Friday, 2008 October 17, 11:34 — blogdom, neep-neep

because you asked for it, or because you didn’t

retro MacOS theme for WordPress. I’m pretty sure this is before it was called MacOS, that’s how old it is. (Hat tip to Bill Detty.)

Tuesday, 2008 August 12, 09:14 — blogdom, fandom


Anita Rowland, a blogger who linked to this humble effort several times in its more energetic first year, died of cancer in December.

(If I were still in the habit of reading blogs, I might have known that before now.)

Friday, 2008 February 22, 08:54 — blogdom

no wonder I wasn’t getting comments

I had forgotten, until Mike Linksvayer reminded me, that Users must be registered and logged in to comment was switched on. Akismet seems to do a good job of catching spam, so I’ve turned off the registration requirement.

Tuesday, 2007 September 25, 20:46 — blogdom, language, neep-neep


Fellow WordPress users! If you find that bits of Unicode in your archives have recently (=in version 2.2 or later) become illegible, comment out these lines in wp-config.php:

define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');
define('DB_COLLATE', '');
Saturday, 2007 February 3, 20:46 — blogdom, mathematics

les maths sont universels

Philippe “Goulu” cites my sphere arrangements page and discusses the subject thereof, in French.

Sunday, 2007 January 28, 19:19 — blogdom

getting better all the time

WordPress 2.1 was announced the other day, and they’re soliciting suggestions for the next version. Here’s mine. Go there and tell me I’m all wet.

Saturday, 2006 July 22, 15:36 — blogdom, spam


Akismet appears to be effective in protecting WordPress blogs from spam.

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