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If nobody said anything unless he knew what he was talking about, a ghastly hush would descend upon the earth. —Sir Alan Herbert

What's on my mind lately.

I started this website mainly to show off the best of the mathematical images that I've made since 1997. (You can buy sculptures or mugs/shirts/posters!)

I've accumulated the Web's biggest collection of links for sphere arrangement problems.

I also host Doctor Richard Klitzing's polytope pages.

I'm on Twitter, sometimes.

Rare opportunity for some lucky employer

One friend went so far as to write: Anton is one of the most thoughtful, careful thinkers I know. One of the things I appreciate about him is the enormous depth of his knowledge.

I hope this site and my Wikipedia edits demonstrate better than average command of language. I've done legal word-processing (twelve years) and medical transcription (two years); I could be a proofreader or copyeditor. (Résumé)

My dabblings in mathematics might be good for something. Maybe you know what that would be. For a long time I really had no idea what I'd like to do. Eventually I decided that my dream job would have something to do with creating beauty through applied mathematics; I might someday go back to school with that in mind.

If you know of an opening for someone like me, or have other ideas about jobs I might do or how to find them, or if you merely found something interesting on this site, do write to me!

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Long time no see!

I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers me from:

In 1994–5 I shared a cubicle with Sheila N. McNeil (possibly misspelled), until she moved to Twin Bridges, Montana. I meant to keep in touch but promptly lost her address.

What happened to Hansjoerg Walther? He was very active in political newsgroups in 1997–8; but hardly a peep since he returned to Germany after his year at Stanford.

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