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David Eppstein's Geometry Junkyard is a stupendous collection of entertaining links.

Fellow ray-tracers and/or math-lovers:
Hop David
Tsutomu Higo
Erich Friedman's Packing Center
Andrea + Friedrich Lohmüller
Jentje Goslinga
Steve Hollasch
Bob Allanson
Hugo Pfoertner
Julian Davies

Fellow extropians:
Mike Linksvayer
Pat Salsbury
Eric Watt Forste

Fellow bloguists:
Travis J I Corcoran
Russell Whitaker (Survival Arts), extropian, martial artist
Madhu Kurup
Jim Henley (Unqualified Offerings)
E. Bennett Rasmusen, old schoolmate and the most conservative economist I know
Jerry Ritcey's Red Wheelbarrow
Doug Pardee (Creative Karma), fellow Irregular
Gary Farber (Amygdala), fellow scifi consumer
Sunni Maravillosa
Archaius, an enigma
Anita Rowland, deceased
Charlie Stross, thoughtful futurist, scifi rising star
Diana Mertz Hsieh (Noodlefood), technophile and Objectivist
Doctor Weevil
Keith Martin
Dori Smith's Backup Brain
Dave Trowbridge (Redwood Dragon)
Moira Breen (Inappropriate Response)

Kristen Brennan (Jitterbug Fantasia) shares a surprising range of interests; I helped a bit with her essay on the roots of Star Wars.

The Roll of Arms of rec.heraldry is kept by Jérôme Grimbert and by Steven Madewell

David Cary cites some concepts of mine on idea space etc.

Thomas Gangale's Martian Time (if that doesn't work, try this)

I am acquainted in various ways with Gordon Joly and David S Cargo and soylent_green (who??)

Robert Loring mentions my budget idea in a large site on Accurate Democracy, i.e. good algorithms for various kinds of collective decision; which I do intend to read further. Real soon now.

Global Ideas Bank lists my budget scheme, as well as a sillier idea: Fractional reserve automobile rental .

Rick Hohensee: An Approach To Quantifying Harmony. Credits me for a bit of algebra.

Greg Burch and Anders Sandberg and Damien Sullivan and AnarchoCyberSludge list some words that I coined. As far as I know, only the first of these has ever been used.

My second wish.

I'm credited for something or other at Strafe's Guide to Streetspeak — probably this.

Will England wrote: ``I have no clue who [Anton Sherwood] is. Nor do I know why he's linked here. But, one day I was poking Google to see what came up and his page was listed as relevant and similar to mine.'' We do seem to have some interests in common, but little that is mentioned on both our sites. Perhaps we're both linked from somewhere else.

some that don't

I support individual rights hacker emblem

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Because my cartoon bookmarks are so numerous, I've moved them to a separate page.

Chris Lightfoot's political quiz, and a chart of some blogs' scores. Rather than deciding in advance how to score each question, Lightfoot used principal components analysis to measure the shape of opinion-space.

my old friend(s) Astraea

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Illuminated Site of the Week (at Steve Jackson Games)

POV-Ray (the Persistence of Vision Raytracer) is the tool I used for most of the images on these pages. It is also used by many clever people to make far better images for The Internet Ray Tracing Competition.

Non-Photorealistic Rendering - many fascinating links.

Ed Pegg's MathPuzzle is partly commercial, but the main attraction is a running column in the vein of Gardner's Mathematical Games.

`Reply-To' Munging Considered Harmful

National Defense in an Anarcho-capitalistic Society by J.Storrs Hall. Another copy.

François Velde's Heraldica

George Hart's Pavilion of Polyhedreality

L. Neil Smith's Webley Page

The Buffy Body Count The Annotated Buffy All Things Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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