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early webcomics gallery

Joe Average’s first anniversary strip features characters from 37 other strips. Can you help me name them? Some have fallen off the Web.

Nukees S.S.D.D Look What I Brought Home (?) Superosity
Road Waffles ? Life at Bayside (?) Bobbins
Krazy Larry Ashfield When I Grow Up
Bruno the Bandit Avalon High Joe Average
? Soap on a Rope (?) Melonpool
? ? It’s Walky
Awkward Zombie (?) ? ?
Help Desk Clan of the Cats GPF
Sinfest ? ?
Everything Jake Real Life ?
Alice Funny Farm The Class Menagerie
? Suburban Jungle ?
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there are domains and domains, a free hosting service for comic strips, changed its name (not long after it was founded) to; but the old name still works, as do and (I just learned) and Well, mostly.

Mostly it doesn’t matter whether you look at, or; you get the same content. But sometimes images don’t show unless the address is

What’s going on here? Apparently these domains are not transparent synonyms for each other; but why would they be (flawed) mirrors?

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second-guessing by halves

Early strips of some webcomics carry the author’s much later comments. Christopher Baldwin (Bruno) and David Willis (Roomies!) are reposting old series that ended. David Morgan-Mar’s (Irregular Webcomic!) schedule these days is two new strips and five comments on old strips each week.

If it were me, I think I’d want to keep coming back to older strips, with ever decreasing frequency. Perhaps like this:

if n even:
    n /= 2
    comment on n
    while n even:
        n /= 2
        add n to backlog
    pick a number from backlog; remove it
    comment on that entry
Tuesday, 2017 June 20, 23:06 — cartoons

And so it reiterates

In the last couple of years I’ve looked at thousands of webcomics. Sometimes I wish I’d kept a list of those whose first page is captioned “It begins” or “So it begins” or “And so it begins.”

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Gail Simone asks:

Question of the day: if you could have one piece of art drawn by any living comics artist, not to sell, what artist and what character?

I haven’t followed (paper) comics in a long time, but several possibilities come to mind; in rough order of seriousness:

  • Churchy & Owl (from Pogo) by Bill Watterson
  • Adam Warlock and Gamora by Walt Simonson
  • … with Thanos by Kate Beaton
  • Dr Strange by R Crumb
  • the Bat-family by Dorothy Gambrell
  • Cheech Wizard by Dave Sim
Monday, 2016 January 4, 11:01 — cartoons, technology

I’ve seen such changes

How old do you need to be to understand this gag from 1978?

Monday, 2015 September 28, 14:12 — cartoons

sic transiverunt webcomics

About a dozen years ago I made a page of links to my favorite webcomics. Looking at that list now, I find that twelve that are still going (though a few are very sporadic), ten have stopped but remain accessible through a system of tubes, and eight have vanished:

  • Fluble by Christopher Mastrangelo
  • Bobbins by John Allison
  • When I Grow Up by Jeff Rowland
  • JoBeth by BJ Hiorns and Joey Hetzel
  • Shaw Island by Zach Stroum
  • The New Adventures of Bobbin! by Joycelyn Yik
  • Catharsis by Jen Boeke
  • Everyone Drunk But Me by Laura Beth Brandt

Other favorites now missing include

  • Malfunction Junction by Matt Milby
  • As If! by Amy Hebberson
  • Life on Forbez
  • meh~! (mathematically enhanced hares) by wing mui
  • Warp 9 to Hell
  • Knowledge Is Power by Laura Chapple
  • Yourmometer by Hobbes (Laura LeGault)
  • Killer Robots from Space by Adam Greengard
  • Don’t Forget to Validate Your Parking by Mike Le
  • Cyberbooty by Tony B
  • everything at Graphic Smash, Modern Tales, ComicSpace, Webcomics Nation, Girlamatic, Activate

Maybe when a favorite series stops updating for a year I ought to save the content for myself before it vanishes!

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