For want of some fractional measure of devotion

I’m too literal-minded. When I hear corporate puff like

None of this would have been possible without the complete dedication and teamwork of every one of you in this room

I think, wow, just imagine all the grand projects that vanished without a trace because one of several hundred drones either lacked complete dedication or was hit by a bus.

2 thoughts on “For want of some fractional measure of devotion”

  1. Fractional devotion does exist as a concept.

    Near the end of this year I (like every other employee in our company) was given a performance review by my superior where they discussed my strengths and weaknesses. (It’s better than it sounds.) To guide this review, there’s a list of about two dozen aspects of my personality (as it affects work) to rate. One of these is devotion to work, and it’s clear that it’s not boolean valued.

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