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you’re no fawn anymore

Three or four days in a row, I’ve stopped to let a doe (usually with fawn(s)) amble across the road. Wondering whether that’s because I now live closer to the edge of town. Of ~twenty residences in ~sixty years, this is the first not within an incorporated city.

I rarely see deer out in the county, though.

tree dandruff

The cottonwoods are heavily shedding what look like very late snowflakes.

The first distinctive feature I’ve noticed in the local dialect is a habit, among some people in retail (and the like), of responding to every datum with “Perfect.”

Are you together? … Perfect.
Do you need more time to look at the menu? … Perfect.
Strawberry milkshake? Perfect.
Can I get your date of birth? … Perfect.

How wide is this tic’s range?