Saturday, 2007 August 25, 10:05 — California, mathematics, me!me!me!


Played poker last night – for the second time in my life, if I haven’t miscounted – with some Stanfordites; I think I was the only one there over thirty. Won $2.50.

Wednesday, 2007 August 8, 13:35 — California, food

tip of the day

Madhu, on his way out of town, treated me to a tasty buffet lunch at Turmeric in Sunnyvale. I got there ahead of him and had time to loiter in the street, feasting my nose; the whole of Murphy Avenue between Evelyn and Washington was redolent (a word I’ve never used before) of temptations. A very good thing to know, next time I’m hungry in Santa Clara County.

Tuesday, 2007 January 9, 23:50 — California, food

a good pie

Formative years in a college town in Illinois left me with definite opinions of what a pizza ought to be. I am pleased to report that Pizz’a Chicago in Santa Clara (the apostrophe is meant to suggest a pun with piece of) comes pretty darn close. My only criticism is that it’s a bit dry; it could use more tomato sauce.

Tuesday, 2007 January 9, 23:46 — California, geography


This strange map recently appeared in Powell BART station:

Forward is to the left because that’s the way the train goes, as seen by a passenger facing the map. What’s strange about it is that the minor branchings are true to topology but the major branching is not: the rightmost path, which ought to be on top, is to Fremont (green), followed by Dublin (blue), Pittsburg (yellow), Richmond (red).

Perhaps the designer originally intended to include the Fremont-Richmond line (orange), which on this diagram would fit like a lining within the major fork. That would make the chart more useful, because after 7 pm and on Sundays the red and green lines don’t run: to get to Fremont or Richmond from Powell, you must switch from blue or yellow to orange.

Saturday, 2006 July 22, 16:41 — California

fret globally, sweat locally

I took a cold shower a few minutes ago and now the water dripping in my hair is hot. Any more of this and the chemo-kids are welcome to my amber waves!

Seriously, do you know of any organization around here that collects hair for charity?

Saturday, 2006 June 24, 14:52 — California

could be worse

A comfy chair, a blue sky, a mild breeze, the season’s first watermelon . . . .

Thursday, 2006 June 22, 20:13 — California

who’s ringing my doorbell at this hour?

Yester evening a neighbor’s car engine caught fire, and I gave him my extinguisher. Just now he came by to replace it.

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