Friday, 2004 July 23, 09:37 — politics, weapons

“Democrats For Guns”

Ted Rall, of all people, on Why Kerry Should Stand Up for the Second Amendment

Monday, 2004 July 12, 10:54 — politics, weapons

duck and cover!

The pointless “assault weapon” ban of 1994 is about to sunset, and the usual suspects are twitching.

The Violence Policy Center . . . notes the 1994 law does not cover new assault weapons that have entered the market place.
At the top of their list are the SKS assault rifles . . . .

Where have they been? My SKS was made in 1952.

Also about to be un-banned (knock wood) are 11-round magazines for the unbadged majority. I wonder how soon they will be available in fact.

Friday, 2004 May 28, 11:23 — politics, weapons

those who will not learn from history are frequently reëlected

I’m told that the federal Gun Control Act of 1968 commanded that sales of ammunition be reported to police, and that that provision was repealed circa 1986 at the request of police who were weary of handling data that had never been useful. But when does the state of California ever learn anything? (Cited by Claire Wolfe)

Saturday, 2004 May 1, 19:20 — futures, music+verse, weapons

sf predictions

Dave Langford heard from Tanaqui Weaver:

Slavishly imitating the title gadget of Jonathan Lethem’s Gun, With Occasional Music, there’s now an MP3 player (‘AK-MP3’) designed to fit the ammo clip slot of a Kalashnikov.

Later: T.Weaver explains, “Ananova’s Quirkies frequently brighten my day.”

Sunday, 2004 February 22, 14:01 — me!me!me!, weapons

little bangs, bigger bangs

Decided today it was high time I tested my recently repaired .22 handguns; and the Glock came along for the ride. Despite not having shot since May, I still mostly hit what I aim at. But o my poor elbow!

Tuesday, 2004 January 6, 23:45 — politics, weapons

remarkable publicity!

Today the Mansfield (Ohio) News Journal set forth without comment the principles of “gun-toter” Jeffrey Jordan’s group Liberty Round Table. (Cited by Russell.)

Saturday, 2003 December 20, 13:06 — politics, weapons

fifty failures

According to the BBC,

More than 50 other gun control bills have come before [Brazil’s] Congress over the years and failed to be passed.

In other words, they were defeated. You don’t suppose the Beeb has some ulterior motive in using the longer phrase?

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