Wednesday, 2004 November 10, 15:09 — militaria

fun with an easy target

The Manchester Guardian (Oct.27):

Torture is simple – amazing results can be achieved with the everyday household objects that any Blue Peter presenter might recommend. And it’s really sexy – think of all that painstaking attention to genital areas. Better yet, it’s about power – having the power to make somebody into something. The kind of exhilarating stuff you’re not supposed to try at home. Never mind that even Malleus Maleficarum (the original torture manual for the Spanish Inquisition) cautioned that its victims might say anything to make it stop – torture is definitely about truth and about justice springing in a really surprising and frankly rather ill-defined way from unjust and criminal acts, and don’t forget, if we don’t do it to them, they’ll do it to us.

Cited by the Future of Freedom Foundation. There’s a daily mailing of links, but I don’t see offhand how to subscribe.

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