Monday, 2013 December 30, 01:27 — spam

to boldly spam

A recent fad in spam is Star Trek filler:

Sisko swiveled toward his chief engineer. “What do you think? Is there anybody still aboard the cargo shuttle?”
The commander nodded grudgingly. “Yes, I know. But you thought they might steal a couple of pods off the station. This is bigger than that. What did those Klingon renegades get out of it? Not the antimatter. So we have to assume that they were paid for their participation.”
“No!” she shouted.
The planet was a bit closer now, a bit more fiery at the edges, but it remained dark and essentially featureless. Picard peered at it as if he could have spotted the Mendel just by looking hard enough- as if he could have outdone the Enterprise’s vast array of instruments, not to mention Troi’s considerable abilities, by determination alone.

I wonder what’s the source.

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