Saturday, 2007 February 3, 11:09 — fandom, futures, religion

Keith Henson arrested

Arel Lucas writes: DELETED. Arel’s initial report, written in the heat of emotion, was relayed without her permission or knowledge and she later repented of writing it.

Some background: Wikipedia; Scientology vs Keith Henson; Keith Henson News (mirror)


Thursday, 2006 February 16, 11:02 — fandom, me!me!me!

and then vampires come, and they start making these stupid little mini-pizzas

So there I was, getting into the swing of Wikipedia, doing my bit for (among others) numerous entries relating to Buffy. I noticed that the pages for Darla, Angel, Spike and Harmony repeated a bunch, so I created an entry on Joss Whedon’s vampires to collect it in one place. Six days later someone else came along and replaced it with a much longer article full of misspellings and clutter, retaining not one of my well-written sentences.


I guess every contributor gets a similar shock sooner or later.

Thursday, 2005 December 1, 11:12 — arts, fandom

this website supports integration

The Answer Desimplified, on a t-shirt.

Ligatures for our times

Many translations of a conceivably useful phrase (possibly inspired by a similar project)

(all cited by the muted horn)

when grammarians go bad

Monday, 2005 June 27, 23:25 — fandom, language


Some people amuse themselves at inventing languages and scripts; that sport’s most famous player was of course Tolkien. And some avidly study whatever notes Tolkien left concerning his Elvish language family.

Tolkien invented at least three scripts: Sarati, an alphasyllabary; cirth, a full alphabet; and tengwar, used both as an alphasyllabary (in the Ring Verse) and as a full alphabet (on the West Gate of Moria). But in human history such scripts have been invented less often than syllabaries, in which no two of the symbols for ti ta ki ka are similar. (The alphabets listed are more numerous, but most of them are descended from the same Semitic ancestor and most of the alphasyllabaries from Brahmî.) So I wonder whether the T-linguists would be offended if one were to design a syllabary for Elvish.
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Thursday, 2005 February 10, 23:06 — fandom, heraldry

venerable icons

Twenty years ago I sometimes played cards with a deck of six suits: the extras (both blue) were boat-wheels and pairs of tennis racquets. Recently I thought, if I were designing a deck with new suits, they’d be heraldic favorites – crescents, stars, fleurs-de-lis – to go with the lozenges, trefoils and hearts that also appear often in armory: all more recognizable than those blue thingies.

And that in turn reminded me of Saturday morning advertisements for Lucky Charms breakfast cereal: “pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers.” Today at the grocery barn I looked for a box of Lucky Charms to check my memory, and found the stars and shamrocks replaced by rainbows and – oh come now – green leprechaun hats. How long has this been going on?!

Sunday, 2005 January 2, 14:29 — arts, fandom

Frank Kelly Freas

It is credibly reported that Frank Kelly Freas, eminent fantasy illustrator and a very pleasant fellow, died this morning. There will probably be a memorial next Sunday at the LASFS clubhouse.

Later: No, it’s at something called the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center & Manor Hotel, in Hollywood.

Sunday, 2004 August 22, 12:57 — fandom

lethally cuute

Kevin of The Smallest Minority shows off a pair of t-shirts: pink Kalashnikitty, blue Kalashnikitty

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