great moments in typesetting

I’m reading Ken Macleod’s novel The Execution Channel (Tor hardcover 2007). It appears that someone replaced every ‘fi’ or ‘fl’ with a ligature, without checking case.

5 thoughts on “great moments in typesetting”

  1. Weird.

    I’d think whatever typesetting/layout software Tor uses would be able to substitute ligatures automatically and correctly. Whether an individual is aware of that capability is another thing, of course. (I still know people who try to create hanging indents with returns and spaces.)

  2. Toward the end of the book I spotted a couple of correct “Fi”s (before the last wrong “fi”). I could easily have missed some “dogs that did nothing in the night-time”.

  3. Hello. I found my way over here from your link on the Wikipedia Reference Desk. You seem to be interested in non-hierarchical politics and heraldry. I may stay around and read for a while, if that’s all right.

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