Friday, 2005 August 5, 21:15 — militaria

libertarian realism

Eric Raymond argues in favor of the war. Or rather, he argues in favor of some ideal war that will crush Islamic dreams of worldwide empire. What’s missing is any defense of the war actually in progress.

I like Russ Nelson‘s attitude:

How do you stop terrorism?

By not being terrified. By not overreacting. By not giving up essential liberties to obtain a little temporary safety. By not wasting treasure on useless tactics.

. . .

If terrorists came to America and killed 1,000 people a year, it wouldn’t even begin to show up on the causes of death. We can safely ignore terrorism. . . .

The above was published on Dave Farber’s IP list. I received several “attaboy”s and one comment saying “Anyone with a single brain cell would agree that we need to stop terror.” I disagree. Do we need to stop earthquakes? Hurricanes? Tornados? Volcanos? Blizzards? Or do we need to survive them?

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