4 thoughts on “who needs rich text, anyway?”

  1. It looks to me like TextEdit is a modal editor. It starts off in rich text mode, it displays a formatting ruler, and can save files only in rich text formats. But using the Format… Make Plain Text menu command, you can switch it to plain text mode. The formatting ruler disappears, and now it saves only in plain text formats. In plain text mode, it’s happy to save files with a .txt extension. My version of TextEdit is version 1.5 (244).

  2. Hi, first-time visitor? Thanks, I’ll try that.

    It’s odd, though. Traditionally the “Save as Text” option was always available (perhaps with a warning), and now I gotta do something else, in another menu, first? In an app whose name is TextEdit? It seems un-Applish.

  3. It has been said that the surest way to get a question answered on the Net is to state a wrong answer as fact. (It was said of Usenet but I imagine that the principle extends.)

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