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Ridge-facetings of the small stellated dodecahedron ship

Possible facets here are the 12 pentagrams of the comodore itself together with the 20 internal triangles. The general naming code here is accordingly sissid-#{5/2}-#{3}. This gives rise for exactly 13 edge-facetings with n-gonal axial rotation symmetries, where n > 2. In fact, 2 have full icosahedral symmetry, 5 have 5-fold pyramidal symmetry, 1 has 5-fold antiprismatic symmetry, 3 have 3-fold pyramidal symmetry, and 2 have 3-fold antiprismatic symmetry.

= sissid
= gike
= targi
sissid-3-7 sissid-3-13 sissid-6-6-a sissid-6-6-b
icosahedral 3-fold pyramidal 3-fold antiprismatic
= stappy
sissid-1-15 sissid-5-5 sissid-6-10 sissid-7-5 sissid-2-10
= starp
5-fold pyramidal 5-fold antipr.

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