military strategy for dummies

When they say “we’re fighting them in Iraq so that we don’t have to fight them at home,” what do they mean?

I’m imagining wannabe-terrorists throughout the Moslem world moaning, “I’d like to go to the Great Satan and blow shit up, but I can’t get past that cursed roadblock in Baghdad!” . . . but that’s just silly.

Is Iraq vital to terrorist logistics? Almost as silly, but maybe the War Party has got enough of the People convinced of it.

One other interpretation makes sense to me: that “our” forces are in Iraq to provide the terrorists with a more convenient and conspicuous target.

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  1. RHJunior

    It’s also known as the Flypaper Strategy. An oversimplification, but I’ll try to expand on it.

    1. In order to engage the Islamic terrorists internationally, we have to have a solid presence in the Mideast. The bases in Saudi Arabia are not enough, and in fact have become a counter-lever that the muslims can use against us.

    Iraq provides a more central presence… and (hopefully) eventually will provide a stable ally in the region as well.

    2.)Take a look at a map. put a dart in Afghanistan, put another one in Iraq. What belligerent, nuclear power aspiring, Muslim fanatic controlled nation lies exactly between those two points?
    That’s right; Iran. Mull that over while you’re looking at your world map. You’d better believe Mr. “Kill all the Jews” does so, every single day.

    3.)Along with the Al Qaeda presence that was already in Iraq, the battlefield there has drawn terrorist wannabees out of the woodwork from all the surrounding regions. Instead of sending operatives to America, they’re sending them to attack our forces in Iraq. Consequently, there are thousands of sets of tire tracks crossing the Iraqi desert that begin in Iran and that end in a blackened sandy crater.

  2. RHJunior

    1)Saudi Arabia is in control of Mecca. Picture the flak that would arise if America tried to put military forces in the middle of THAT. to say nothing of the logistical nightmare. Iraq, on the other hand, is not. And the fact that we came into Iraq in a thunder of guns means that they’re a little bit less likely to give us crap about it….


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