious effort, I seem to have lost a tenth of my peak mass in three years. I think the main change is that I no longer eat rice most days.

Friday, 2009 May 1, 12:37 — me!me!me!, medicine

unexpected aspects of asymmetry

My left arm is very sore today, making me notice how many little things I habitually do with my ‘wrong’ hand. I wonder whether this says something about my brain.

They say women’s hemispheres are less specialized; maybe my partial ambidexterity, the weak dominance of my left eye, and the sparseness of my body hair are all related.

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